Length of village names

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  • It appears village names are capped at 20 characters. Is there a reason for this?

    I looked at memory consumption and concluded there is absolutely no reason this should be an issue since strings are (mostly) dynamic length nowadays, and consumption is simply increased by two bytes per character. Which leaves me to believe it is presentational / UX related.

    But looking at the different places the village names are displayed in lists, this is also no explanation. The permanent list on the right side has plenty of space depending on the resolution of the user, the account profile has even more room for extended names, and in the village overview sections for plus, the names are cut off anyway in half the instances.

    I sort of have a feeling that it's legacy code or something, and an issue that has not been brought to attention.

  • I doubt that, it searches dynamically for villages while typing, and length would have no influence on this. If anything, longer village names would make it easier to distinguish since there are more options.

  • But everyone knows it would be abused if there was a too high limit. I always seem to miss max 2-3 symbols and the name already gets long. :D Maybe increase to 25?

  • I'd even go so far as to suggest implementing a native numbering system that can be hidden. It's just an extra box like the rename one, or an extra input field in the rename popup, and a checkbox whether to display it or not somewhere in the settings.

    But yes, there are already village names that make no sense or are just gibberish, but this is already the responsibility of MH's. I'm sure some automated system could catch most of the abuse. And maybe the entire plus-overview section could use a revamp.