Question about political bias at forum.

  • Some people are allowed to insult political liders at forum with no reaction from Travian staff. Option : report, has been ignored, and when someone like me write something to defend these figures (because i feel insulted) my posts are wiped out and i got warnings from @Sakura and insults which harast me are still at forum untouched.

    My question is if here at forum exists political correctness? if not please take care of this topic :


    I want to play game that i love and i dont want be harased and insulted for things i deeply belive.

  • I'm surprised that political discussions are even being allowed. When I and a few others tried it in 2017 we got warned by the mods pretty hard.

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  • This is also my point. I want to play the game here, and i don't want be harassed when i enter forum.

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  • Hello Aske

    As you are aware I have sent you more information for you to follow.

    You will need to hash out those issues on that domain and not here please.
    As stated in my pm if you have any further questions feel free to ask me.