Gold purchase

  • Can't purchase gold using Indian VISA debit card or paypal account linked to that debit card on a .COM server. Please help?

  • Please contact Plus support. You can do this by clicking the big gold coin on the top right of the screen right next to your gold and silver count.

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  • I use my ICICI acnt to buy but it is costly to buy in dollars..u need to contact bank to allow international transaction.. if u haven't bought before.. otherwise use gamersgift to buy mol credit and buy from mol if u keep same I'd for gamersgift and mol it will move automatically ofc it takes around 1-2 hours to be updated so for flash gold prepare before.. just saying..

  • Paypal works for me very well, i use visa debitcard from SBI.
    First time my transaction for travian was declined too.
    I contacted paypal's customer service and they sorted it out with the bank by next day.

    TIP:Always check currency conversion rates. Most of the time it is cheaper to buy in Euro than dollars.


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