The Corner: Final 2018/2019

  • Week 9 Reports

    As you might have noticed Dacia decided to be the owner of WW -100/100 tonight, 5 h after I had posted about WWs (chuckle) You can find the hammers on Turkey forum

    Full report on first hammer:


    Last chiefs


    Reports from Christmas until now, not in any specific order...

    Monjp made a video from Dacia:

    Hugo shared more reports from NB



    Prime vs CUP


    9c zeroed


    Animals stole a village from Kira


    BAD vs Unique


    SPQR vs Smurfs


    LSDG steels a village from BAD


    Focus on Me took revenge by killing his hammer in the newly chiefed village.


    More fun from CUP:

    We chiefed 2 Prime villages in his 7x7 yesterday. He attacked village 2, and then send fakes to village 2, we know they where fakes cause his troops hadnt came back yet, so we reinforced village 1, it was 45 minutes from his off.


    This little hammer from Turkey died very fast..


  • Top10 week 6-8

    Players week 6


    Alliances week 6


    Players week 7


    Allainces week 7


    Players week 8


    Alliances week 8


    Yeay! Finally finished with this weeks Corner! I hope I don't forgot too much.

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    Week 9 - 15 January

    Uollas keeps up their good work. They have cleared the border area to NorthWest, got a bit bored and decided to do a crossquad action- Crop Genocide Operation. You can read about it here if you missed Ciccio’s post.

    It is fun to see the strong efforts to force the small Fools to change. Trainers is the most desirable effect but when I look on how many rounds with chiefs some players spends I really wonder if it is worth the cost. The only exception is G&V that have chosen another way. Instead of one player trying they shift their fool between players. Spartak holds it now and was lucky and got the trainer effect immediately.

    World Wonder

    Nearly all WWs is taken by now. Only two left. Uollas holds 4 WW, Dacia 3 WW, Union 2 WW, CUP and IM one each. The ones remaining is -100/0 and 0/100.

    I sent scouts as usual to the 7 WWs that was taken a couple of days ago. I’ve seen one attack that at least gave a image of being serious. Many use their own WW as a garbage can, no honor in that :P


    Player interview with Underdogs from Dacia™

    1. Give us a short introduction about yourself. What meta do you play for? Did you play in other finals? How do you personally find this years' finals so far?

    Hello, this is a dual account consisting of Traian(34) and Cristian(27). We are both Graphic Designers and live in Romania.

    We find this world final a little bit boring, and this is mostly because we settled in the WW area, and there's not much close combat here, we won't repeat this mistake in the future. Also, Traian is the veteran player in this accounts and has played in over 6 tournaments.

    2. Who do you view as being favorites for wining this finals? In your opinion, what gives them the upper hand?

    We believe that the Russians are the main favorites, strong team, winner spirit and they have the upperhand because of numbers, dedication and the lack of enemies in their quad. We all know that if you leave the Russians alone, they will build monsters. NE also looks strong this year and has high chances of winning. Having a good end-game strategy is crucial for the winner, but there's a bit of luck involved as well, so we might have a surprise win at any time. Nevertheless, we wish everyone good luck and may the best meta win!

    3. In your opinion which meta is the least favorite of winning the tournament and why?

    We believe that this year, we(Dacia), are the “underdogs”, being the world champions all eyes were on us this year and there is little space to move. Without the turks support we don’t have the necessary numbers to be one of the favourites but we will still give our best to try and change the odds.

    4. How as Travian progressed through the years? In your opinion, do the enhancements brought to the game could have an impact in bringing a newer generation to Travian?

    Over the years, Travian has become less focused on strategy and requires less and less skill every year. For example, we are playing the same old version on the finals, nothing has changed. Everything is predictable, everybody know what will happen next and lately, there are less and less intense battles throughout the quads.

    5. From your point of view, what would make the next tournament final the most interesting so far?

    WW should spawn RANDOMLY at day 100 the same time with building plans , again , RANDOMLY not at the same positions year by year. This would bring more volatility to the game and force metas on more strategic planning.

    Prizes should be given for population only judging by rank, meanwhile Top 5 off and deff should be given by Travian Team after they will receive the logs on how those people gained the points. I don’t know why we bother fighting for prizes when top 10 off and deff are being manipulated by prize hunters.

    Attacking scouts should not count, attacking clubs should not count , attacking natars should not count! Then we will see who truly are the greatest attackers and defenders. It’s so freaking easy to see the “cheaters”, as long as they wanna see them.

    We've been playing travian for over 10 years and if nothing changes it might be the time to say Good Bye.



    Def action from PRIME & Co: Информбюро TT 18/19.

    A translation of the poem:

    A crossroads since ancient times was considered a place of dark forces, unclean.

    Supposedly it is here that you can hear the voice of fate,

    because there is a border between two worlds.

    Guessing came to the intersection at midnight and "listened to the neighborhood".

    If cheerful laughter or singing is heard -

    soon marriage is expected or just a fun year.

    If crying is heard - wait for parting or sad news.

    Prime capturing enemies offense village. Hammers begins to be really nice! And rams - I like that ;)


    CUP vs Prime trying to capture a WWK


    I have forgot the story behind this reports.





    I had reports from CS but the tboss links refuses to work now when I wanted to post them :(


    777 + SMURFS vs WINTER

    Off village with 100k Clubs 23k TKs 8k rams gone



    Bonus reports

    Smurfs vs Süvari


    Winter vs Smurfs


    Dacia vs Dogma

    BAD vs Animals



    I've seen it before and will see it again. The overestimate about how many the enemies are. The difference between counted players and the total active players have been nearly the same since beginning. We didn't count alliances with 5 members or less.















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    Week 10 - 21 January 2019


    • Review SouthEast Immortals
    • IM Interviews
    • Review SouthEast CUP
    • CUP Interviews
    • Reports
    • Top10

    I made the Uollas review before Christmas and now it's time for next quadrant SouthEast that has two metas.

    Immortals is bigger than CUP even if not by much so let’s start with them.

    The map contains 44 alliances with with a little above 1000 players. The meta consist mainly of players from Russia, Arabia, China, Poland and Germany. I think I saw a few from Vietnam too and a Portugal/Brazil alliance.

    Im-NB-白虎 is one of the more active alliances 46 chiefed and 52 lost but ranks are not high, 65 attacker and 38 defender. The same goes for Im-NB-朱雀, 102 won 60 lost but better ranks, 6 attacker and 10 in defense. UNI-IM, the German alliance, 67 chiefed 49 lost. Rank 55 attacker and 26 defense. Im-Ch-B, Arabs, 67 villages won 41 lost. rank 30 attack and 50 def. IM-DA, also Arabs 68/35, rank 5 off and 24 def. Im-PR-C 110/39 rank 13 off, 6 def. Im-PR-X 36/42 rank 69 off and 2 def.

