Climber of the Week

  • They must certainly do look Russian. Is it normal for a new account to have this written on its profile? -

    Patience & Time

    With Raster
    and we didn't get these Medals Playing
    Tiddly Winks

    These are for my best Pal Billy

    We have pd's every where. Yep one is in your alliance.

    Accounts Made delete so far
    Rafel-NMS DA
    Accounts paralysed so far
    Many in NMS DA lol Many in NMS DA lol

    Or this -

    Back playing Travian after 7 years hiatus. Has anything much changed?

    **Active Player**

    **Keep a sense of humour**

  • Nice, which new account did this come from? This is off Showtime's account.

  • It seems to have suddenly disappeared from the highest climber top ten ( as has the other one I posted ). I'll try to find it again.

    Which server and domain did Showtime use that profile on?