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    Welcome to the prestart interviews :) There is rumours about who that will cooperate with who and they are as often denied. Maybe we will get some useful information from this interviews.

    First out is Ros, an Italian leader and he introduce himself :) The war between SPQR and ru-team was drawing a lot of attention in Final 2017/2018. We are ofc curious what they will do this server but it looks as we will have to wait until server starts before we have an answer on that.

    Introduction: Hello! I’m Ros, also known as Quokka. In the last finals my nickname was Valar Morghulis (some russians will remember me :D). I'm one of the Italian leaders and UollasL's admin. I have played with them since 2013 but the group was born a long time ago. "What came first, Travian or Uollas?" :D
    Seriously, I'm ready to have fun with my team and with all of you and make a nice finals server. Now it's time to answer Safiren's questions!

    1. We start with the question we all are most curious about. In which quad will you start and who are you going to cooperate with?
    That’s a good question. To be honest, the quad has not been decided yet (maybe +/+ or -/-, who knows! :D), as well as the groups that will compose the Meta. I don’t deal with diplomacy, I can only say that there will be 3/4 Italian alliances and I know that CZ and Germans players will be with us. Then there are other ongoing negotiations with other alliances, but I prefer not to say which ones until I have the certainty!

    2. If you prefer to let that be a secret you maybe will answer on which alliance/meta do you think will be your primary enemy.
    I think all those who don’t play in our Meta can be considered our enemies, obviously we will focus first on those we will find in our quad.

    3. What is your goal for the round? Victory, Just fun with nice team? Mess up for another alliance/meta?
    Our team always plays for fun. Without it the game would be boring and the players would stop playing! However, in my opinion, all the participants META aim to win and surely this is our goal too!

    4. Your opinion about less wildcards this year. Good or bad? Will it make more players go for the qualification next year?
    I don't know exactly how many wildcards were released in recent years, and how many will be released this year. However I can not express a single opinion: on the one hand, I think it is right that wildcards will be less in order to prevent the use of these for multi-account, but on the other hand I saw with my own eyes that it is very very easy to qualify an account (in my server .de at the end of the round we were about 1600 players in statistics, so we were all qualified, even the farms!). For those who want to use wildcards for multiaccounts, my opinion, as I said, is that qualifying is pretty simple. It’s true that the goal is perhaps to prevent the multiaccount, but penalizes those who could not participate to the qualifications (it was still summer :D)! So I don't have a single answer!

    5. As we all know the Tournament started as a championships between different domains and for some time kept that format even at qualification stage. Right now it's got much more mixed up. But what is it for you? Is it a world cup of different nations or is it more of a championships league of different alliances? And how does your team look like in regards to cultural/national background?
    I think that the tournament is more like a championships league with different alliances than a world cup with different nations . In fact, not always players from the same countries play together, Russians represents an example in the last finals: BAD-CERBER on one side, WINTER from another, PRIME from another one! Another example is the Polish, which if I'm not mistaken this year will be divided, PS on one side, PL from another with the Dacia. So I don't think that the Tournament is linked more to the nations, but more to the alliances and the relationship that exists between them. For example, Italians are not many players and we are always "forced" to make a meta with players of other nationalities, but this is not a problem, indeed it's a way to compare yourself, to grow and to have fun all together!

    6. What are you usually doing before the finals start to make yourself ready for 4 month of the high activity that is needed in Final?
    Last finals were really very challenging for me. My alliance was in the BP area, with the promter's BAD on one side and the Br-Kiss on the other, I think I didn't sleep for 3 months LOL because of the attacks were often at night, and a leader can never go to sleep while his players are under attack! However, in addition to the game there is also real life, and being a university student I try to keep up with the exams! So this is what I did, I tried to get on with the exams because I know I will not have much time to study during the finals ahahha! As for the game, since the end of September I’ve started to contact all my players to know who would play and who not, fortunately I didn’t have to deal with diplomacy with other alliances, there are other Italian leaders for this!

    Next player is Turek from Poland. PL together with Prime contributed with an amazing turn in last Final when they decided to cooperate and their WW ended as rank 2.

    1. We are playing in coalition with NB and Prime and we don't know quadrant yet.
    2. All metas will be our enemies, if we want to win we must beat all.
    3. Our goal is victory, but we know that we have small number of people compare to Arabs, Dacia or ruteam, so if we make all what we could to win we will be happy.
    4. In my opinion qualifications are useless and I don't think more or less wildcards can change it.
    5. For me this is still a World cup. We have a lot of unions between different countries, but still people know which ally is from which country. As long as we have nationality domains that will be a World cup.
    6. Drink :D
    Few days ago we have a meeting with polish Travian players, this was good experience before server start, so we all know that we are playing with real people, not with bots.

    The last for today is Oğulcan from Animals. They settled near the gray zone in NorthEast last time and had a lot of fun, claiming their independence from the other turks. I wonder what they will do this time.

