[UK] Day 4: The Volcanoes

  • To His Imperial Majesty,

    I deciphered the image on the parchment. It was a volcano. Of course. Our tribe has a long tradition with the volcanoes, which gives us unusual power and abilities. Our craftsmen could only forge their artifacts from deep within the volcano.

    When the first craftsman disappeared, taking all the secrets of how to create them with him, our tribe began to decline. We were no longer as strong as we had been in the past and people started to take advantage of that – settling in our area, conquering our World Wonders and stealing the remnants of our artifacts. But now everything will change. No one knows where the first craftsman had disappeared to and where he hid his knowledge. Until now.

    I found out that there are only two volcanoes in these lands and I decided to visit them both. Nenet is not really happy with this idea – he hates the hot columns of air above the volcanoes, but he will follow me wherever I go.

    I arrived at the one in Brundisium early in the morning. When I came to the foot of the mountain, I saw that a path to the top of the volcano was guarded by a haeduan and a druid rider. A sign on the gates warned that they were ancient guards of this place, who knew everything about it, and each of them would either always tell the truth or always lies. When I came closer, the haeduan told me:
    “At least one of us always lies."

    And the druid rider added:
    “This is the place you've been looking for."

    Task: Are the haeduan and druid rider telling the truth or lying? Is this the place Shu was looking for?
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  • if the druidrider is telling the truth and the haeduan is lying, then the haeduan's line implies that they would both have be telling the truth which is impossible since we assumed the headudan was lying.

    if the druidrider is telling the truth and the haeduan is also telling the truth, that is also impossible since the haeduan's line says one of them must be lying

    therefore the druidrider is lying, which implies the headuan is telling the truth and Shu has not arrived at the place he was looking for yet.


  • It is not the place he is looking for.
    “At least one of us always lies."
    If he is telling the truth, than the druidrider would have to be lying. That would mean that this is not the place he is looking for.

    If the haeduan is lying, that would mean both of them are liars.
    Reasoning: If he is lying, that would mean neither of the guards are liars. That would be impossible because he himself is lying.

    The haeduan HAS to be telling the truth, because if he is a liar, than his statement would be the truth/
    Since we've concluded that the haeduan has to be telling the truth, we can also conclude that the druidrider is the liar.

    The druidrider states that this is the place he is looking for, and we know he is a liar based on the statement the haeduan made.

    Shu must travel to the other volcano.
    The entire logic used is heavily based on the fact that the haeduan said "at least one of us is a liar" must be a true statement.

  • If the haeduan is lying ("at least of us always lies") then that would mean they both always tell the truth, which itself is a contradiction.

    Therefore the haeduan must be telling the truth. If he is the one telling the truth and at least one of them always lies then the druid rider is lying ("this is the place you've been looking for"), meaning this is NOT the place Shu has been looking for. (Sad times :( )

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  • The haeduan must be telling the truth, so the druid must be lying, and Shu has not found the correct place.

    (The haeduan's claim being false would imply that both of them always tell the truth and therefore that the haeduan's claim is true, which is a contradiction.
    Since its claim is true, the haeduan is telling the truth, so the "at least one" of them who is lying is the druid.)

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  • If one always lies an the other always tells the truth then the haeduan is telling the truth and the druidrider is lying. Therefore it's not the place shu is looking for.

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  • Wait a mo.... they're telling the truth this is the place Shu is looking for. The quest finishes tomorrow...... don't have time to go somewhere else. Doh!!

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  • Reasoning: The Headuan says " AT LEAST one of us always lies" which indicates the possibility that both of them could be lying, so it should be a lie.

    The headuan is lying
    The Druid tells the truth and Shu have found the place he/she is looking for.

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