[US] Day 2: Far, far away

  • To His imperial Majesty,

    I am free again! Everything went as planned. When I came to the gates, no one noticed me and I was able to sneak away from the village together with the riders. Now Nenet happily sits on my shoulder and nips my ear for all the time I left him here alone. I patted his back – I missed him too!
    Luckily, I have all my clothes again and can travel in disguise. I decided to use this edge and go away as far as possible from the Hun village. I opened a map and looked at the coordinates: (104|−59).
    During the first part of my journey, I traveled as a druid rider towards the east for an hour, turned south, and proceeded in that direction for three hours at the speed of a marauder. Still scared that the Huns from Askuzai would find me, I donned Teuton clothes and traveled as a Teutonic knight westbound for seven hours. There I met a group of Sopdu explorers heading south and joined them in disguise. It wasn't difficult at all, since they cover their faces from the sun and sand. Finally, after just one hour we crossed the mountains and I entered a small Gaul village where I felt safe enough to stay for a while.

    Task: Find the end coordinates.

  • Please disreagard my previous comment.. small calculation mistake..

    The correct co-ordinates should be 57, -117