    1. I can not tell for sure, our negotiations are not finish yet... but I am sure,we will make a good meta..
    2. Russian Union, absolutely.
    3. All of them. We always have fun with a nice team. This time, of course, we want victory.
    4. This had to be announced before. So it should be implemented next year. This year, teams should be supported for a fair game.
    I also want to specify the difference between the elimination groups. C group is quite difficult to get tickets compared to other groups. And the Turkish multihunter group really works. In group B, each account receives tickets. And I don't think they have multihunters. :)
    5. A short and clear answer: Championship League.
    6. We usually sleep. We know we can't sleep in the finals. Our enemies should know they can never sleep. :)

  • Hi guys and girls! I have to confess I'm not sober but since I'm offline most of the weekend I have to try to post the interviews I have.

    First out today is Gabi Marton from Dacia K. Dacia won the last Final. They was the biggest meta and they will probably be this year too.

    1. We start with the question we all are most curious about. In which quad will you start and who are you going to cooperate with?
    1. We don't know yet. I know just with who will not cooperate :)

    2. If you prefer to let that be a secret you maybe will answer on which alliance/meta do you think will be your primary enemy.
    2. Finals is about war between Dacia and urss team plus their arrows.

    3. What is your goal for the round? Victory, Just fun with nice team? Mess up for another alliance/meta?
    3. Two victory’s in a row.

    4. Your opinion about less wildcards this year. Good or bad? Will it make more players go for the qualification next year?
    4. 1st travian should rethink quals in another form to attract more players, and servers to be more competitive.

    5. As we all know the Tournament started as a championships between different domains and for some time kept that format even at qualification stage. Right now it's got much more mixed up. But what is it for you? Is it a world cup of different nations or is it more of a championships league of different alliances? And how does your team look like in regards to cultural/national background?
    5. CL. If we are talking about national teams, Dacia lost his golden team after com5 - 2010. So, from my point of view, all nations lost so many players that right now is impossible to win a final as a national team. If this finals came in 2006-2010, Dacia was capable to win as a national team, all romanian players.

    6. What are you usually doing before the finals start to make yourself ready for 4 month of the high activity that is needed in Final?
    6. Trying to finish my projects at work :))))

    Trình Triệu from Vietnam was kind and answered my questions. Last year they played with the Turkish meta. They have new friends this year - or?

    1. In this finals, we associated with Team X3.

    2. We are waiting for a general agreement from the group that we will cooperate. Of course, in addition to the peace relations (if any), we will have to fight with the other team as the way we play this game.

    3. Our goal in the finals is simple because we will have to spend a week traditional holidays –Tet. We support defenses for teams that we will cooperate with.

    4. I think that good players' skills and team’s strategies will make the fight more attractive, and this is the factor that attracts more participants, not the problem you are talking about.

    5. I think this is just a championship. The team linked together based on respect and equality to same aim to win. This is a war of the association, not the war of nations. However, there will be many teams with only one country, which will help them to be closer and to understand each other better for the same language and country.
    Our team will be only Vietnamese, we do not represent Vietnam as there will be many other Vietnamese groups not joining the finals or not the same purpose as us.
    We are always aware of the most cultural expression both inside and outside the game. There are a lot of people who are prejudiced against Vietnam team. But, if anybody was an ally or even the opposing side of us they would understand how our team works. We always fight hard and respect every opponent.

    6. Of course we have to arrange our personal time funds to have reasonable time to participate. We will have 1 week of traditional New Year holiday and this time it is very difficult to take care of the game account. However, we will have the best preparation and reasonable in this stage.

    Adam HUN, I've been allowed to follow their ally chat, they are a good-tempered team that always have fun in their neighborhood and are good supporters to Dacia.

    1. Just like previous years, we will start on NW quadrant with The Dacia. We are cooperating with him maybe 4 time in a row, so we don't change team in this final.

    2. Naturally. Our main enemy will be everyone who will fight against us:) especially in North West quadrant. But surely Russians are the primary enemy.

    3. Our goals are simple. For our team is, that we want to have fun, play as a little "Family" and show to everyone ( I mean to the world) that we can make important stuffs with a smaller team. However our goals for our Meta is maybe the most important. We want to help and win this final as last year.

    4. I don't know how much wildcard will be in drawing, but I think yes, this idea will be bring more players. Lots of players will do not get their card to the finals. Next year maybe more player want to qualify and play against the best players. As everyone seen, that in almost every qualy server almost/everybody qualified to the final.

    5. In my opinion is, that this is more than just a tournament or a championship. This is a challenge. A challenge to everyone, to show the best. Nations and Metas are fight against each other. This is the place, where rivals and friendships are born.

    6.Not much for myself: Sleep:D

    .For our team... We want to fire ourself, to bring out the best from us.

    Thai/India is an alliance that have supported different metas. Abishek was kind and answered.

    Hello This is Abhishek from H-M-B , people know me as Abhishek in Skype and [Monster Machine / Black Hammer ] in game.

    01. In South West we will start .. and we are going to cooperate with BAD.

    02. I think our primary opponent will be DACIA..

    03. I like winning .. so my goal is VICTORY .. and at the same time have fun and toying with opponents.

    04. I think for less wild card this year ..players will settle many more multies in next qualifier to get the key .. not to play the server.

    05. It's just a way to qualify . And reunion of old friends .. that's more important for me.. and we were in Group B .. alliance name's was C.O.T and TT .. most of us Asian, and some EU and South American we are mixed .. we never find any cultural differences cause every one likes to have fun.

