• Rumor is that there is a HUGE meta there called pirates in the NE. *rumor*

    Tanwen Com29 (Stone)

    RedSwords UK4 (Never Give Up - Never Surrender)

    Polaris Anglo 29 5x ( IDTS!)

    Storm Anglo 3 R1 (LDL)

    Aurum Anglo 6 R2 (Elements)

    Sea Toad Anglo 1 (AFS)

    R1-O1 Anglo x (N/A)

    Helios Com 2 (Gunners)

  • SO, we have some very experienced teams playing on COM 3 despite all the talk about everyone going to the anglo mixed server. Not a whole lot of action so far as quads still seem to be settling. I do see some Storm guys in the SW so i know they will make for a very interesting game :)

    Few skirmishes in the NE but nothing fun to report.

    How about that grey zone LV?

  • Server analysis please.
    btw which quadrant is the strongest and which is the weakest in your opinion? and why?


    ID 5 - RZ (2017)
    UK 29 - CCB (2018)

    ID 4 - ??? (2019)

  • so we have what looks like 5 main players or confeds.

    NW seems to have the largest single alliance (also with highest avg pop excluding doge's which is small in members)

    slapice - while no one in the top 10 player ranking they have a huge top 100 group hence their high average. no NAP or Confed publicly so we'll see what happens in that quad.

    NE - probably the most crowded quad in terms of different good alliances. pirates and peace are working together. Recent NAP with PWN will probably seal that quad up

    Sherlock is always a top player in the servers he plays.

    SE - Horseman - good raiders. have been in top or neck in neck when it comes to stealing yo res. confed with raiders makes them SE holders

    Doge- will they affect the NE or SE? looks like a highly experience group of players and cool guys as well :) anyone who loves breakfast in my book is a cool cat.

    SW- Diamond. not far behind other big 3 despite lower members. Nap with HB is interesting as they are a bit all over the place

    Security is the real deal.

    HB- must have some strong willed and skilled leadership as they are a bit spread out. will they merge with diamonds or slapice or LV?

    LV- i love the fact these guys own soo much grey. massive props to ya.

    this is my basic analysis anyone in world can probably come up with the same thing or better. just getting some convo out there

  • Yes this server will be really funny 👍 and Thanks for the report but I would love to get a deeper report about this server.

    Any leaders who like to speak up?

  • Almost half way until artefacts are released and we slowly see the server shaping up. Some are believing it may be a West vs East war, others pray for a 1vs1vs1vs1 like we were used to in the good old days. Here's a quick summary, feel free to add or correct any information. I'm just a bored player trying to make this forum alive.

    South West :

    Active and DIAMOND shares the quad. Considering the defending points we could think that a mutual agreement was made between them, who knows ? Secret NAPs or Confed seems to be the new trademark. Will this hold until artefacts ? We recently saw Phoenix merged a mic mac of players from WK-SSS and HB in NW while HB had a NAP with DIAMOND… Lots of questions without answers in SW.

    South East :

    Horsemen absorbed +cCc+ and then went forward with a confed to Raiders. No time to mess around in SE. Both teams looks structured and the quad's borders are pretty much sealed… Except from thoses few Pirates and Peace villages close to GZ. Surprised we havn't see any fancy moves from Horsemen there by the way. We might see a bit less action in SE for the next 2 months, but who knows… Horsemen are hard to predict.

    North East :

    We saw a few players swapping between Pirates and Peace. Both teams have their bunch of decent players and looks pretty much settled at this point. Olympus and Peace have shared a few minor hostilities. Will they come over and unite for a stronger NE or will it keep going ? Hard to tell, seems like Olympus leaders abandoned the ship. Notice that the amount of raiders in NE is pretty unbalanced if we compare to other quads.

    North West :

    I kept NW for last because they are my favorite one at the moment. Slapice looks built up directly for WW race and then there's Phoenix that just popped out in NW. Will Slapice and Phoenix figure a way to work out togheter ? Hard to tell, luckily Slapice was able to grab a couple nice croppers before Shogun took them all. Talking of Shogun, could Travian Team put a gold limit on accounts ? Rumors are saying that an investment company is sponsoring the Shogun account. =O Anyhow, Slapice makes NW look very strong, wouldn't be surprised WWK/WWR are already being pumped out. On top of that you got L.V. that's pretty centered in grey Zone that already sent catapults to the old HB players (now Phoenix). Lots of fun to come in NW.

    Special mention to Doge, spread on the SE and NE border. All we know from the Dutch guys is that their skills are sharped and they are not to be taken slightly.

    Sadly have no reports to share here today. Let's hope some will post it after this.

    This is a general recap of the server, it's pretty silent until now so hard to get deep in topics.

    Have a good day.

  • Special mention to Doge, spread on the SE and NE border. All we know from the Dutch guys is that their skills are sharped and they are not to be taken slightly.

    Lies, we're absolute crap mate

    Twee keer naar rechts is hetzelfde als achteruit

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  • Well folks, looks like we finally got some action worth watching. a wonderfully friendly anonymous player gave me these reports today. Nice to see people throwing around some nice early hammers. Unfortunately none of them made it back it seems.








    ahem* sorry for not linking all together was having difficulty learning new report logger on fly.

  • Where did those BAD guys from Com4 go to ?

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