• No need for analysis, OCC will win server

    I agree. No need for the analysis because OCC will win.

    Bo knows! Mace are like bees... a few of them are harmless but a swarm will kill you.
    Blah blah blah.... been playing sense US started then quit that domain. Im morbid/pika/thrawn/noob juice etc....
    I've played on all the English speaking servers many many times along with a few others I never understood a single IGM sent to me.

  • Analyse 1.1

    First I would like to thank everyone for their attention.
    As mentioned before, there are many good alliances in this server, however.
    There is only 1 outstanding alliance. In my professional opinion, OCC will dominate all quads and build 4 WW's at once.

    Let's do a little bit background story of OCC.

    OCC was founded many years ago by a group of elite players. At first they were spread over multiple alliances fighting eachother, after those few server of battling, they decided they should join up together and make a new alliance, and so OCC was formed. They are great raiders, very great simmers and even better attackers and defenders. They will make travian great again.

    ps. have you seen I settled my village 2nd??!?!?!?