    It's like a family

    06. I am sleeping 12 hours everyday before finals.. . I know i won't get much chance to sleep during finals and completing my pending works so i can play freely with my friends.

    The last for today is from Arabia. Last year they had a tough server against Poland and X3. This year they have new leaders. I got in contact with Nourdine / Wise who answered my questions. He asked me to publish is skype too if you wants to contact him: nourdine_kan.

    1 . Our miracle will be in 100/0 in the east betwin north east and south east . That maybe change to 100/100 if we play with Italy.

    2. Our enemy I can't answer of this question because to my knowledge in diplomacy we don't have enemy right now.

    3. Our goal is make new friends alliance/meta and win together.

    4. In my opinion it would be good because we see that few qualified this year.

    5. Tournament for me is a world cup every year, we see new alliances forming making it more spectacular and challenging ,also it is a measure of our strength because in our servers we are the king but in tournament we just rivals aspire to victory.

    6 . Now I'm relax some time I'm take a break from Travian until I enter with all my strength and readiness.

    Note : God is on our side in the north east.

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    Prestart interviews 3

    So.. have the interviews given any leads to where the alliances have decided to start? Let's make a short summary of what have been said.

    Ros/Uollas is hinting on NE +/+ which have been confirmed by others. He says they will cooperate with CZ and Germany players.

    Turek from PL says they haven't decided quad but will work with NB and Prime.

    Oğulcan/Animals says nothing about it.

    Gabi Marton from Dacia K don't want to reveal anything either.

    Trình Triệu from Vietnam will be associated with X3, nothing about quad.

    Adám HUN tells us that it is Dacia and NW -/+ as usual.

    Abhishek Thai/India will start in SW -/- and cooperate with BAD.

    Time to take a look on next round of interviews:


    Alfa LT

    1. We start with the question we all are most curious about. In which quad will you start and who are you going to cooperate with?

    First of all Lithuanian players same as in previous finals are divided into several teams:

    Smurfs (not sure about name in finals) - from qualification have not declared they plans.

    X3 Black (not sure about name in finals) - have participated in WW construction in qualifiction. May keep same coalition.

    The rest of players will join other alliances or form tiny ones.

    We played last final as Antarctica and this year qualification as LT&Friends. We will go to -|-.

    2. If you prefer to let that be a secret you maybe will answer on which alliance/meta do you think will be your primary enemy.

    BAD and Cerber will be our opponent. Our paths crossed some time ago. The few players we were contacted by were quite arrogant and tried to bully us. There is no better place to fight bullies than virtual game world. Even so, now I meet more and more nice players and these few do not represent the majority. Also, the chance to fight players who promote soviet union nostalgia is an additional benefit :)

    . BTW russian team is very strong and we are small, so they might even not notice that we fight with them :D,

    For others it will be opponents in their quads.

    3. What is your goal for the round? Victory, Just fun with nice team? Mess up for another alliance/meta?

    It is a game. We play only for fun.

    4. Your opinion about less wildcards this year. Good or bad? Will it make more players go for the qualification next year?

    I think the way wildcards are organised with random draw from list applied emails promotes cheating (I may be wrong traviangames might have very clever filtering system, but it might be hard to implement). So, the less the better. However, I like how some of invites are given on more personal basis.

    5. As we all know the Tournament started as a championships between different domains and for some time kept that format even at qualification stage. Right now it's got much more mixed up. But what is it for you? Is it a world cup of different nations or is it more of a championships league of different alliances? And how does your team look like in regards to cultural/national background?

    As the game style develops it is less and less connected to nationalities or cultural backgrounds, but at the same time it seems it makes game more fun and teams better balanced.

    6. What are you usually doing before the finals start to make yourself ready for 4 month of the high activity that is needed in Final?

    Very busy with other stuff. Doing my best to complete as many task as I can, so that I have as much free time as possible when finals will start :)


    Juri - Phantom pain CS

    1. We will play as part of Uollas META, but we didn't do final decision about the quad. I think it will be -/“something” or +/“something but CS group prefer “something/“something” and we will try to push our suggestion in META :P

    2. No enemies here, just a rivals! We will see who will be in the same quad and we will destroy all villas outside of Uollas META.

    3. We are playing for fun (every time!). We wanna be a good partner inside the META and help to fill all META goals/plans

    4. For me doesn’t matter on that. CS group policy = 100% accounts has a real owner. No supports/no multies. Admins should fight (I mean real fight with zero tolerance) with that because this thing killing that game.

    5. I can imagine better format but it is as it is. We are not solving cultural/political/religious questions in our team. actually we will try to do the best job and it's all what we need to do.

    6. Me, personally? I am every time ready :D

    just joking... I am trying to enjoy all free days within Q and Finals but truth is there is no so many such days... we started the discussions about META and other things inside.

    of course, I also need to find a good team for the acc.