    All in all when I check on getter I get the impression that IM has lost more villages first handed to CUP than they chiefed. They have been very tight mixed with CUP and since ranks are low in most cases I believe that many of the wars have been fought with smaller number of troops. Not so strange - if you lives close to the enemies and use your troops you often lose them as fast as you are building them. In Final it isn’t unusual to lose your hammer several times during the server.




    1. You have teams from different domains and you haven't worked together before. Why did you decide to cooperate? And why not with your former allied?

    2.You have so different languages. Is it possible to have operations together? What have you done to solve that problem? How did you choose your meta name?

    3. You are close to your enemies. With which alliance does your alliance fights mostly?

    4. Do you have nap with Uollas as the rumors says?

    5. Tell us about yourself: Male/female? Age? Profession? How long have you been playing Travian? When did you play your first Tournament? What do you do when you’re not playing?

    6. What is your favorite drink?


    1. We decided to play, because we wanted to win with new coalition. Of course we could join to old allies, but we tried to make something new. We are not playing with formed allies, because they don't want to upgrade their skills and prefer to play like a noobs, so we found allies in other countries which have similar priorities like our.

    2. Generally we don't have problems with different languages. We use english to communicate so most of people can understand it. In our polish group we have one player who understand russian language without translator (regards to Macs), so if we need something from Prime players who don’t understand english he can always translate. Sometimes we have problems with Arabs, for example if they give screenshot and all look like in the mirror, but this does not interfere with the normal game. I think the biggest problem is that in China government banned Travian and google, so a lot of players from NB can't play in normal browser and can't see any google sheets.

    Mohamed (1maxman1) wrote a few propositions on chat with all leaders and all choose this one - Immortals.

    3. In our territory were several players from different CUP allies, but they gave up so fast.

    4. We have enemies in quarter and we are not on boarded with +/+, so we don't fight with Uollas meta, but also we don't cooperate with them.

    5. Robert (Turek/LordTurek_PL on forum), 23yo, student of Computer Science. I am playing about 10 years. I played on first Tournament in 2012. When I'm not playing I just live - you have no life when you are playing Travian .

    6. Vodka

    Obernoobs UNI-IM

    1) Background: Unique is a merger of two alliances that have played as partners before. Towards the end of the qualification we decided to appear as "one" at the finals, hence the name.

    But the two individual alliances also played with different partners in some finals before and it was time for something new due to the merger and the experience in the qualification of 2018:

    We played against the Chinese and got to know each other. As a result, mutual respect arose and we decided to play the finals together.

    Moreover, we found that the project, bringing together so many nations, considered an exciting challenge.

    2) We don't really have a language barrier. We communicate with all our friends in English.

    At the moment our main focus is to fight against BAD at the border. Our friends, on the other hand, also have territorial conflicts that they have to fight.

    Of course we help each other with actions.

    The meta-name was a suggestion and all parties found it good.

    3) As mentioned before, we are fighting against the Russians at the border.

    The main enemies are the BAD and BAD G.

    4) So as my answer to question 3 suggests, we have to 100% no NAP with Union.

    And we know nothing about another NAP.

    5) I am male and (still) 28 years young.

    I finished my M.Sc. in Product and Asset Management and am currently looking for a job.

    I have been playing Travian for more than 10 years. "Good old times" in which you could still give your hero your own name :D

    I'm not sure if it was the first worldwide tournament, but I've been at the tournaments since 2010/2011.

    When I'm not playing Travian, I listen to a lot of music, like to go to the cinema and do a lot of things with my friends, like going out to party, watching soccer together (german "Bundesliga") or currently American football; go Saints go ;)


    6) I don't have a real favorite. As a German of course beer, but also rum with cola, or simply iced tea.

    M..G..M from IM-DA

    1. The course of the past servers requires you to seriously think about changing plans and changing your allies too.

    As for the former allies, we give them all the respect and appreciation and I wish them a pleasant server.

    2. I agree with you Languages are completely different.

    But solving this problem is done by translators or the world-famous language which is English.

    As for the name of the Meta, it is through the meeting of leaders and identify a name representing all.

    3. If you mean my alliance DA. We fought and we are still fighting any CUP.

    4. As mentioned in the question rumors. Rumors are often true and often wrong. I do not think it's appropriate to talk about it.

    5. I am male. I am 38 years old. I am currently a Flight Instructor. I play Travian starting from 2006 to the present day. The first tournament I participated in was in 2011,2012. The time I do not play Travian you will finds me playing other games.

    6. Orange juice

    Irritator Im-PR-X

    1. The decision to play together was based on previous relationship between our leaders. We know each other well. This is always good, to play with different ppl and grow the network.

    2. We don't have any problems with communications, and this is achievement for our coordinators. This is good example how ppl from different part of the earth work together. We all know English, that's oblivious. about naming - I can't comment.

    3. CUP. This is good experience how to play close combat. Were enjoying.

    4. X files :D

    5. Male, 33. Game Developer. I started in 2008, played 2 years and stopped after that. This server my first after long break. When I'm not playing - I'm working :)

    6. Russian drink - mors

    Mr JAK IM-Snbool

    1.We find that we need to change our ally because of, some disagreement with previous ally's.

    2. The english is the formal language.

    3. CUP Rush

    4. We work on shifts.

    5. I'm 55 / male / retired.

    6. Coffee.

    Hugo IM-NB-青龍

    1.Last year Chinese NB fought against Russia Prime. However some NB players respect on Prime. They are high fighting skill and strong power. Therefore this year final18/19, Chinese NB wants to have a new try and work with prime. Maybe they will be trustable ally.

    2. Luckily some of NB players can read and write English. Immortals players always communicate on English.

    Actually I do not know why choosing the name of Immortals. What I concern is only unity of the meta name, so that we will not attack ally.

    3.Chinese NB main enemy is BAD in SouthWest. Also we have fighting against some CUP players who enter into NB settlement area.

    4.What my committee say is yes, Chinese NB nap with Uollas. Some NB players also cooperate with Uollas and receive their defence army privately.

    5. Hugo234, male, aged near 30. I am a civil servant in travian NB Alliance, and I am also a civil servant in the real life. My first playing travian is hks3 (HongKong server) in 2006.

    Chinese players including me firstly united and join the tournament since Tournament 2013/14. This year final18/19 is my sixth tournament. Because all Chinese players have no interesting on management and organization, so I have been deceived as ‘chairperson’ since tournament 15/16.

    6. There is a Chinese Tea called Ginseng Oolong(人參烏龍). I can taste some sweet through this tea.

  • So how about CUP? My map contains 34 alliances, 912 accounts. We have Russians here too and Poland also. Vietnam, Latins, Litauen, I think I found som french too.

