[Path to Pandora] Changelog

  • Epic- Path to Pandora Release 190.1

    Bugs that have been fixed:
    - Edge cases when report says that loyalty was lowered from lower to higher number should be prevented
    - Alliance Medals images are now being displayed again
    - Train 3 settler Quest will now be correctly marked as finished when you settle before it is shown as available quest.
    - Statistics 2.0: Icons can be misaligned for translated text
    - Village statistics: Troops: Own troops: if player has more than one village, the order of the villages change when refresh
    - Overloaded database causes lagging on game server
    - Incorrect troop speed in the conquered villages
    - Confederacy: Forum: invited alliance doesn't see the confederacy forum (Forum tab)
    - Statistics: Opening Alliance tab will show an empty page, even if there are several alliances in the server
    - Marketplace: Trade routes: Wrong estimation of needed merchants
    - Village overview: Troops change tribe depending which village is selected
    - Mobile: Cannot open village or oasis info page through map in high res

    This update will be applied to the server COM83 on 17.09.2018 at 09:20 GMT+1

    This update will be applied to the remaining COM servers on 19.09.2018 09:20 GMT+1

    Downtimes are possible of 5 to 20 minutes


    epic- release 190.2

    Bugs that had been fixed:
    - Statistics: The wrong text format is used in the defensive strength comparison
    - Statistics: Sum of the average defensive troop strength is wrong
    - Hero items: Incorrect item behavior when equipping items on a hero
    - Village settling: settlers are lost, village is deleted while settling happened during high db load