    Sky COQ

    1/2. We will play along with our forever friends G&V and the rest of GALLIA! ... But I can't tell much more since it hasn't begun yet ;)

    3. This time we'll play for the fun with guys we like to play with. Bored of the too serious Travian, we take a break for one round playing the real game :)

    4. Less wildcards often give less multiacc.. it can be a good point, even if a lot are done during qualifications. Even though, tournament is qualifications + finals, not finals only, so imo only players from the quals should play finals ^^

    5. Travian tournament is not a nation's world cup anymore, but more like an E-Sport team world cup in my opinion. Every COA/meta benefits from multicultural players that makes a more challenging game, trading new techniques and ways of play. World cup changed into a very more challenged game to my mind, since every good ally opened to mixed cultural strategies. ;)

    My team as been multicultural for a few rounds already when Makaveli was the leader but even now with the new ally. Many of my players plays in international servers plus I'm a co-leader of a very old ally on aux servers so all of this enrich the mixity of my team.

    6. Nothing, just rest and enjoy with family and my job. In my opinion, finals has always been less intense than qualifications. People play less risky with offense and defense, scared to loose too much, and half of the server stays passive to wait for WWs.. So, that's not the part of tournament that makes me tired :d


    Александр PriStoL WINTER

    1. We will start in the SW and will cooperate with other Russian teams as well as with some few international allies.

    2. As our main rivals we consider Dacia and Prime

    3. Victory

    4. Personally, I’m not a big fan of the qualification round. Too much time is spent for this uninteresting server. I’d advice to cancel the qualification at all and let everyone who is willing take part in the TT finals. For many years MHs are successfully fighting multi-accs, but the cheaters would still find a way to violate the rules. Yet, for many regular players “no qualification” would work much better.

    5….. STILL TO COME not ready

    6. We’re getting ready morally and gathering old friends.

    Just a wish… To make TT a bit more popular, please, add Huns and Egyptians. And please, diversify the prizes somehow.


    The COF/COF

    1- To be honest as Cof we haven’t had any alliance for this year, we are still open for the offers we haven’t decided between +/+ and +/- areas.

    2- We wanted to fight against Poland and Prime because of last year we have changed our thoughts.

    3- Our goal this year is just fun. We want to play a fun game with a nice alliance.

    4- Actually this is very nice. I'm against that any wildcard is given. That makes more player to go qualification and the people who work for it go to finals.People used to go to the finals with wildcards and I don’t want this. This is not fair.

    5- I think there is a champions league between different alliances. The balances change every year. Cof is the best team the way they see other cultures. Because in Cof there is Brazilian, Spanish, Slovak, Dutch, Belgian, Arabian players and Malaysian, Indonesian teams played.We have been very successful to play with the players from other countries. They can play as a part of family. Because Cof doesn’t represent any ideology. We are like a rainbow that has all the colours.

    6- During qualification we are getting our players prepared for the finals. We organize in Cof competitions to have tickets and have fun.


    Hugo NB

    1:Last year final2017/18, NB had a great war against Prime. However after Final17/18, NB and Prime respect each other. Therefore NB will try cooperation with Prime during Final18/19.

    Maybe SouthEast is a good place. NB considers starting on +/-.

    2:If NB starts on +/-, any foreigner, except NB's ally, who enter into +/- will be NB's enemy.

    3:My goal is for victory and gain the prize of victory, of course. However NB members consider war and funny only. Therefore i should think how to use NB's goal service for my goal.

    4:I do not know of it is NB's good news or not. NB can enjoy a fair game, but that also means NB enemies have less multi, so that NB has no sheep to raid.

    5:To be stronger the Chinese NB Alliance, NB will first protecting all Chinese players and team who play tournament. Therefore only very less foreign players will be invited to join NB.

    However besides Chinese, NB will keep her promise. Any alliance who trust NB and ally with NB, NB will try her best to fight for her ally.

    6:looking for sitter, of course. Therefore it is not a high activity for me. Luckily number of NB players > number of NB accounts. Also NB has foreign friends. Therefore it will be easy to seek sitter

    Ok, what information did we get now?

    From Alfa LT we learn that they will be divided in 3 teams. His own team goes to SW -/-

    Juri from CS says that they will go with Uollas. probably +/+ due to other info.

    Sky COQ will play as Gallia again together with G&V.

    Pristol WINter will this year play in SW-/- together with ru-team.

    COF haven't decide quad but are clear who the enemies is, PL and Prime.

    Hugo NB think SE +/- is a good place and will cooperate with Prime.

    Finally I asked my Corner crew about their opinion:

    Dacia+Hussars+Hungary+CheckerB+Animals - NW, add also Smurfs and lt allies

    Italians+COF+COQ+GV+Troja+CS…. - NE, add CS (Czech and Slovakia), Germany

    China+Prime+Arabs (nd)+NTPL - SE

    Russians - SW

    And now you can compare this with the interviews, I'm going to bed ^^

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    Prestart interviews 4

    I have got comments about which alliance will settle where. Remember that I quoted other ppl's opinion =)

    CheckerB will not play with Dacia this year. They have decided to cooperate with NB and Prime.

    It wasn't easy to sort out the Polacks but we have a new ally with veterans, some from PL that will play with Prime/NB as PNT.

    PS will be PL and play in NE with Italians.

    NTPL as said before will play with Dacia.

