troops cost

  • good day,

    please explain troops cost based on what !!

    like why Imperian cost 600 or why Maceman cost 250

    there must an equation for troops cost with their power and speed etc...


  • Hey,

    if you are new and want to compare troop advantages/disadvantages, I would suggest you use this page: Travian :: Karių skaičiuoklė you can put pretty much any criteria you want here.

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  • Basically, I think there is no equation for that, Travian just want to make some civilization more powerfull in some aspects than the others, maceman cost 250 and Imperian 600, but the consumption at the end of the server it's really bad for germans, for example in the link that Jofke says you can see that germans has the best attack/time ratio but the worst attack/consumption

    No podran res davant d'uns jugadors units, alegres i combatius