opinion on path of pandora map size

  • My personal opinion is that the map of path of Pandora is too big!
    Travian does not has as much players as it used to be.
    Now on dutch server there are 1000 accounts or something after maybe a week.
    So this is spawn zone of (50,50)maybe? Which is nothing. There are so many regions where nobody is going to be because of this.
    And if you go to Egypt or the UK or some other region far away, when will the region even unlock and how boring mustn't it be there alone just making villages..

    Appearently the italian server has lots of people 4kish on it (maybe because it is first Pandora server?) So this must be nice server where people spawn in Carthago(north africa) and Delphi. I think this is even interesting thing to just start 5 days later but have your first village far from the middle of the map.

    On the .com server the map is way bigger. In my opinion however the small map is suited well for the amount of players playing on .com
    It would be a nice map where people are playing on the whole map.
    But now because it is so big it is just a couple of regions very crowded and lots of efforts to secure a region, while other regions are insanely far away from everything.
    Yes I know about tournament square boost but still this is not enough in my opinion the regions are too big on the .com server

    Also I think wars are more fun on small maps, but for this it needs more than 1k people on a server.
    What is a server with 1k people even if half of it is not even a account played for real. That's just a dead game.

    So what I think is either the small maps should have more people or the .com server with lots of people should have small map.
    I think this is very nice game travian made, but these aspects I say are in my opinion crucial for the game.
    Maybe a path to Pandora or fire and sand tournament on a big map would be nice?

  • lol... is it bad part of me is like, ooo that sounds nice? i'd love to just sit and play the building/settling part of this game. I wish I could download that offline on my phone or something. gimme something to do. and if I got good enuf at getting set up w/o other players perhaps I could do the aggressive/war part...