    Dacia will not be the biggest meta this year.

    So, that was the comments I got, what do I believe myself? I think we will see partly new coalitions this year. Alliances have moved between metas but the base is mainly the same. We will have 4 metas, one in each quadrant. It's difficult to decide now which meta will be the biggest but Russia have managed to engage several alliances that didn't play with them last year. On the other side we have a lot of different nationalities in NE, so they might be quite big. Prime/NB in SE believes they will be the smallest meta.

    The lack of wildcards is difficult for all. A lot depends on how many members that played in qualifications and how many of them that will be encouraged to play Final.

    I have two more interviews. The first from Prime.

    1. We start with the question we all are most curious about. In which quad will you start and who are you going to cooperate with?

    2. If you prefer to let that be a secret you maybe will answer on which alliance/meta do you think will be your primary enemy.

    3. What is your goal for the round? Victory, Just fun with nice team? Mess up for another alliance/meta?

    4. Your opinion about less wildcards this year. Good or bad? Will it make more players go for the qualification next year?

    5. As we all know the Tournament started as a championships between different domains and for some time kept that format even at qualification stage. Right now it's got much more mixed up. But what is it for you? Is it a world cup of different nations or is it more of a championships league of different alliances? And how does your team look like in regards to cultural/national background?

    6. What are you usually doing before the finals start to make yourself ready for 4 month of the high activity that is needed in Final?


    Дед Prime

    1. We will land in sector +/ -. We have already announced this information before. We also named our friends at once. Part of an international coalition composed of NB, PNT, Prime. There are many rumors about us, but these are only rumors.

    2. We heard that in this final all teams will be strong. The Italian coalition (ITA + Arabian + Cz + COF + G&V + TURKISH ) seems very strong and big. Ruteam is traditionally strong. We know a lot of good players from there.

    As the main favorite we consider Dacia & Co.

    3. According to my information, our team is the smallest of all at this final.

    The most important thing is to enjoy the game. This is our main goal. If we can win, we will be glad. If we spoil the party favorites, too, will be happy.

    4. I think not. I am sure that the problem is in the format of qualification. Players use the qualification as a warm-up before a real fight. I think this situation fully suits the players.

    5. I know that many players treat the world Cup as a tournament among national teams. I respect their opinion, but I think that the world Cup is more like club world championship.

    6. We take out the skeletons of the cabinets and recalculate.


    Yara Merak

    1. Yes, as I told you, because of personal problems, I did not have a Brazilian Luso project, so we're going with a little ally pt/ br at the invitation of Abhishek to play in - / - in support of BAD.

    2. Our enemies are still the same ... (wink)

    3. I always play for victory, be it mine or who I am supporting and of course always having fun with friends.

    4. Yes, so more people will enter the contest in the game to show that they are better and will not enter because they participated in a lottery.

    5. For me it's a world cup, my alliance is a cultural mix between Brazil and Portugal, united by the language.

    6. Usually I rest, in that little more than 1 month of interval between tournament and finals, that year exceptionally I am playing the comx.


    I wish you all luck in tomorrows start and hope on an exciting Final :)

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    Final 2018/2019 Week 1

    • Statistics
    • Second village
    • Auctions
    • Top10
    • Top20


    Statistics is from Sunday midnight. We hadn’t passed 8000 players yet but it is notable that that players are really active. The tribes have good proportions too. More romans than usual but it shall be a tribe for more experienced players, which we have a lot of here in Final - and pretorians is also good defence. Gauls are less than they use to be, probably an effect of the better bot detection tool in combination with less wildcards.


    I clearly was wrong about which quad that should be the smallest, but with 2 metas there it might not be so surprising. We have new constellations, but more about that in War diaries that will be posted on on Friday. Let us establish that this years playing field is built for border wars, only in SE we will have fight for the dominance in the quad.

    Edit: I prepared this yesterday and today it seems that the meta in NW after a quarrel between Emerik and Cicik now is divided in two parts, Dacia and Turkey. War is promised from both sides.



    Second village

    Saturday morning before noon we had our first second village, by a team, Katarina Dacia K, that really know how to do it.

    Safiren: This is the third time you are first with second village in Final (2015,2017). How long time did it take?

    Gabi: I registered at 14:20 and i have settlers today at 10:40 and settled at 11:21.

    Safiren: How much gold did you spend? and on what?

    Gabi: 1900 cages/instants/ books.

    Safiren: You chose a 15c 100% close to your spawn, was it to be fastest?

    Gabi: That is dacia k zone according to the Meta NW map .

    Safiren: So you had a lucky spawn then?

    Gabi: I entered after 1:20 hours to be on that zone.

    Safiren: I guess you had other accounts helping you to clean, did they buy cages too?How many times did your hero die?

    Gabi: It was a team work by 5 accounts. Our hero never died, we lost 15 clubs, we had 115 as most.

    Safiren: I read last year’s interview, did you get cp from dailys or did you have to party?

    Gabi: No party this year, we got CP day 2.

    Safiren: Last year your fields was on level 3.

    Gabi: Same level this year.

    Safiren:. Do you have the same co-players as last year?

