Dual maybe

  • I have been very bored lately and considering playing again when a new server starts. Anyone remember me and maybe want to dual. My history

    US1 r3 nemain
    US7 r 1 quinnito/Khaoticwarchild
    US7 r 2 Kazumodo
    US7 r 3 smokeybear
    US5x r 1 pootang

    So yeah it's been a long time since I played. Anyone I know still out there

  • I started comx, a few hours ago. +20k resources stolen...

    just that. PM for more info!!

    "Viper somos, Viper seremos y entre piedra y piedra en polvo te convertiremos"

    Net2 Dark Minion-Mixto VIPER
    Netx Dark Minion-Ofensivo FERNET
    PTP Jorge Videla-Ofensivo LI

    Finals Thomas Shelby-Ofensivo CUP-LAT



  • Lemme know if you want to dual.I was a previous Rank 1 player in 3x like almost 10 years ago when i was in high school. Im from Toronto gmt -5 and currently have a chill gaul account. Hit me up if you're interested.

  • I know a top player always willing to dual, top gold user, attacking play style, years of experience, just finished UK1.
    Offence troops a speciality, let me know