Congratulations Gunners,Arm,thp,Henved

  • First of all Congratulations to EffNW,EffGz,Gods&SE it was a game that really came down to the wire, Eff highly organised largest overall average pop, we had to work really hard just to try to keep up with you.Together with your allies God's and se, there were times we really struggled to keep up.You kept the game even forums lively sharing our strong bias,besides all that we are very happy to have shared the journey with you and without you as our enemy would not have been such a great competitive server.

    To Gunnerz,Armada, Thp,Henved

    We faced battles and shared similar ground in our battles, as our enemies became more efficient and United a line was being drawn and before long we found ourselves working more closely towards achieving our goals. Dave, Salme you had the talent to work with but props to you for bringing that talent together,and making it happen, respect from a humble servent It's yours and our metas victory and it has been an honour to have played along your side.

    untill next round incase we don't meet again all, the best to you thanks for making it a good server, the round was small but our allies and foes played it with a big heart and made the server a lot of fun, cheers!

    Together with the alliance "GUNN3RS", "Legend"was the first to finish the Wonder of the World, using millions of resources whilst also protecting it with hundreds of thousands of brave defenders. It is therefore "Legend" who receives the title "winner of this era"!

    "angokka" was ruler over the largest personal empire, followed closely by "Rembrandt" and "Legend".
    "Hear No Evil" slew more than any other, and was the mightiest, most fearsome commander.
    "angokka" was the most glorious defender, slaughtering enemies at the village gates, staining the lands around those villages with their blood.

  • well i would say nice game. And congrats to gunners meta. Server ends and so is any feud or hate or fight. Its a game, well played by all.