    Gabi: Just one - Lucian, but Tudor, coplayer from Katyusha 2015 returns :))))

    Safiren: Tell us something about your team, age, gender, how long have you played travian /tourney? What do you do in real life when you're not playing travian?

    Gabi: I’m 31 years old, automation engineer, These is my 5th tournament (2012, 2013, 2015, 2017, 2018), and I started playing travian from 2006. When I’m not playing I spend my time playing football every week at least 1 time and table tennis every 2nd week. Movies and series.

    Lucian, 36 years old, mechatronics engineer.These is his 3nd tournament and he started playing travian from 2007.

    Tudor 28 years old, freelancer. 3rd final first was 2013. 2008 start playing.

    Last Q: What gift do you hope to get from Santa Claus this year?

    Gabi: Health and luck and a level 100 ww!

    A reward will be posted when I have remembered to bring home envelopes from work..


    I counted the seconds two times, first Sunday at noon and I found 30 seconds villages.

    I counted again at midnight and now a lot of settlers had been running.

    • 431 second/1000
    • 100 up to 1500
    • 95 up to 2000
    • 107 up to 3000
    • 100 up to 5000
    • 25 up to rank 6662 120 pop

    In total 911 second villages.

    Tuesday morning when the stats was updated again we was up to 2670 as you can see above.

    A complete list on who had settled:

    Uollas shared their map where the they have their seconds :) They are prepared for a fight against the NW border.




    The first auctions


    The first 3 gladiator helmets


    Gladiator helmet was down to down to 16000 midnight Sunday.



    Lordleonidas and Underdog fought for the Top medals on climbers and robbers but Lordleonidas got a third medal on attackers. Well done :)


    Oops.. wonder where Dacia found all those resources. Climbers list contains nearly only Turkey alliances.




    Turkey alliances built up their alliances very fast and it took a while before other alliances managed to climb the list. On Sunday midnight they was still dominating.



    This was all this week, the Corner is published every Tuesday night.

    On Fridays we have War diaries on Travians blog.

    You are welcome to contribute with reports and stories about what happens in your quadrant.

    Discussions here


    and the

    Corner crew

  • Maps 23 November

    A short summary, maps are not completed. If you find something that is wrong, tell us :) 5700 players counted.


    Uollas… 1400 accounts


    Union… 920 accounts


    Dacia… 920 accounts


    Turks NW… 600 accounts


    CUP… 890 accounts


    NB/Prime… 960 accounts

  • Cbanner2018.png

    The first whole week is behind us and the fights is increasing. Accounts topped on 8054 and is slowly decreasing. The alliances begin to be fewer but bigger as embassies are up. Our counting sheet isn’t 100% reliable but gives a good view of the situation about the metas - and that not many alliances are without bindings to a meta above rank 200.


    Dacia and Turkey could have been equal in size as Uollas if they hadn't broke up. Every meta consists of many domains, will they be able to keep together or not? More dramas isn't truly unbelievable.


    Interview with At Kuyrugu - Animals about why they started in NorthWest and what happen with their cooperation with Dacia


    1. 1.There is a lot of Turkey alliances in NorthWest. Why have you chosen this quad?
    2. What is the difference between the Turkey alliances in NW and NE (COF)
    3. Are you going to cooperate with Dacia?
    4. Who are your primary enemy?
    5. Tell us something about yourself: age, gender, how long have you played Travian/Tournament? Your real life: work, where do you live, what do you do when not playing?
    6. If you have to choose between to be a cat or a dog in next life. What would you chose and why?

    1- The reason we chose this quarter is DACIA. We had a deal with them before the game started. They were relieved when the Russians did not send more players to the northwest.

    2- We couldn't agree on diplomatic things.We chose the Dacia they chose the Italians.

    3- It was, but Dacia broke it. We had made some deals before the game started, we asked for one thing, we asked many times.They told us it would be. But Emerik ignored those agreements and offered us something we never talked about. We didn't break the deal.

    4- DACIA. Emerik doesn't know our strength.We'll show them who we are.

    5- My name is Rezan(köle), 26 years old. Last year my in-game name was AT in İNTİKAMI. I've been playing for five years. I've been in the finals for two years. I'm a student, I'm studying and spending time with my friends when I'm not playing games.

    6- We are ANIMALS. We don't choose between animals.

    We're not just Animals.We are TESTERE, OTTOMANS, TURKEY, SÜVARİ, NORTH.W and ANIMALS.

    I have something to add.Turkish players usually do not come to this server. We want to break this, and we have a goal to participate more strongly each year.


    Comment from Emerik Teutonic Steel Dacia

    A few weeks before Finals a Skype chat room with a few leaders from Dacia and a few leaders from Animals (they said they can speak for a big Turkish team that will come to play this year intournament finals) was created with the purpose to speak about cooperation, and as far as I understood, we were considering the possibility to receive Animals & rest of Turkey in NW meta.

    Turkish leaders demanded that if they come in NW to play with us, they should be holding WW, they haven’t said exactly which one, but we discussed scenarios and I even asked them if they have a plan in mind, if they have a WW builder etc as we're all keen to understand more about this demand. It was a bold one , for a new team who wants to be partner in a strong meta like NW, never had this experience before with other teams :)

    Dacia leaders and all our partners from NW coalition refused to accept a scenario with all of us supporting a Turkish WoW so in order not to break the alliance and continue our negotiations, I propose an option with 2 WWs in NW meta, one on Turkish account and one on Dacia account.

