[Anglosphere] Fact and Rumours Ts6 - Round 1

  • I take back the taking back of all the things I said about you

    :D lol

    Ruby - TT Qualify RU 2016 (Cerber)

    Ruby - TT Final 2016 (BAD)

    Ares - UK-2 2016/17 (Olympia)

    Piccolo - RUX 2018 (Mafia)
    Piccolo - PLX 2018 (Armata)
    Kronos - TT Qualify RU 2018 (Cerber)
    Ares - Anglo-6 2018/19 (Olympia)

  • "Merged with MFH" are you having a laugh! We are a credible alliance, we win or lose with dignity :)

    We have many friends in Pulse yes and they are at a lot more than 22 acc's lol, we will however sort them out when it's the real nitty gritty time at the later stages in the server if we have not been trampled over by MFH/RD :)

    We run from nothing, our quad is announced and unlike some others we will not change our mind, we have played SW once before and we will play SW again! (we only announce once) anyone is welcome to come to the party!

    Pretty sure almost every alliance I know of that's on this server had made a confirmed decision before you guys did. We just didn't feel the need to announce it to everyone.

    Looking forward to our tango in the South West though. Go easy on us, we're just a little rebel faction.

  • Eh you are bigger than us going by the numbers i'm aware of, we are fearing being trampled by you brutes. You have a load of old goats in there that have learnt lots of tricks over the years. Dragged back from retirement for one last hooraa! The server will be a good one i just hope more people join up, the numbers are letting us down on such a server.

    oh btw, Can you send Raki over with a Kebab for me please? it's been a long and stressful day and i need to relax and eat!

  • Who has told you these lies? We are certainly not far apart in numbers, and there are certain individuals in our ranks who are renowned liabilities we keep as an act of philanthropy. Need to meet our annual pro bono quota and all y'know :saint:

    I would, but Raki is washing his hair tonight. Maintaining his man bun is a difficult and time consuming task!

  • Nice villa for sure. Then we could keep the res for ourself there. Our own safehouse

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    Kval 2016: Das Båt/ Final 2016: Illicit
    Kval 2017: Chip&Dale(Off1)/Final 2017: Chip&Dale

  • travian messed up with 50/50 WW's and the crop count is really low...
    I dont care spending some money in travian for a gladiator helmet. But around some WW there arent even 125 % in a range of 40 fields...
    Think alot ppl will quit early days..

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  • Have we even been told why the WWs are at 50/50 and not 100/100?

    Is it a bug? Or a feature?

    If it’s a feature, revert it before the speed server start...

  • Half the map size, half the distance to WW's, it kinda makes sense...

    But doesn't justify it not being announced.

  • Half the map size, half the distance to WW's, it kinda makes sense...

    But doesn't justify it not being announced.

    Nah, WWs at 100,100 make a lot more sense on a 200/200 (400x400) map.

    Welp, guess all the speed server players will be forced to stay on com to play English speed servers...