[UK] Day 4: The Volcanoes

  • No it is not the place he is looking for. Because if they are telling the truth, then what the haeduan said will be true and the other must be false.

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  • It is impossoble that haeduan told false
    Cuase if he lies they will be both are told truth 'but he lies'
    So headuan told truth and druid must be lier 'one of them at least lies'

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  • Dear players,

    day 4 of the hero adventures is ended.

    I want to thank you all for participating in this contest.

    The winners will be announced during this weekend.

    The correct answer is that the haeduan is telling the truth and the druidrider is lying. This is not the right volcano.


    We don't know whether both of them lie, both of them are telling the truth or if one is telling the truth and one is telling a lie.

    All we know is that if the person is a liar, he will always lie = his statement will also be a lie.
    If person is the one who is telling the truth = he'll tell the truth always, including when he is talking to Shu.

    The simplest way to find it out is based on haeduan's answer.
    So, first assume that haeduan is a liar and see whether you come to contradiction to the task conditions.
    We come there pretty fast, because he says "At least one of us always lies" = if he is a liar, then this statement should also be a lie, or he is telling the truth in this particular case. This is impossible, because he is a liar by our assumption.

    We found a contradiction = impossible solution, so the haeduan is telling the truth.
    Haeduan is telling the truth which means that the druidrider is a lier, because one of them always lies.