    Turks have not said NO to this offer, but we noticed it's not exactly what they wanted ...

    Anyway, they kept quiet about WW for the last weeks and we focused on gathering more players, building a strong team, dividing the NW map between us etc.

    In day 2 of the server, Animals leaders asked for coordinates next to -100|100 so they can send there WW builder, but for us that came as a big surprise.

    We already had assigned to them all area around -100|0 and we were hoping if they really want WW they will be satisfied with that one, but apparently we were mistaken.

    However, we asked all leaders from Dacia, nPL, 777, Smurfs, HUN and again we received confirmation that WW -100|100 should be on Dacia leadership account , control and supervision.

    So we had to explain this to the Turkish leaders.

    Cicek and Mahmut, Turkish leaders from ANIMALS took this personal, as some kind of betrayal, but in reality we never accepted to have one WW in NW meta on Turkish account, that was never the agreed and pre-arranged option.

    I was mainly a mess anger in this regard, however they consider that Emerik is the one who betrayed them and somehow tricked them with false hopes, which is false.

    It's mainly a misunderstanding due to lack of proper communication on the WW matter and due to a big difference in mentality and understanding of travian politics and diplomacy.

    It would have been different if this year ANIMALS & co would have worked with NW meta, helped us a lot and prove their worth, and maybe for future servers they could demand a lot more.

    But for a new team joining the NW coalition, they presented the situation pretty bad... briefly: give us WW or else .. war !

    Dacia and NW coalition will not accept to be bullied or blackmailed by anyone , no man and no team should make this kind of threats and expect to be taken serious.

    I am sorry for this diplomatic failure, of course I blame Turkish leaders, they try to blame me but in the end regular players whom we represent are the ones that will pay the price.


    Artwork is out and the first ones was expensive as usual, scrolls too. Now artworks are sold for around 10.000 silver.




    The reward for being first with second village is on its way! It was the third time Katarina did this so I tripled the small items I had until the envelope was filled. I hope you enjoy my choice in this years magic box, items for daily use! I added a 50 gold voucher too :)


  • Reports

    On the Tournament site you can find the biggest battle report for each day.

    I got a nice story from Von Carstein Dacia which was rewarded with 30 gold.

    Do you also have a story to tell? A good story with reports will be rewarded :)

    Von Carstein story

    Once Upon a time .......

    A lonely Vampire was bullied by those big fat turks!

    When he woke up, his storages were empty, burned by those fellow warriors.

    Scare and sick about the situation, the farmer had only 1 choice : he STOOD UP FOR WHAT HE BELIEVE!!!

    He sent letters all over the place to find other brave farmers or soldiers that would stand up for his cause.

    Awaiting for responses, the farmer was hiding in the last cranny of the village.

    But then, one turk, who believe his glory was worth more than his own pride decide he should risk his army to improved his legitimacy around his sector.

    The farmer took out his binoculars, looked up North and saw an army coming toward his last cranny.

    Without any hope left, he took his sword and waited for his destiny.


    And then, they were here, knocking at the door, asking for the surrender.


    But out of nowhere, A group of farmers mixed with soldiers came from the south, cheering the name of this Vampire born to be King :



    The deads saved their last lord among the battlefield. But Von wasn't done. He took his sword and decided to counter attack those tyrants.


    Injured in the battle, he had to fall back. He lives another day to live another fight.


    Turkey and Smurfs. Looks as we can expect a lot of fights here.



    Buffalo got revenge - twice.



    A hero wall met this turk when he attacked a russian.


    One of the biggest hammers so far but could have used some rams too.


    Comment from Hugo. Noticed the attack 20 min before it landed and managed a hero wall.


    Zio&Co had rams, no heros in the defence. With such a nice hammer the defense couldn't do much.


    Top raider week 2 but he need to be more careful with his troops ^^



    Always nice to kill an enemy hammer.


    A cropper zeroed.



    I had to smile when I saw this report :)


  • Cbanner2018.png

    Week 3 - 4 December


    • Hot zones
    • Player interview
    • Reports
    • Top10
    • Top20

    A lot is happening now, the battles is many, villages is zeroed or chiefed in the important areas. If you’re not building troops you can be simming as Chip&Dale that took their third 50% oasis for the 15c cropper.

    My Corner crew have been busy gathering reports, I need to find out the best way to handle them. Screens looks nice but are so big so it is a trouble to handle them, gives a copy of the ingame reports. Promter found a way to use and was kind to share it. I hope they will do the necessary changes so we can manage it more easily. Kirilloid can also be used but still a bit big, is also a nice tool.

    Something is also wrong with gettertools maps. It seems as they have implemented the small map and forgot that we still have servers with the bigger map.

    Guide how to use

    1. you paste the text as usually into the report converter

    1. the you scroll the pasted text down to the attacker's info and delete the marked lines

    1. then in the "table" with unit's numbers you type the following:

    *both words should be typed with Capital letters

    1. scroll down to the defender's info and do the same

    Also adding the words Units and Casualties.

