[UK US AU] New Community Managers

  • Dear community,

    you all know that for quite a long time we have been looking the new Community Manager for UK, US, AU domains. And now I am happy to announce, that the search is over.

    Meet new Community Managers!

    Yes, this is not a mistake. Instead of one person, we'll give you 2, and you already know them quite well.

    @Stellamini and @sommerfuglen_NO have helped me a lot for the past months in managing the UK, US forums, keeping it clean from bots, updating you with information and running contests. You could often see them in different threads. You can always contact them if something is needed.

    Some technical details:

    @Stellamini and @sommerfuglen_NO become UK, US and AU Community Managers effective immediately. @dario will help them with their duties till October, 29th, when the first merged server starts.

    @Ameno (me) will still be around but will focus on my main duties as Senior Community Manager.

    Thank you very much for your support and good luck on the Travian: Legends battlefields!

    Yours, Ameno.

    When you contact me via PM, please, send your messages in English.