[UK] Day 1: The Escape

  • To His Imperial Majesty,

    Much has happened since my last entry here, but at least I got my diary back and can keep noting my observations.

    The Roman senator Gnaeus Titianus was right – the world has changed entirely. The ancient power of our artifacts is now placed behind unbreakable walls and guarded by huge armies. Many local wars are raging between people for that power; villages are being destroyed and conquered all the time. The main mystery behind these scattered lands has now become apparent: One lord can rule all five tribes.
    The senator was really interested in our tribe's history. People do not know much. While talking to him, I had the feeling that he had some other thoughts. For some reason, he hurried back to the capital of his Empire, but he told the Huns, who seemed to be obeying his orders, to keep me here until his return.

    I may walk freely around the Huns' camp, but this freedom is just an illusion. I am as much a prisoner there as when I spent those days cramped in a small cell in a Gaul village. Nenet visits me at night, avoiding the camp during the day; the Huns are famous for their sharpshooting bowmen. They see no threat in my presence. For a long time, our tribe can be met here only in abandoned villages. The Horn of Natars – the mighty artifact that makes us weaker against those who hold it – is sold in the local auction for just 100 silver pieces and mostly serves as a wall ornament for their homes.

    I was still awake when I heard some noises coming from the rally point. I hurried over there and saw a group of steppe riders animatedly discussing something with their leader, a Roman hero, who was sitting atop a thoroughbred and wearing Boots of the Warrior. As I approached, I managed to overhear what they were discussing:

    An attack launched at midnight is coming from the Gaul village located 74 tiles away from Askuzai. The total travel time of the incoming troops is two hours. The attacking Gaul hero is wearing Boots of Health and a shield. The Huns decided to hide resources in the crannies and follow the troops home to kill them the second they return. They figured out that the tournament square in the Huns' village is ten levels higher than in Gauls'.

    A wave of excitement washed over me. The guards will be too busy letting the steppe riders out the gates at that time and wouldn't notice an extra person silently joining them. This was my chance to escape.

    Task: Calculate the time when the counter-attack will be launched and help Shu escape.

    Hint: Please remember that the Tournament Square has double effect on Path to Pandora servers. To solve this task, you can use Kirilloid Travian calculator.

  • the gaul troops attacking will be TT and hero, with TS lvl 10. they will arrive home 4 hours after the attack was lauched at midnight, therefore at 04.00
    thus the huns TS is lvl 20. Steppe riders take 1:51:49 travel time with boots of the warrior effect. therefore the steppe riders should launch at 02:08:11 in order to follow the gauls home

  • 25 minutes and 50 seconds after the Gaul attack lands (very precisely)
    Realistically though anywhere between 00:25:51 and 00:26:00 so troop evasion isn't activated though closer to 00:25:51 so as not to give them enough time to manually send the returning troops away! :D

  • depends on the type of the Hun's army but my guess is 1:48:00 with marauder the slowest unit
    expecially because the gauls have to travel with thunders to have that 2 hour attacking time
    if only the Hero's speed we see then it is 2:11:18

  • The Gaul attack is at TT speed (19) with level 10 TS, which is 2 hours each way, so they will return home at 04:00:00.

    Steppe Riders (speed 16) with TS 20 and boots of the warrior will take 1:51:49 to travel 74 spaces.

    A Roman hero on a thoroughbred (speed 17) with TS 20 will not be affected by the boots of the warrior, so it is possible he would be the slowest unit. However, it would only take 1:48:42, so he won't slow down the Steppe Riders.

    Therefore, they will leave at
    04:00:00 - 1:51:49, or 02:08:11

    --Attack uk3

  • 00:25:50 petemagoo ts4 uk server

  • Attacking Gaul:
    TT's @ TS 10 = 2:00:00

    Therefore counter:
    Steppe Riders @ TS 20 = 1:51:49 (with warrior boots)

    2:00:00 - 1:51:49 = 8mins 51secs after the initial attack

  • It takes 1:51:49 to arrive so the counter attack should be launched 8:11 later

  • Attack should be launched at 2:08:11 AM as the travel time with steppes (slower unit compared to Roman hero with thoroughbred) is 1:51:49

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