Merged English Domain Map Size

  • It is being assumed that the new domain will utilize 401x401 map size. Can we get clarification if a) 401x401 is the plan and b) up for negotiation if that is the case?

    At least on the basis of the pre-server talk for "EN1", that might be a little... crowded. 801x801 is definitely too big but something in between might be just right. Much like Goldilocks and the bears porridge and beds. We've seen 501x501 used before on one of the specials, that might give us the necessary breathing room. I don't think anything bigger than 601x601 would be a good idea however.

    The conditions under which the domains were moved to 401x401 are not the same as they were. Together there should be sufficient players to justify a larger map, though as some of us have argued even COM doesn't justify the 801x801 map size, so even together the combined domain won't. We are not the Middle Eastern domains with ~50,000 accounts each at any one time.

  • 401x401 will be enough for everybody! Even if we have 10k regs, it will be fine. Only those who liked to go in 200+ coors and sim there will be affected))

    The game will be only more dinamic! I love the idea to cut the map!

    Ares - UK-2 2016/17 Olympia

  • There are occasionally one or two on a .us server who love to go way out to the boonies. So they like the larger maps. But they are not the norm.

    majority wins))) There is really no point to save so big map anymore; 10-14 years ago it made sense because there was 10k+ accounts every single server, but now only 3-5k consider as a pretty crowded server.

    Ares - UK-2 2016/17 Olympia

  • 3-5k is a dream. I'll be surprised if a server has more than 1.5k players. The only server where I know that happens is comx.

    Yes, I've built my fair share of WWs. Won a few, lost a few. Played far too many rounds for far too long. Made a lot friends and enemies.

    Yes, I've played as an anvil and as a hammer. I'm only playing now because of all the friendship I have built over the past ten years. I love Travian but I love the community even more.

    Envy me for I have everything, Fear me for I have nothing to lose.

  • 3-5k is a dream. I'll be surprised if a server has more than 1.5k players. The only server where I know that happens is comx.

    I think the UK, US, AU server will have more then 3k accaunts. Somewhere between 3 and 4.

    Ares - UK-2 2016/17 Olympia

  • I imagine there'll be more players on this one given that it's a merger and there seems to be a bit hype flying around but I doubt it'll be crowded. I'm looking forward to seeing what happens :)

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