    1. Then you click save and have your report ;)


    Building plans hot zones

    I asked my crew for help to do maps where the building plans will come and to add the alliances that is fighting about those areas.

    Last year some of the expected landing coordinates changed up to 30 fields. Probably due to a too tight populated area. Plans will not show up in wilderness or oases. They need a free spot. I still think that my theory that the plans is paired is true, if one moves the opposite plan will also do.

    It will not be enough to have attention only to the own quad’s plans. An enemy in another quad can try to force the location of them to move. Time for new strategies folks!

    NE map


    33/12 --> wallace + uollasL , the rest are spawn villages

    12/33 ---> wallace + uollasL + nPL, the rest are spawn villages

    10/56 ---> wallace , uollasL, S.P.Q.R. , SPQR™

    55/20 --> wallace + uollasL ( bp box is a spawn of a poilus, uollas meta )

    SE map


    30/-20 ---> PRIME-C + CUP-ac + CUP-ab + Prime_P , the rest look spawns

    4/-35 ---> CUP-ab + CUP-ac

    45/-37 ---> PRIME-C + spawns

    SW map


    -26/-25 ---> bad + hype

    -10/-57 ---> BAD + 西狂-改之 + NB-白虎

    -55/-20 seems only spawn villages

    NW map


    -18/30 ---> DaciaNW2 + Dacia NV + nPL + nPLко

    -35/4 ---> ANIMALS + nPL + HYPE!

    -45/37 ---> Dacia NV + OTTOMANS + OTTOMAN + oTToM@N


    Player interview

    In one of my chats I found a guy that really enjoyed his local battlefield. All the big hammers is of course awesome but let us not forget that smaller players also have a role to play :)

    DaculibeRO Dacia™

    My name is Andrei, I'm 37, from Romania and I currently has lived in UK for 4 years now. This is my first Final and my first with Dacia. I haven't played in 4 years and I feel really excited coming back to Travian because I like playing Travian at a higher level with more challenge.

    I came to this finals fully prepared, but I must say now after starting with teutons that my favourite race and where I excel the most is romans.

    My play style so far in this final was intuitive and even if in micro management I am calculated and methodical, in the macro economy I was all over the place and made a few bad choices mostly because I was not really prepared to the amazing job Dacia is doing and even if all the goals we have as an alliance and all the preparations and targets we have, I miscalculated that I can still achieve a perfect alliance goal even with doing my own game. I have by now a clear view of how strong I could have been doing things slightly different.

    That being said, I ended up doing some things for the love of art more then to the actual benefit of my account. That parachute into the dogma was clear that it was not going to do that much more than a psychological effect on him. The whole thing I knew it is not worth it but I still did it because I knew I can make it beautiful and I can make him back off with minimum effort.

    Right now the situation with that conflict is on hold since Dogma players have so much gold and last time he defended his capital with 10 heroes, among other tro ops.

    So that whole thing was for the love of art and also to let Eneas grow without having problems coming from the East. Knowing I can get a psychological advantage just by moving my hero around the map like in chess was in my mind all along.

    My action against Dogma:


    4x and I cleared capital of animals but he had evasion (this guy was attacking my sitter last few days) so I put my 4th village behind both of them near the enemy.


    The counter after he came online and hit my sitter again.


    His "retaliation" on me.



    I have probably missed a lot of reports and it takes time to make them fitting into Corner.

    I scouted a World Wonder in center. They have been conquered earlier for each year - and it might make sense - the earlier the less expensive.


    SouthWest -/-

    Let's start with a "funny" report.

    i'm green scouted a village with UNI... uni guy thought it's an enemy coz he didn't recognize the UNI signs and without checking a list sent a home follow on his scouts...


    We have an ongoing war between NB and BAD…c,6255922d42d,625593874de


    An offensive at the NW border




    SouthEast +/-

    Cup vs International meta (Prime, NB and confeds)

    Nickz., Viejos Chotos vs Prastoy





    And I got this one tonight

    NorthWest -/+

    Dacia vs Turkey and hammers are growing bigger for each day.

    Bulgaria vs Smurfs and some hammers need to rebuild, but better that than not use them.

    Turks vs Smurfs


    Animals vs Smurfs…018-11-28-12-19-21-1-png/…tachment/72857-barut-png/

    Animals vs Dacia and Dogma, chiefed villages

    Dacia vs Animals

    nPL vs Testere

    BAD s Animals

    Müfreze vs Winter


    NorthEast +/+


    Moscow Mule + waves with 1k clubs inside

    15 crops from 13 to 0

    and other damages on hero mansion+warehouse, granary etc etc

    and we are stealing two oasis

    1. Ziolast vs dacia e turchi segue trenino x3

    secondo giro : x3

    cambio obiettivo : x3 x4

    altro giro su altro villo x3



    1. Lucky vs Dacia

    poi circa 10/12 trenini nella notte villo era rimasto a 16 pop ma purtroppo alle 6 ha loggato

    tentata falangiata del dacia

    Raid vari sempre sul solito




    Top10 and Top 20