When is a start?

  • @Strazh severa_RU, there will be a new domain or national zone, as you call it: anglosphere.

    We are waiting for an option for anglosphere, like AU, UK, and US (and all other domains) have today.
    Now we can choose which domain / country we'd like to follow, and by checking the boxes we can all follow different domains /languages.
    I guess it will be similar to those.

    i was once told how to filter on uk domain for the forum, but i can't remember where to change it to include the new domain, and I can't find the thread where the instructions were in. In fact, I can rarely find anything i'm looking for on the forum. Is there a help section?

  • @alestorm

    Here is how to choose the domains or languages you want to follow:

    1. Click your name in the top left corner.
    2. Go to Settings, then General.
    3. Here you can choose the languages you want.

    4. Don' forget to click Submit way down in the bottom of the page. (many don't, and the don't save their new settings).