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  • Dear Community,

    Over the past few weeks and months we have monitored the activity on the .au/.uk/.us worlds and we have collected your feedback. Based on the feedback, there is a need to make the game play more challenging and exciting. There was also feedback that merging the three domains into one would accomplish this. We did run a test run on the Path to Pandora game world, on both the technical and community side. Based on the results there, it seems to have worked. We have seen an increase in the activity in game and from your comments both on the forum and on social media. It does seem like that players have really loved it.

    The decision was made to take this test and make it permanent. So the .au, .uk, and .us domains will be combined as a permanent solution.

    Starting from October 2018 onwards, all new game worlds will include players from the United States, Australia and United Kingdom together. What are the technical changes?

    • The new starting game worlds will have a different numbering so that it will be easier to recognize them.
    • The new starting game worlds will be available on the main page. You can register from travian.com/au or travian.com/uk or travian.com/us and you will be redirected to the same game world to be able to play together
    • The game world start time will be at 12:00 pm UTC+1. (UK)

    • The old gold transfer links or GTLs of both former separated countries will work for the combined servers. What does that mean for you? You will be able to transfer gold from .au/.uk/.us freely to the new combined game world.

    What about the forum?

    • For the moment nothing will change on the forums until the new game world is up and running on the new separated domains
    • If you want to follow the conversation opened in both languages, you can select both languages in your profile and remember to pick properly the target language when starting a new thread.
    • As soon as the existing game worlds end, we will set up a new language pack and move all threads/post and users setting to this language. This will allow to simplify the communication within all the participants to the same game world.
    • What about the name of the server?
    • Well, here is where we need your support. We are not happy with the name “English” that we used for Path to Pandora. Please, help us find cool name for the merged domain! You can submit your suggestions here (the names will be accepted till October, 08, 9:00 am UTC) and then we'll create a poll where we include best ideas.

    When will the first combined Travian: Legends server start?

    The first combined game world will start on October, 29th, the community calendar will be updated shortly. Due to this change we will cancel temporary the AU speed server that was supposed to start in October and we will reschedule it for a later moment.

    Sharpen your swords and string your bows, the battle is about to start!

    Your Travian Team

    When you contact me via PM, please, send your messages in English.

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  • Dear Community.

    We have been following the conversations on forum lately, and have some new information about server-starts for you.

    The merging process is still well underway, therefore we had to make a few changes. Here are the new dates for the next regular (1x) and speed (3x) server starts:

    A normal 1x server, will start October, 24, 2018
    The 3x speed-server will start November, 12, 2018

    More information will come in the usual server-announcements.
    Stay tuned for full information!

    Kind regards,
    Your Travian: Legends Team