Vacation mode and scouting

  • IS it possible to enter vacation mode
    Whilst you have incoming scouts???
    1 this would be against the incoming troops rule
    2 this would reveal the incoming scouts which you cant know about till they arrive

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  • I would assume you cannot. But if vacation mode does indicate that you have an incoming it is a smart way to figure out if you're being scouted or not. Never thought of this lol

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  • That would be sneaky - but I'm pretty sure that that's not how it works. That would require an excessive programming. Earlier I posted on how I would've programmed it - but I'm not sure if that post was removed or maybe not got posted... either ways, the status of the vacations mode will not change due to an incoming scout. They're not going to check the RP of all the 10k accs to know if you can go to vacations or not :P

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