Merged Domain Name (U.S Edition)

  • So as you should know AU/UK/US are merging and they are looking for suggestions for what to call the new merged domain. I figured I'd create a AU and US thread as well since not everyone has multiple domains activated. Check out the other domains to see what they have come up with, feel free to post here or in the other threads to discuss.

    Here is the threads from the other domains: UK Suggestion Thread & AU Suggestion Thread

    The general criteria is to be both simple and hard to misspell. I would add to that it should be as inclusive as impossible without favoring one domain over the other. Have fun, many of the UK players are with their suggestions. Though be sure to give some serious feedback as well. We will be sporting the final choice for a long time.

  • Allies Imploded..

    We may need the Ruskies too for that one tho..

    s1 : Storeythor

    Gotta be talented to look after 2 WW's simultaneously. Or crazy... Crazy seems more like it.

    The more I read of OdinLoki's posts, the more I want to play alongside him. Not for the results, as frequently good as they are, but for the sheer fun he seems to have at it. Would + rep if I could, man. Always enjoy reading your stuff... and mostly cringe at the results contained in 'em. :crying:

    Storeythor,most offensive/defensive account holder on the server.

    He's a nut and the more the odds are stacked against him, the better he seems to come out of it.

  • Hello community

    We know you wanted to have a poll, but it was a bit of a rush here, to get the new servers to you as soon as possible. The first new server starts really soon, and therefore we needed to give it a name already now, to do the set-up of the servers.
    We are sorry we had to rush into a choice of the new name in a hurry.

    The name anglosphere was one of your suggestions.
    Anglosphere includes all of the english-speaking communities, and that matches our new domain so well, so we hope you will be fine with the choice of name.

    You were really creative and we do appreciate that, but several of the other names focused mostly on one country, or didn't give an obvious connection to which domains it included.
    Some of the suggestions again did not have anything to do with the new combined domain, so we realized they couldn't have been accepted.
    So the choice was Anglosphere.

    We are looking forward to this new combined domain, and we really hope for more action on the servers!

    Kind regards on behalf of both your CM's
    Stellamini and sommerfuglen