    CUP 60 villages conquered 64 lost, Rank 42 off 13 def. CUP GOLD 56 won 51 lost, rank 25 off 30 def. CUP-AC 140/52, Rank 14 off 33 def. CUP O 120/33 rank 11 off 17 def. CUP Pf 82/53 rank 45 off 46 def. CUP G 103/49 rank 29 off 36 def. CUP S PL 191/50 rank 27 off 3 def. CUPWhite 140/45 rank 20 off 6 def. CUP RUSH 91/38 rank 17 off 24 def.

    CUP has in a higher degree than IM done friendly chiefings. Both alliances have lost spawns in the movement to strongholds. IM has a strong position in the area around WW 100/-100 but CUP also has alliances there. CUP has 6 alliances in Top20 off, IM has 4. The opposite on Top20 def, 6 alliances for IM and 4 for CUP. They are still quite mixed so the war will continue inside their quadrant to the bitter end =)

    At the borders there have been fights with COF and COF-MY in North and against BAD in South but that is the secondary war.




    1. You have teams from different domains and you haven't worked together before. Why did you decide to cooperate? And why not with your former allied?

    2.You have so different languages. Is it possible to have operations together? What have you done to solve that problem? How did you choose your meta name?

    3. You are close to your enemies. With which alliance does your alliance fights mostly?

    4. Do you have nap with Union as the rumours says?

    5. Tell us about yourself: Male/female? Age? Profession? How long have you been playing Travian? When did you play your first Tournament? What do you do when you’re not playing?

    6. What is your favorite drink?

    Kewa CUP GOLD

    1. I have met almost every team of our coalition at the previous Finals. At the last Final we fought against each other with the Polish team. Before that, we had a small local war with Latin. We fought against Vietnam in Qualification.

    And only France had no fighting with us : )))

    I don't discuss ex-... : )))

    2. Indeed, the language barrier is the biggest challenge. Def-operations is easy: the language of panic and horror flying on the wings of the night is international : ))) Now we try to make off-operations.

    VODKA - connecting people : )))

    We are a very serious team. And what can be more serious than colorful unicorns? : )))

    3. Prime and Arab team.

    4. We have enough war in our incendiary sector. Incendiary as a Molotov cocktail : )

    5. Lady. Already so adult that I begin to weaken memory : ))) The most chief Boss : ))) 8 years.

    It was the first championship. After it, we were not afraid of anything. Top Def-rates and ploughed accounts. When I’m not playing I’m sleeping like a human. : )))

    6. I like Borsch and pinacolada. Separately : )

    Sincerely, Natalia, aka Kesha.

    Dandrag CUP-Ac

    1. First of all, hi all ; )

    That’s true, we are from different domains. We were trying to make new force on upcoming Tournament. It’s also opportunity for all of us to show ourselves as a strong team. We knew that few teams weren’t sure if they want to play. So we made a short list of teams with which we would like to cooperate. Why we aren’t playing with our former allies? As you know, in every country there are inside problems. It’s even hard to explain why is that. We tried to make everyone as happy as it is possible.

    2. Well, at this point we were trying to clear our areas, we are also moving forward to make more actions than before. About languages.. True.. it’s not easy to communicate sometimes but we are doing our best. We have representatives in chat who speaks English well. More time we spend together, it is easier for us to understand each other. Name.. hmm. It wasn’t easy.. but some day before TT, we were talking about this.. and not sure if not I wrote.. “Hey.. Why not Unicorns..?” Everyone was so confused.. Unicorns are cool.. right? But we decided to make it CUP, Colorful Unicorn Party? Well.. It’s not official, but it’s all about CUP + Color. More important than name is common cooperation.

    3. As a 5th meta at server.. it wasn’t easy for us to choose best quarter.. After all we are at +/- with hundreds of Arabs, Chinese and Russians from Prime. It’s even hard for me to decide with which alliance we are fighting the most.. Without a doubt it’s not easy for us, because in some areas we are outnumbered. We aren’t strongest META at server but as I said, we’re doing our best. Even after some mistakes, sometimes big mistakes we keep moving and support each other.

    4. We are concentrating at our quarters. Let’s rumors be rumors

    5. I’m Kuba, 100% male (lol) 21y old. Actually I’m studying IT so I believe it’s good life-way. I’ve been playing Travian for up 3 years. I saw my brothers playing classic x1 3.6 ( I think? ) so after I grown up I tried it by myself. They were playing in Lamy Gwardyjskie. Main account : Hastu :P

    It’s my first Tournament ( eliminations + finals). I’m big fan of inline skating (rollerblades). This year I’m about to make my first half-marathon in less than 1hour :P


    0 0___/



    6. There isn't one favorite drink :P

    If we aren't talking about %% it’s water.. if about %%..I enjoy whisky :P

    Viejos Chotos CUP G

    1- Most of us played the same qualification server, even though we were in different teams. We FL played with the french on qualification against PL who make a great server (end winning) and against Dacia who we fight the most. So from both enemies, PL was the most neutral and at the end of qualification we started conversations for WC. Then Dacia contact us too but we already have almost all set with PL Team who was already talking with Ru Team too (x3)

    2- We communicate in english, we don't have problem with that. The name of the meta, most leaders didn't care and we look for a common name, funny, were you cant difference the nationality of which embassy. We tried to unify the group despite our countries

    3- In CUP G we fight the most against Prime and NB, one of our squads also fight arabs

    4- We don't have any pacts out of the CUP meta

    5- I am male, from Uruguay, I play travian since 2006. Have been retired for about five years. I starting playing in then travian latam (.cl) where I was forum moderator, and I played also one UKX and comx. But this is my first tournament and past qualification was my first qualification. I heard Latin Americans didn't have good references in international servers even though they are good players on travian latam, so I came back to play travian and on an international server to do my best to level up latin america team.

    6- My favourite drink is craft beer.

    sliferis, CUP RUSH

    1. We (RUSH) decided to play with this coalition, because the terms which were offered were the most satisfactory. We have neither former allies, nor enemies, it’s our first finals server, we came here open minded.

    2. Travian is universal language and we get along just fine. Just since for most of us (or all of us I think), this is the first server so we just need more time to build trust and strong relationship between alliances. I have no idea how this name for our meta was chosen, I came here as a leader to take over on 2nd or 3rd day of the server.

    3. Arabs/Prime in the beginning at the server with NB as well. We have a lot of fighting fronts.

    4. Yes, just like Prime has with Uollas/Shield/COF meta.

    5. Male, 25 years old, a lawyer, do you need my credit card number as well, lol? I’ve played in the first versions at my teen years in 2008-2009, then I quit and came back in 2015-11 and I’ve been playing ever since with some breaks in the summer. This is my first tournament. When I don’t play, I work, go to gym, spend time with my family/friends, read books, etc.

    6. “Crazy bitch”. It’s a shot which we drink every alliance meeting. It consists of vodka, grenadine syrup, lime juice and tabasco sauce.


