Dual For The Combined English Domain Server

  • Hello,

    I'm looking for a dual/to be a dual for the upcoming combined English domain server. I don't care which team we side with. I'm American and play 10:00am - 01:00am GMT -7. So I am comfortable playing 15hours a day. Or in UK time zone terms 5:00pm - 8:00am about. Its not perfectly optimal but maybe there are a few who can make it work. Or if you know anyone who might be interested pass this on.

    Anyways a little about me. I use a fair bit of gold and buy a lot. I love raiding, and whatever play style we might play I will be raiding. I am easily a top 5 US player, as I haven't seen a better raider, or a better hammer builder, or faster 2nd village maker.(a bit arrogant I know, but I wholeheartedly believe it :D) In my current round I was on pace to break the US hammer record by a good amount, but sadly on day 160 of my server I learned that a player on a different server had beaten the record by a significant amount himself(Hero!!!), so instead I will only be #2 overall on US records :/ (211k imperian 145k EC 20k cats by day 226)

    I am not starting the new server with my current dual as we have philosophical differences on what play style we wanted, with both of us not liking what the other liked :(

    What I am looking for is 1 of 2 possible account set ups that interest me;
    1. A raiding teut WWK. (I would want to try to break records)
    2. A raiding teut ANVIL. (sounds silly I know, but it would be fun to try to train 2mil+ def)

    So as such, I'm probably looking for potentially 2 different types of duals;
    1. A hardcore raiding fanatic like myself who wants to make a world class WWK.
    2. Or a raiding anvil if such a player exists. I would also settle for a consistent player who can at least watch wheat and grasp important travian concepts(experienced player/anvil).

    I would like a little bit of proof to go along with potential duals resumes. Hopefully I don't scare anyone off with how daunting this post looks :D If you are reading this and can pass this on to some of the more serious teams I would greatly appreciate it!

    Bo "Inferno"