New map size/server merge thoughts

  • I’ve been thinking about this a lot, the new map size in combination with the server merges I think this could actually be the thing to kill travian rather than revitalise it as was intended. I think either change would have been perfect but both of them together could be too much. These are just my thoughts and feelings on the new server a week before it happens.

    Before I continue I would like to say I absolutely LOVE the idea of it and I’m looking forward to the new server but I think this upcoming server will be a trial run and afterwards we’ll see a complete meta mix up.

    By that I think that the following will dissapear and become a rarity rather than a formality or will change completely:
    *Level 17 fields+
    Less croppers/more heavily contested croppers, people won’t have the luxury of simming away fields/fields will be wiped more regularly with the more tight-knit map
    *World wonder killers/rammers
    Linked to the point above and I think the days of people being able to sit out supported by an alliance are gone short of a full quad meta’ing up early.
    *One account for each player/set of duals.
    I hate this one but I wouldn’t be surprised if we saw people playing in groups of anywhere from 2-8, starting individual accounts and rather than just clearing oasis’s and jumping onto a single account which is what we see now, we’ll see dedicated defenders, people making artefact clearing accounts, that are then chiefed while another account eventually has other people jump into it and benefits from it all.
    *Alliances to an extent
    By this I mean I think we’ll see a lot more splinter cells who are secretly part of an alliance but keep themselves to themselves and join in at the eleventh hour after being relatively untouched.

    A recent experience on a uk server really highlighted something for me that I’ve always known but had fully rammed home. People on uk servers at least l, are stubborn. A quick summary with no names mentioned and I mean no disrespect to the players who know what I’m on about or were in anyway involved. Me and my duals had a plan to clear the grey area near us but we lacked siege (around day 50) Due to a multiple of reasons we couldnt convince nearby alliance members to change their style of play/way of thinking to match our own and be proactive in clearing out the people we wanted gone. Now that’s us trying to get 2/3 accounts to destroy one. I think too many people are set in how they play the game and will fail to adapt to the tighter quarters and more intense gameplay I would expect from the new server. How will this same scenario work when applied to an alliance in close quarters rather than a single account? The meta game for so long has been a mixture of people simming and people smashing, I think the culture of simming is about to be thrown completely out of the window.

    I worry for these people. These are the majority of players and I think they will quickly become disillusioned with the game that they’ve played for years. I think we’re at massive risk of alienating the same players that have kept travian alive for so long rather than dealing with the actual issue of bringing in a new influx of players and keeping the game alive that way. Merging the servers or making the map smaller were good suggestions for keeping the current player base interested but only if you did one, not both. There’s so much hype for this new server and I think a lot of players are going to be massively disappointed. I hope it’s not the case.

    Another concern would be linked to the fields/simming/lack of wwk/wwr’s situation, that we could see more Natar victories. I don’t have suggestions but I think a new win condition is a must. Building a world wonder just seems like it could become massively redundant or unrealistic. Or maybe we’ll see the complete opposite with lots of defence and not a lot of actual wwk’s with the first team to be close to finishing a WW getting cucked by an overreaction of people sending hammers at them and a team’undeserving’ of winning, winning by default of no one having the cata numbers to stop them. Idk.

    I’d love to hear other peoples thoughts on this, I don’t intend this post to be mr negative negative, I’m genuinely just interested in other peoples opinions/predictions. Slightly concerned the hype is misplaced though in regards to the hype being about travian actually appearing to listen to people’s views than the actual changes themselves.

    Anyway, Apologies if the post seems all over the place, it is 5am :)

  • Said this myself previously, with both changes it could be too much. Instead of the same game with more players it could indeed become a different game.

    Still, maybe people will actually prefer it? Impossible to say yet. Perhaps this upcoming server will be 'worse' for the potential effects discussed because there are seemingly so many teams coming from all over, not just UK/US/AU(NZ). It may end up being reasonable on slightly less populated servers.