    ....and I have to do reports and Top10 tomorrow, I have a 250km ride tomorrow, can't be tired when I drive.

  • Reports

    A selection of reports, I've been occupied with the review so I have only picked up a part of the reports in chats.


    Uollas amazed us with a second offensive against Union this week

    The Corner Final Discussions 2018/2019

    Player from Shield deleted but his troops still hit IM WW


    A player from Army-COF also let his troops take a walk to IM


    Revenge has the most popular WW but most reports looks as this.



    Hugo wants to entertain us with a story again :)

    The war story: Mascot of Chinese NB


    hugo234 from Hong Kong, is the chairperson and civil servant of Chinese NB Alliance. However the members of Chinese NB only know his nickname: ‘Mascot of NB’. It is because the hero of hugo234 has a mystery power.

    He joined the joint-alliance defence action for many times, but his hero never meets the real hammer attack. Therefore when Chinese NB facing enemy’s joint-alliance attack, they will ask hugo234 send his hero to one of the objectives. Then they will concentrate their defence on another objective. Finally hugo234’s hero will always caught enemy’s fake attack.

    21/1/2019 around 01:30

    When hugo234 is ready to sleep, the alarm of Chinese NB communication group was ring.

    ‘report, T 02 ‭(‭0‬|‭−‭92‬‬)‬ is being attacked by CUP. Please send reinforce to defence him.’

    ‘But is he real attack?’ I ask’ Do not cheat me.’

    ‘I swear it must be real hammer attack.’ The scout report’ believe me. My scout find that their army left from their village.’

    Therefore hugo234 trusted the scout and sent the hero and his army to defence T 02 ‭(‭0‬|‭−‭92‬‬)‬

    21/1/2019 around 02:45

    ‘Report, 7.一步三思 ‭(‭6‬|‭−‭59‬‬)‬ is being attacked by Throwback, general of BAD. The arrive time is 03:23:03’

    ‘Throwback’s army crashed 3 days ago.’ Hugo234 said ‘I guess this is fake attack.’

    Тут вам не там! attacks 1118.No More Bet Pls


    ‘But Mascot has sent his hero to T 02 ‭(‭0‬|‭−‭92‬‬)‬.’ The other NB general said ‘Do not trust hugo234’s hero.’

    ‘We should sent all force to support 7.一步三思 ‭(‭6‬|‭−‭59‬‬)‬. ‘They concluded. ’Be quick. Only less than 45 minutes left. We should hurry.’

    Finally, what hugo234’s hero face is fake attack, of course. Then he received a war report from 7.一步三思 ‭(‭6‬|‭−‭59‬‬)‬:

    Маша и Медведь) attacks 7.一步三思


    ‘Hahaha,,,,,,’ Abby (another committee) laughed at hugo234. ’Thank you no defencing 7.一步三思 ‭(‭6‬|‭−‭59‬‬)‬. ‘

    ‘What the,’ hugo234 shouted ‘Scout! You dare to cheat me. Give the hero experiment back to me!!!!!!!!’

    As the result, the scout disappeared from the world after the war. The nickname of NB Mascot is still continuing,,,,,,

    Reports from CUP vs Prime…LoIqbU0QrW-EmSZtZCs-g.png

    CUP vs Poilus


    IM vs CUP Nice hammer but expensive victory.



    Trafalgar law sent an reinforcement to prevent vacation mode during the offensive and got an unexpected report


    To hide troops in oases is as popular as it is to find them and kill them.


    Storm's TTs on another mission. Will take a time to rebuild all those horses. But better used than standing still.


    Hype vs nPL




    It's not only Uollas that makes big offensives, Dacia is also on the run in their quad.


    This morning we landed a large portion of the army (not all) on the DOGMA or FC ~ capital in order to cause destruction and kill as much defence. We have targeted especially small and medium-sized defenses, and fake I have directed their top players, where they certainly defended themselves.

    I mention that this action was also attended by colleagues from other alliances Dacia, you have a lot of reports below:

    Luffy vs Olivia[FC], Gaul defender, 15c capital:…e-reports/nzJX58h1hyr0qu6

    Underdogs vs Chrischan[DOGMA], Gaul defender, 9c capital:

    dumbrus vs Chrischan:…e-reports/BedgOwE92lEtINn + valuri

    Aladdin vs ChrisChan:…e-reports/nQYazMdrdUhQkxE + Stable + Iron Mine + Sawmill + Brickyard + Hero's Mansion + Marketplace destroyed

    Arausium vs Suicide Squad[DOGMA], 15c capital:…e-reports/TfMN0uJJv1cO8aw

    The Alchemist vs Suicide Squad:…e-reports/eAwrVCKcXKNC5ac

    Teutonic Steel vs Josie01[DOGMA] Gaul defender, 9c capital:…e-reports/JuV2scTauH4zOVu

    Aladdin vs Josie01:…e-reports/aKzMrb6DjpBTr4e

    + 5xCropland destroyed + Workshop destroyed

    LAW&Tanathos vs edelmut[DOGMA], Gaul defender, 9c capital:

    doctoru vs edelmut:

    Aladdin vs edelmut:…e-reports/nGXUSgF3NEFc03l

    +Warehouse + Clay Pit + Woodcutter

    Zalmodegikos vs Markus1802[DOGMA], 15c capital:…e-reports/OaqGxnAPjBoQVGX

    Avalanche vs Markus1802:…e-reports/7hK4whJOZmTRhDu

    vali78 vs Schnappi[DOGMA] 7c capital:…e-reports/qtNEamc57ZApzcU

    MONOPOLY vs Schnappi:…e-reports/1pi56shQvuVSThj

    EraserKing vs WeisseWanderer [FC], Gaul Defender, 9c capital:…e-reports/LqEsNKFPShINndA

    Sapte Pitici vs WeisseWanderer:…e-reports/AkzrilqZNesaYhU + valuri

    Kuby vs kingmcarrow[DOGMA], Gaul Defender, 7c capital:…e-reports/I3Ivknapm4MeBxF

    ShowTime vs Patroklos[FC], Teuton 9c Capital:…e-reports/eSdspCIfpLfi3ki + valuri

    Divide&Conquer vs kingmcarrow:…e-reports/emAbJPpuUDa84po

    AVOCATUL vs Patroklos:…e-reports/uGR3bvLhmZpBSIh

    SpargToT vs Madison[FC], Roman defender 9c capital:…e-reports/h4DEyoDqV9VQ2V7

    greenfox65 vs Kekmonster[DOGMA], Teuton, 15c Capital:…e-reports/u55JeYAuZClsn2f

    aol vs Suga[DOGMA], Gaul Defender, 7c Capital:…e-reports/2MZZp4MVMN3ywTH

    greenfox65 vs Suga:…e-reports/PwaS3kSTgsaZA0E

    Robert1 vs CORE[FC] Roman Defender, 15c Capital:…e-reports/2DRehLk3skIxSP7

    pisicuta vs Habsburger[FC]:…e-reports/ok4CcQel8FAcxPM + valuri (8 lanuri de crop)

