Rumors from Nordics 6 - Round 1

  • Roumors are HKfc can join the list of farm-spikers.

    A spiked farm was cleared when the weekly stats conveniently reset this Monday morning, making it pretty clear...

    No idea which farm you are talking about and it might be true as well. All the HKFc members I currently see on the top10-defenders got their points from an actual battle though instead of spiking. Of course some names might have dropped out from the list by now and I did not check the list right after reseting. Anyways, the most active spikers can still be found in other alliances. I consider spiking as a viable yet dick strategy to deal with enemy hammers as long as the spiking players are playing for victory themselves. That's another story if one's only aim on the server is to go hide alone into remote areas of maps and coordinate random spikes from there.

    There's a bunch of evidence showing that FF has had some rough time recently. First the official Santa Claus of the server (ad sponsored by Coca-Cola) left the alliance, gave a small troop training artifact to the Finns for free and got their capital stoned. Then another player decided it's a great time to kill his sweep by attacking the enemy without any fakes. Finally, the unique troop training artifact was stolen from FF in the darkness of the night with a sneaky plan. In Finland we have this thing called 'kokko' (bonfire) in addition to 'reilu meininki' (reilu meininki).

    Also the weather forecast has shown there are some strong southern winds blowing from Sahara all the way to Denmark. As a result, there will most likely be sand in Billund. I hope that is not causing problems.

    You know what's worse than useless? Useless and oblivious.

  • Also feel free to show your real alliances at last. We can pretty clearly see what is happening from those def points. Also seeing how artes swap owners without losses and how you worked on artespawn tells a lot. Some things have been clear for a long time and some we are still trying to figure out.

    In the beginning we tried to provoke to warn you whats coming so you would be prepared, but this has been just like a slaughterhouse this far. We have seen that you have sweeps, nice hammers, enough def to compete, but your acting like some lazy old farts in their rocking chairs smoking tobacco. Too lazy to go outside to see what is happening, just living in the past, or maybe not living at all anymore.

    There is this thing called "sisu" in Finland and you really need that if you want to be competitive. Is this all you got? You just let some finnish geeks take what is yours?

    Waiting for your reply,

    Sincerely, AFK,

    Friend of cumcum "the most handsome"

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  • your acting like some lazy old farts in their rocking chairs smoking tobacco.

    Good description from AFKi. I am just a bystander in this server and playing in alliance which is neutral but still it's very clear to see what is happening in this server and I am surprised how dominant finnish are on this server, dont you have computers in other countries?

  • In Finland we have this thing called mylly. Mylly can be a social gathering, a physical object, a social experiment gone wrong, or all of the above. What we do know is that in order for a mylly to be run properly, there need to be at least two parties involved, it is not enjoyable to watch one guy beat the shit out of someone who is just pretending to be dead which is quite an accurate description of what is happening in the server so far. Join us to and the cool frogs club on discord to chat some hostile banter; we do switch to english if we notice there being non-finnish people around which seems to be almost as rare as Tottenham winning a game at the moment.

    P.S. Expect some toxicity WHY SO QUIET

    Discord link: