Scout artefact question

  • Hey,

    so reading up on the description of the scout artefact it reads:

    This artefact makes your scouts ‭X×‬ stronger than normal. All scouts in the village, as well as all scouts sent for spying from this village, are affected. Additionally, you can see the type of troops attacking you at your rally point, but not the number of troops.

    I always thought that means that if lets say you have a small arty and you send 10 scouts, it would act as 50 in a scouting. But now that im thinking about it. Does it also effect the defensive stats from scouts? Because if that is the case...

    Unique scout grants 10x multiplier and the defensive value of roman scouts against infantry at smithy level 20 is 26,9. Does that mean that a single roman scout gets a value of 269 defensive stats against infantry? If thats the case, isnt that a bit absurd? They train super quick and are cheap. You dont need a lot of them to scout with 10x multiplier as well so they can be used defensively on your account?