    ROCK FOREVER vs abc123[FC] Gaul Defender, 9c Capital:

    JawsRO vs abc123:…BQAQJ82IkaXCgzhVMNUGDARAg

    Lex vs abc123:…e-reports/AUSVEB9mxV5cpms + valuri

    GORGONA vs Relaxix[DOGMA] :…e-reports/Mh2bZbLvuLruguN + valuri

    Multumesc mult pt participare tuturor atacatorilor,

    We sent fakes to 80 capitals and 10 non-capital OFF villages

    And we attacked with Reals, 17 capitals

    Bulgaria vs 777

    Dacia vs BOM

    Animals vs BAD


    FETIH vs HUN





  • Cbanner2018.png

    Week 11- 28 January


    • Short summary of quads
    • Player interview
    • Reports
    • Top 10

    I just checked the calendar and the announced date for building plans, 23 February, is a Saturday?? The Natars will begin to build WW the 20th Mars. That usually don't happens, the server will have ended by then.

    Uollas ran their third operation against Union, not as successfully this time but our dear Ciccio as joyful as ever posted the reports and Strategic made a list on crashed hammers.

    This two keep teasing each other in my Corner crew chat and make me laugh :D

    [Conversations require prior permission from both parties to be given to mods before being posted on the forum.]

    Uollas is impatiently waiting for the response from Union but they are still concentrating on clearing their neighbourhood except from individual players sending ghost hammers searching for unguarded hammers in oases in NorthWest. BAD is hunting UNI which such an intensity that 9 of the german players went into vacation to get a rest ^^ Hype is the big bad wolf and a real nightmare for the polish ally nPL whose area is fast diminishing.

    Dacia haven't much resistant from Turkey any more. I saw a lot of scoutings on BOM, not much troops founded - and most of them walled later. FC and Dogma also found walls. Dacia E have been occupied with reducing S.P.Q.R by chiefing villages.

    The war between CUP and Immortal goes back and forth, they are too equal in size for any of them to get the upper hand.

    Player Interview

    I asked orion981 who holds a WW for SPQR™ a few questions. I think he misunderstood #3 but I haven't been able to get a clarification yet.

    1. Give us a short introduction about yourself. What meta do you play for? Did you play in other finals? How do you personally find this years' finals so far?

    1 Hi I’ m orion one of most cool italians players. We will support the ww 100 0 with my SPQR, We have played only Finals since 2013.

    2. Who do you view as being favorites for winning this finals? In your opinion, what gives them the upper hand?

    2 The winner will be UNI for sure.

    3. In your opinion which meta is the least favorite of winning the tournament and why?

    3 The -100 -100.

    4. How as Travian progressed through the years? In your opinion, do the enhancements brought to the game could have an impact in bringing a newer generation to Travian?

    4 No,,,travian is dead,,,so much multi and only gold playing,,,this is not a nice game.

    5. From your point of view, what would make the next tournament final the most interesting so far?

    5 Reduce the number of the player,,max 4k players with serious qualification and not like now...


    *Skype: safirwin *Mail:

    A newspaper about Travian since 2009

    Best analytic

    Post was edited 1 time, last by Yowie: Removed private conversation until permission received from all parties. ().

  • Reports



    Storm on the go again



    Cerber found a tempting target



    But Winter met a wall


    COF WW, sometimes you can wonder if ppl know who they are in cooperation with...



    IM vs CUP


    Cup leader losing village


    I was a little surprised by this one, as it turned out a foreign player had sent def that they didn’t want there.


    COF vs Cerber


    Uollas vs Cerber-Y, catas in oasis




    More UNI villages destroyed




    Clan found troops in oasis

    Someone lost his temper... (WW hammer in progress)


    Battle News from the Fields

    Today 2 last offki Poles were knocked out in the lower region



    (Chiefing reports not included //S)

    In fact, all the villages captured from the Pole were transferred to the alliance's deferals, I hope that soon we will be able to please you with fresh interesting logs and villages)) (offers ala)

    Thanks to everyone who took part in clearing the card - by deff, off

    To new victories :)


    with respect.


    I found a couple of reports in other chats that wasn't as successful




    Impressing zoo


    Dacia vs SPQR, several villages chiefed


    Dogma and FC vs Dacia M but found walls



    1) BORA

    2) Amedli_21

    3) Enkidu

    HUN vs FETIH vs HUN

    iNorman+Herrz vs Tokatlı…iuz,8S4gJavqsw,Mu2ybFmJ3c…BsJ,svIwcJEP1p,DTl4j3fuFO

    Arvisura+Tomi27 vs KENE…1sd,DTrySkoXY6,3KZUtxrYiM…dMa,4JbZLog2wy,EwaxFKG8VP

    kismaci+moszat90 vs LegendLord…h1p,zVu0pe4ck5,E5yhDBrJx0…lnP,HOWcV5F21e,V0YBJdzijZ

    Baal vs Gölge10…nse,y80bST92Us,qtdAmPQ24b


    1. Def xxhell vs Herrz (Army Deleting)

    1. Def GARGAMEL53 (Fetih leader) vs Lara, Army Deleting

    1. Def Tokatlı vs Lara, Army deleting

    1. Def KENE 50% Army Deleting

    6. Def erginmesut 100% death

  • Cbanner2018.png

    Week 12 - 5 February

    I forgot to post last weeks War diarys and we also had the Travian blog interviews today with two defensive players from NorthWest quadrant.


    SouthWest, the Union quadrant, favorites beside Uollas to the victory. It isn’t much that differs between them if you look on the statistics below. When it comes to pop per players Union has a slight overweight. It's unusual that our counting sheet shows 100% on all metas so enjoy :D

    Registered players 6438, Active 5906, Natar villages 26. It was 47 when I looked last week. Not easy to get 100 points on daily's.


    Read the War diaries on Friday for the summary :)

    Union have been in superiority in their quad from beginning and the battles has been at the borders to SouthEast and NorthWest. Let’s see which alliances that have been most active.

    SouthEast border: BADMAGIC rank 3 off and 10 def, 225 villages chiefed, IM most popular target, 63 lost - 9 to IM. BAD G rank 21 off and 27 def. 125 villages chiefed, 45 from UNI. 23 lost - 9 to IM the rest friendly.

    NorthWest border: HYPE! rank 4 off and 3 def, 243 villages conquered - 95 from nPL, 52 from Turkey, 93 lost but only 7 from enemies. WINTER rank 8 off and 21 def, 223 villages chiefed 58 from Turkey and 59 from 777 and Smurfs, 71 lost - 13 from enemies. BAD Company rank 7 off and 18 def. 225 villages chiefed, most from NW, ANIMALS 40 for example but they also border to SE and ~20 from IM. Lost is 42 but the pattern is a handful from enemies and the rest friendly.



