New report layout

  • On behalf of everyone I’d like to say that the new layout on battle reports is very bad looking. Please change them back immediately.

    Yours sincerely

  • Has broken the battle reports in getta, travian reports etc. as well... Did Travian not give these guys an early version so they could update their programs?

  • The new layout has been in use on PTR since May or June. Getter was contacted, as was the admin of Travian-Reports. Getter attempted to make the adjustments but seem to have been unable or uninterested in seeing it through to completion. The Admin of Travian-Reports has not responded to emails. So they were given the opportunity to update, they have simply failed to do so, which is not surprising since I don't think the owners of either site play anymore.

    That said a replacement is under development from another third party. It is functional but undergoing some additional adjustments and there are some logistical questions that need to be worked out. There is no timeline for general release to the public at this time but I am hopeful it won't be too long before it will get a nice official announcement and general release. It is possible you have or will see it being used as friends of friends have seen/used it and word of it will likely spread, but again not completely ready for a general release.

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  • Work around: copy a report you have ( this, for example: Converter - Battle reports Travian), paste it into battle-reports, then manually change the fields. You can also easily edit it in word (other word press software is available), then paste it into battle-reports. Bish, bash, bosh - sorted.

    P.S. The new reports look great, don't listen to these old cronies stuck in the past...

  • New reports look absolutely horrendous. Whoever designed it needs to carry a magnifying glass around with them. That way, they have their own personal window to lick at all times.

  • It’s a lot more visually intense. The old reports were cleaner and easier to look at. These need sifting through the murk of images to find the important stuff. I understand the need to make them look more in line with the new “corporate” graphics, but to me, it’s still an indication of TG still not understanding their player base. We are intelligent people capable of reading data, we don’t need crayons to colour in.

    I also understand that they weren’t able to contact people running tools that as players we find fundamental to the game, but which TG left to be run outside of their sphere of management, assuming, no doubt, that the hardcore fans who set them up would be willing to run them forever for free. Why they didn’t take these tools and put them under the TG umbrella years ago is beyond me, perhaps if they had, one change to the visuals of one of the most key parts of the game wouldn’t have written off some of the tools that we, as players, know are integral to it, without planning for their replacement.

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  • Not a fan of the new reports at all!

    It’s a lot more visually intense.

    That's probably the most diplomatic way of putting it. Why is there a pic of the tribe you're playing at the top? That's prime real estate and that image is completely pointless. I'd be interested in comparisons of load times between versions. :(

    I've seen a working version so it's not the functionality that's bothering me.

    I admire the progressive thoughts, though revert to the previous version though, please and thank you. :)

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  • Change them back, they look ridiculous! it's suppose to be a strategic war game not colour by numbers. Using the app you get two massive black triangles, I'm only interested in the numbers, it's unnecessary and pointless.

  • It's in the settings - account - display - turn off pictures or something similar, you'll find it. Can't see anything on the app though which is very frustrating, the triangles remain...