Parking without consent

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  • I believe some years ago parking of troops without consent was ilegal and baneable. Is it still? If so, where does that appear on the rules? Or where have travian noticed this change?

    Thank you for your time and answers!

    Seek the Truth, become Enlightened.


  • When was parking without consent bannable and why?

    I don't recall this ever being the case, or at least not where I have played...

  • I remember being banned for parking my troops on someone's village just to consume their crop and make their troops die. Then take back the troops when the crop was to 0(I knew the crop left by spying every 5 minutes).

    Seek the Truth, become Enlightened.


  • Bad idea. Foreign troops starve first, then after all those starved it's the village owners troops that start starving.

    So basically whatever you do you might not really make their troops starve. They could return 90% your troops and kill the rest, depending on how much losses they're willing to have. :D

    But to be banned for this, I doubt it. It just shouldn't be possible.

  • Hello Enlightened

    I have played since the end of 2007 and have never seen that listed as against the rules or something to be banned for.
    In fact it has always been strategy for hammer builders to park sections of their hammer in various places. ;)

  • I know parking sections of a hammer in varius places with consent it is no banneable.

    But I talk about none consented parking. For example:

    Imagine there are huge ammounts of deffs protecting a hammer, surrounded by a lot of enemies. These enemies, send reinforcements to that enemy protected hammers to consume the amounts of crop and when these enemies start to see that their troops start to die, they call back their troops. Finally you have a protected hammer, with 0 crop, and all enemies reinforces protecting that hammer dieying of starvation. Do I explain myself?

    Anyway...I've been 1000% sure I've been banned due to ilegal parking (many years ago). So I'm not inventing anything new. It just want to know if anybody knows if there is a written rules about this.

    Seek the Truth, become Enlightened.


  • If you were banned for that then that's wrongdoing of that MH, you broke no rules whatsoever.

  • That's called spiking and just means you're not a nice person.

    It is a strategy, but you have hit your head very hard to deem it a good move.

  • I consulted MH from .cl domain and he confirmed me that it is legal to send reinforcements to do that strategy (consume enemy crop and send back trops when crop goes to 0). But he also confirmed me that this strategy is baneable in .net domain!!

    Didn't know there where different rules for different domains xDDDDDD

    Seek the Truth, become Enlightened.


  • There is no such rule nor should be... not sure what you got banned for or what the MH was consuming, but this really never was a rule on any domain.