    I have very few interviews and that is because the Russian leaders refuse to participate because of how the bans have been handled. It is possible that in some cases the players have been innocent but I only have to read in my Corner chat to realize that different sorts of cheating or stretching the rules still is too common. And something that really upsets the players is the ones that only play for the rewards year after year, we all know who they are, and that TG doesn’t disqualify them.

    As a consequence many Russian leaders and players will probably not play next Tournament and that is sad because the challenge to play the Final will be reduced.

    Questions for Union review

    1. Your opinion about Uollas and their offensives: Did they choose the right targets or not?

    2. What do you think of Dacia/Prime/Cup/Turks NW/Italians performance until now?

    3. Will you play next Tournament?

    4. Tell us about yourself: Male/female, age, profession. How long have you played Travian/Tournament? What do you do when you’re not playing?

    5.What is the worst movie/series you've ever seen? Your favorite?

    Promter BAD G

    1. Well... It's hard to judge another team ops, since I guess every team and every off-coordinator are pursuing their own goals. If I understood correctly, Uollas were interested in performing "the largest ops ever" and if i'm not mistaken they succeeded in reaching the largest number of participants on both sides. From this perspective, I assume, it was a success. If we consider the outcome or the gain/loss ratio, then I'd consider such ops a failure... If i were the off cor…

    2. There was any? :O Ok, just kidding. Tbh i haven't thought about other teams much, haven't had time to do that yet. Only on a large scale. And i don't see anything new happening. Each team lives up to its style. Save maybe for Turks and CUPs.

    3. Definitely not. And i won't be playing travian anymore either. I'm tired of selectiveness and inability to make things "same" for everyone. either you allow cheating for everyone or not, either you punish account/resource selling or not, either you delete units from everyone for scripts/bots or not. I can deal with anything as long as it's equal treatment. but not as it is now.

    Not to mention we are again at the same place where we started last year… player is always guilty dot. and for this he deserves to be humiliated, dot. as a consequence I'm tired to read frustrated words from ppl and I have nothing anymore to say back, coz they're right. There is no single sensible reason to play this game anymore.

    4. Female/35/scientist-waitress. Travian tournament i've been playing since 2012. Usually in between the servers I was trying to fix RL problems.

    5. The worst series?... Hard to name any since I usually don't go on watching something what i don't like. And if i don't watch then i don't remember...

    I got several favourite ones though. One of the first which come to my mind is russian version of El Internado, Gotham, Magnificent century....

    Ah just reread the question, my three absolute favorite movies over time are Gone with the Wind, The Fifth Element, and Gladiator.

    Monster Machine H.M.B.TT

    1. May be / may be not , all i can say great defense point ...

    2. Prime and NB doing well , and Dacia !! well !! for -100/100 WW ... Turks have all my R E S P E C T

    3. I want to.. but not sure if I will manage to play another finals ..depends on where life takes me .. but will definitely be in touch with all friends here.

    4. Well, my name is Abhishek Ghosh, Indian, male 28 years old and by profession after completing MBA I have started my own business a businessman with high aim of buying a Lamborghini in 3 years.

    When I don’t play travian ...I play FIFA simple :P ...I can’t live without game .. I am addicted to gaming.

    5. Worst are many but if you name 1 of them then Baywatch


    & my favorite movie is 300 and favorite web series Narcos I love pablo escobar and another one I like the most is The Punisher.

    Disco_ZoHaN H.M.B.TT

    1. So so because i can rebuild those field in a few day

    2. Don’t know

    3.sure we play only Tournament server (Travian gonna die hehehe)

    4. I am Disco_ZoHaN a noob player who play on Tournament (Sleep if i am not play)

    5. No way pron

    And since I started on Kingdoms test today you will have to wait for reports to tomorrow =)

  • Reports

    I forgot my bigger laptop at work yesterday so I couldn't do reports but here we go :)




    I'm not sure if this report have been in the Discussion thread but it's nice so I want to save it . A try on a WW hammer supported by the Unique Architect.


    full report

    A little story from SMURFS:

    Yesterday WINTER organized a mass fake operation on us, so we decided to answer with our own. Four brave players went into a suicide mission to capture Antikiller WWk hammer village. After all, hard work and risk payed off:



    And in the end the village was captured. WWk hammer of 300k Clubs 80k TKs 13k Catapults lost.


    An attack on another Winter player, not as successful


    The war between Dacia and Dogma/FC continues


    Dogma/FC fighting back




    Nice catch :)


    Gangsters ram hammer grows for every time I see it. He seems impossible to catch =)



    and he have more off villages. The second time this guy lost his cap.


    A WW report from Kira, got it thanks to my scouts so sorry can't show the def.


    IM vs Cup, hmm I cut the head..



    Let's finish with a story from Hugo

    hugo234 from Hong Kong, chairperson and civil servant of Chinese NB, felt very sad. He was a general of defence and logistics. However what he caught is only fake attacks and his hero always gain not much experience. Therefore the NB members always laugh him as the Mascot of Chinese NB.

    ‘After the war of player not found’s attack, no Chinese players accept my hero if they collect enough defence because they afraid of fake attack.’ Hugo234 said.’ I must do something to break the mystery of the Mascot of Chinese NB.’

    ‘The real hammer attacks do not come,’ said by the new scout, the old scout disappeared after the war of Throwback.’ You can caught the attacks by yourself.’

    ‘Yes, maybe it is a good idea,’ hugo234 think,’ Lets me change my character as a attacker and attack other enemies’ army with my hero.’

    Therefore hugo234 starting producing aggressive soldier and rams.

    After a long time, chance is coming.

    ‘Report! CUP player called TheBeatle attacking us with 12 waves.’

    ‘send the reinforcement,’ hugo234 ordered,’ and summon the attack army back to my capitals. Prepare for war.’

    Because of other NB’s help, hugo234’s village didn’t lose too much:



    x11 waves

    ‘I should take revenge on him’ hugo234 said ‘The time zone of Poland is GMT+1. If I attack him when 3:00 to 6:00 at GMT+1, maybe he have not get any reaction.

    As the result hugo234 try his first attack attempt on TheBeatle for revenge. The result is good:


    ‘It looks like that the tactic is work. Let get his village then.’


    However, the next day, CUP’s revenge came again,,,,,,

    ‘The village is lost again’ the scout reported,’ the other CUP player called Abdias sent army to get TheBeatle’s village back:

    report not found

    ‘ Nevermind. Let use the tactic again.’ Hugo234 said,’ send army to attack Abdias at night.

    However this time it is not as success as before:

    ‘Although enemy lost several defence, our army has lose all attack force.’


