Great Celebration , a go or not go ?

  • Well if your overall CP production is over 1250 than sure go ahead even for that 1 extra over small celebration which might give you 500 cp (calculation done for village that produces over 500 cp with lvl 10 TH, when great celebration only gives your current total CP production upto 2000) . So i guess its only better to do the great celebration on new villages where you might not have reached the limit of 500 CP or higher to gain that extra CP points but yet again, what are the chances that you will have that many resources with you for such great festivities this early on ?

    Not really happy with such changes that gives no advantage to players that decides to upgrade TH10 early but it turns out great celebration gives a considerable amount of less CP compared to small celebration over time and i am not even counting the cost that is 5 times than that of small one . I believe travian team should better change this mechanics to make great celebration somewhat productive for reasonable for people so that its reasonable enough to get that th10 early and get great celebration started.

    It has been great so far and enjoying a lot after 5 years break but this thing totally threw me off the hype train even when i am rolling on top 3 raider and attacker list for week 5 at the time of posting this thread .( yes i am one of the many you who is not making a single point profit by doing great celebration atm. sigh!)

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  • Not really sure what you're on about, but great celebrations give way more CP/time than small. Small celebrations can never give you more than 500 CP (it's capped, like large celebrations are capped at 2000).

    At level 10, small celebrations capped at 500 gives you 29 cp/hour. While large celebrations capped at 2000 gives you 43 cp/hour.

    In regards to res, small celebrations give you ~0,025 cp per res. Large ones give you ~0,020 per res.

    Yes, you pay more res per CP for large celebrations, but you also get a lot more cp per time for it.

    If you only have 1-3 villages that aren't very developed, sure, don't do large celebrations. But once you have one village with maxed fields, and CP production close to 2000, you should for sure start running large celebrations there, and then start in other villages when they start reaching maxed/high fields too.

  • The problem is , great celebration in this mode returns only your total daily CP production . Mine being 1227 at time of posting and no matter where i do the great celebration , after completion it will only give that amount (yes 1227cp only right nw ) unless i have over 2000 cp production on the account . As i mentioned earlier its only profitable after you reach 1250 cp production per day on your account . The difference between small celebration and great celebration now is so distinct as small celebration gives only the home villages cp production per day in return after completion (upto 500cp) but great celebration no matter where u do ( like in the fist village with around 600 cp or that new village with 200cp) , it will give your total cp production per day on your account that is sum of all your villages cp production .

    For per hr cp rates it turns out that while standing at 1227 cp production per day on the account i get ~28.985 cp/hr for doing small celebration in my largest village while i get ~28.447 cp/hr for great celebration in the same village with TH10 . The rates(cp/hr) for great celebration only turns better after you reach higher than 1250 cp per day on your acc . Not many does great celebration this early and almost not any to boost their chief right at this stage of the game where only 5 ppl have around 5 villages + and not many with the resources to get chiefs and great celebration both at a time . Yes we can just make th10 in in a new village and do great celebration there which gives way better cp rates than small celebration in that village but i dont think many will be happy to do great celebration in smaller villages every time this early when some of them are preparing to get cheifs/senator/ blah blah out soon.

    For early aggression and attacks it will be big nerf and things will take time to be more interesting since your cp production or boost for chief will suffer or need much larger cost that can only be provided by very few on this server till mid game .

  • I still completely fail to see what your argument is. Yes, it makes no sense to run large celebrations at 1-3 villages with low pop and res producion. But once you reach 2000 CP account wide, large celebrations are so much better than small ones.

    Small ones are for the very early game - large ones a bit later (but still, they're worth it already starting a few weeks in). You're comparing something that is meant for later in the game (large celebrations), with something that is really mostly relevant for your spawn village in the very early game (small celebrations). Yes, large celebrations are "bad" in the very early game, but they're so much better than small ones in the longer run.