[UK] Conclusion: The Pathfinder

  • To His imperial Majesty,

    Your famous ancestor was a man of great talent. It was pure luck that I didn't stay in his maze forever. I avoided adding my bones to those already lying around all over the place. But the greatest surprise awaited me at the end.

    Right at the exit to the maze, there was a small hut decorated by images of war elephants – the first craftsman's favorite units – and I finally realized that the journey was over.

    With baited breath, I entered the hut. It was empty. Well. Almost. A young boy – a Gaul pathfinder – was inside. He looked at me with his big eyes, scared to death. Only then I remembered that I forgot to put on my usual disguise in this forest and was traveling with my natural Natar appearance.

    "I have never seen a Natar soldier up so close," said the boy with a trembling voice, "my name is Edward. And it seems we're looking for the same diary, aren't we?"