    ‘Nevermind. My hero gain the experiment he wants.’ Hugo234 said.’ Let’s rebuild my army and finish them later again.’

    The story of Mascot still not end yet. To be continuing,,,,,,,


  • Cbanner2018.png

    Week 13 - 12 February

    • Building plans
    • WW reports
    • Reports
    • Top10

    Building plans

    10 days left to building plans and the endgame will begin. How do the supposed landing spots look? Will the planes arrive there or will they move as they did last year?

    Several areas are really crowded, will it be enough to demolish a village to get the plan to land at the desired spot. We will see, for the moment the areas looks as follows.


    -45/35 is occupied by a Dacia player but it’s still several free spots near. The players in the area is mainly from Dacia NV and nPL. A few players from Turkey is also visible.


    -18/30 the same here, a Dacia player holds the spot but there are free spots. Mainly nPL and nPLko. A lot of new small villages settled in the area.


    -35/4 is in wilderness, the area conquered by Hype from Animals and nPL.



    33/12 The spot is taken by Uollas and they also is the dominating alliance in the area. Interesting to find 2 Hype players not far. this bp will have to move, up or down is the question. If it moves down it will come closer to CUP. Of course they can decide to demolish the village..


    12/33 is totally covered, the alliances are UollasL and Wallace. Due to my theory about how the plans coordinates is connected this can be a nail biter. Will the plan accept the spot they will make free for it or will it move further out? The counterpart to this plan is the one above.


    10/56 is hold by a Shield player, many UollasL here tto but mixed up with other alliances in the meta. Totally crowded here too as you can see. A possible direction for the plan to move is closer to the NW border.


    55/20, a player from Poilus, many from Wallace around. Free spots below.



    The coordinates here is the equivalent to the ones in NorthWest.

    30/-20 CUP-Ac holds it and is dominating the area. A few Prime can be seen. There are free spots close.


    4/-35 is located in a lake. CUP-Ac and CUP-Ab is dominating the area. The nearest free spots is closer to BAD and NB.


    44/-37, Im-PR-C is in majority in the area, really crowded. Free spots is far away.



    -26/-25 this coords haven’t an equivalent in NorthEast as the other two in this quadrant. A Hype player has a village here, the area is a mixture of Union alliances. Crowded area but free spots in the lower part.


    -10/-57 is in the wilderness. Mostly BAD alliances around but also NB players quite near. Free spots available.


    -55/-20 also in the wilderness, a mix of Union alliances and a lot of free spots.


  • Week 13 - Reports

    There have been some changes in the WW list. The owner of the S.P.Q.R WW got problems in real life that prevented his further playing so Mr Blitzkrieg from UollasL is the new owner.

    Dacia decided that the WW at 0/100 would be better to be in their hands instead of SPQR™'s.

    Uollas 4 WW

    Dacia 4 WW

    Union 3 WW

    CUP 1WW

    IM 1WW



    Dacia vs SPQR




    There aren't many Turks left in NW but here is one.


    A pity I can't see damages - if there were any, probably not too little troops together with the catas. I'm curious about def in WWs but no reports are shared yet.


  • Week 13 - Reports part 2

    Another story about Hugo the unlucky hero :)

    The chief actor of this story is hugo234 from Hong Kong. Yes, civil servant of Chinese NB Alliance again. Players of BAD and CUP are the most prior enemies for most of NB members. However in hugo234’s view, except multi-hunter, the most dangerous enemies are all of other NB members.

    It is because hugo234 has the nickname called ‘Mascot’. He is a general responsibility on defence. However what coordination he reinforces will always facing only fake attack. Therefore when the NB members want to catch enemies real hammer attack, they will always cheat hugo234’s hero going to other coordination. And hugo234’s hero always gain nothing.

    8th February,2019, Around 23:50 on GMT+0

    When hugo234 entered into Chinese NB Council as usual, he noticed that the other NB Generals are very busy to run and work.

    ‘What is happening?’ hugo234 asked

    ‘Nothing happening,’The other NB generals noticed hugo234. They freeze a few seconds and said ‘It is a good day to sleep. Maybe master, you may go offline and enjoy your private time.’

    Hugo234 felt something is wrong. The NB generals were keeping some secret back. And very soon hugo234’s feeling was confirmed.

    ‘bbs also received Russia BAD’s attack,’ A scout ran into council building and said,’ the coordination is 無牙鎮104 ‭(‭18‬|‭−‭104‬‬)‬’

    ‘That means we are being attacked by Russia BAD Alliance and all of you DO NOT WANT to tell me?’ hugo234 shouted to other NB members.

    ‘Sorry that,’ Abby said,’無牙鎮104 ‭(‭18‬|‭−‭104‬‬)‬ received more than 16 waves of attacks. We are too busy to inform you.’

    ‘OK,’ hugo234 said, ’Then I sent my hero to reinforce 18 -104,,,,,,’

    However 2 minutes after hugo234 sent his hero to support 18 -104, Abby shouted,’ Hero of Mascot has gone. Then the other army goes to reinforce Ecce Homo! ‭(‭12‬|‭−‭95‬‬)‬.’

    ‘What,’ hugo234 suspected,’12 -95 is also being attacked?’

    ‘Yes of course,’ Abby laughed,’ players of BAD Alliance are also attacking 12 -95. However I afraid your hero will change the hammer real attack into fake attack. Therefore I cheat your hero going to 18 -104,,,,,,’

    As the result, when 9th February,2019, Around 01:00 on GMT+0 arrive, what hugo234 caught are only 16 waves of fake attacked in 無牙鎮104 ‭(‭18‬|‭−‭104‬‬)‬. However in Ecce Homo! ‭(‭12‬|‭−‭95‬‬)‬, seems big battle occurred……

    ‘HAHAHAHA,,,,,,’ Abby and other NB general laughed ‘The reputation of Mascot is well supported by fact’

    ‘WHAT THE XXXX’ hugo234 shouted, ’It is not valid because all of you are cheating me!!!!!! I hate all of you’

    However in the mind of Chinese NB players, the legend of NB Mascot is still continuing,,,,,,


    Nasty strategy

    "3/4 trainer, we saw heroes and in first hammer there was a chief, we sent loyalty to 0%, he conquered the village and robert1 killed the hammer, of course we switched 3/4 trainer"


    SPQR has got a lot of attention from Dacia lately


    Scouts found a tempting target but defence suddenly appeared.

    This is what happens if you don't draw back your def from a player that gone inactive. Sooner or later...


    Winter vs Smurfs vs Winter





    A last? offensive from Turks

    Reports from SouthEast








    Conquered villages


  • Cbanner2018.png

    Week 14 - 19 February

    Time for the last review - the NorthWest quadrant.

    Dacia, last years winner who donated their reward to charity and will do it again if they will win this year too. Due to the backlash with Turkey NW their chances are less than last year - but they will try :)

    Statistics from Getter:

    SMURFS 146 villages chiefed (Süvari 68) lost 51 (WINter 25), rank 11 attacker, 1 def. Dacia™, 140 villages conquered, 62 lost, friendly cheifings but also from Turkey (37)and Dogma (10), rank 1 off and 26 def. Dacia K 124 cheifed (Turkey 58) 38 lost, rank 31 off 66 def. 777 chiefed 85 (Turkey 57) lost 94 (Winter 53), rank 9 off, 42 def. nPLко lost 42 to Hype and 17 to Uollas. nPL chiefed 159 (Animals 54, Hype 16) lost 195 (Hype 128, Uollas 27)


    Questions for NW

    1. Dacia: You have recently started to attack alliances connected to Uollas meta. Does that means that the war with Turks is finished? How about the war with Union against your southern border and center?
    2. Your opinion about the other metas? Turkey, Uollas, CUP, IM, Union.
    3. It doesn’t differs much in size now between the 5 metas that holds a WW. Rank them in the order you think it will end.
    4. What changes do you think will make the Tournament more fun and challenging?
    5. Tell us about yourself: male/female, age, profession. How long have you played Travian/Tournament? What do you do when not playing?
    6. Which character in Games of Thrones should you want to be?

    tanathos Dacia T

    1. The war with Turks almost not existed. Despite they have big numbers, turks made us no real problems only forced DACIA players to be more active.

    Russians on SW border played carefully conquering initial villages moving towards to ww building plan coordinates . They find a strong wall when attacked SMURFS and lost mostly.

    Italians sent DOGMA and FC alliances to settle in NW and soon later helped them with massive def when we hit them. Smart move and premeditated before finale started. So now DACIA hit italians to congratulate them.

    2.Turks after many years are not yet one force on the finale. Italians talk to much on forums and are very confident after they find himself having a nice meta. Unfortunately Arabs almost does not matter for ww endgame race.

    Except polish team who have one of the best team and players I know not so much about SE alliances so i do not pronounce.

    Russia will be always Russia. The salt and the pepper in travian, full of surprises.

    3. Year after year the question was who between Russia and Dacia will win. I do not see why this year would not be the same.

    DACIA will try to win and donate again the prizes for the construction of the first romanian pediatric oncology hospital.

    4. Cancel wildcards and we have more interesting qualification servers, we reduce drastically multiacc supports number.

    5. I made the first DACIA alliance in 2012 qualiffy, on 27 febr we celebrate our 7th anniversary.


    6. Avatar included in the movie a scary monster called thanator similar to my travian nick maybe GoT will do the same.

    cobra11 SMURFS

    1.War with turks isn't finished and won't be finished until the end of server. There are too many of them and most of turks is too far away from us. But we still receive attacks from them. nPl players have hard time in war against Union that's for sure. But we are far away from that area so I can't say much more about that.

    2.Turkey... I can't say much about others, only NW region Turks.

    I strongly believe their decision to split up with DACIA meta was a huge mistake. Their conditions for WW made absolutely no sense and it was impossible to make an agreement. By making this decision they reduced the chances of our meta to win significantly, but most importantly they ruined the game for themselves, hence so many of NW Turks deleted.

    Uollas. They made couple of nice off operations on RU team, so I admire their bravery, doesn't matter if some of them were not successful. However I do expect to see more from them in the future, we are yet to see bigger hammers from their team.


    Cup and Immortals, personally I do not keep up with all the news about these metas, but judging from reports we see and top alliance in deff/ off it's clear that they are having a good fight.

    Union - old and experienced team, it is very clear that they are the most organized team, players know their roles and what to do , of course it is not with everybody, but the majority are really good players. Expect to see biggest hammers from them in the end game, it's not a surprise judging by their farm numbers.






    4.Changes that would make the tournament more fun would be limitation of fake deff/off and points and farm. Like player Kim war with no one knows who but still nr1 off player in server while staying 330/360 where he's alone with own alliance. And RU-meta players who is in always in top10 farm. Focus on me with 700kk farm in a week doesn't farm his ally members at all.

    5.My name is Žygimantas. I'm male 22 years old. Working in building materials store as consultant.

    I'm playing Travian for about 3 years. last year played in qualifications but didn't have resolve to play in finals.

    This year with some courage from team members decided to give it a try in finals.

    When the weather is good I play football and basketball. At winter play video game "League of legends".

    My name is Kestutis. I'm male 29 years old agronomist. This is my 2nd final. Out of game I'm a farmer with 1200 ha territory. I grow several kinds of grains. And remaining time I spend with family.

    6.Probably I would be Jon Snow.

    Nikita Ufffff

    '1. We dont attacked, so I don’t know what others do.

    2. We playing travian on this server like nobody. Play is boring and we don’t want be here.

    3. I hope nobody win, but i think Uollas, Dacia, BAD, the Cof, Wallace

    4. I think, it is end of travian. I think nothing can help . It’s just about gold and it is technical play.

    5. I am a women, 34 years old. Travian player I think 12 years, but it is so long for this game. I am masseur and when I don’t play travian, I live real life.

    6. Director This series is not good for me.

    Superio VC Czech

    The answer. So firstly hi Safiren and readers. To your questions.

    1. Yes we had. But the war isn't finished, I would say that especially for us it is still going from the qualification. But yes, the fights are with more subjects ať the moment.

    2. Because of our role this server it is a little bit different. We as a ally are making def and hammers. Last servers we were more active in the center and also we will be next server. Only this is a little bit other. But we are alongside Dacia in meta again. So I respect the other metas, that is all i can say to it.

    3. It will be very hard. We make what we can. Last final I will say we will win and yes our meta was first. Yet it will be hard, but we hope and work. We have a good WW building team, we are good and the key will be discipline, def and crop as every year. I don't give you a ranking this time, sorry :D

    4. It wont be a Classic tournament then but I wanna see a RoA type :)

    5. I am male, 22, student, sportsman and boxer. I play Travian a long time. Last three years the qualifications and finals regularly and attractive CZ servers, we as a ally are a top ally on RoA servers (Pandora, FaS and co.). I am the leader and founder of Violent Crew (VC), one of the best CZ allies and also one of the allies which our players love and enemy hate, we are a good team and play fair. This round we are only a few. Last years we were in a bigger number (next round we will be in a bigger number again), also I don't play this round, but I lead the ally traditional. Last years were from me very good from the perspective of an off acc and statistics and next years will be also, this round is other because of less time (time to play and few people only, also because of that we are leading an another CZ server). Next round we will be back and strong. This round we help our meta maximum and to reach the win again.

    6. Fuuu, GoT :)) so Robb or Snow. Winter is coming ;)

    (not the ally winter :D)

    RockNRolla 777


    Sorry, but I do not do diplomacy and do not fight with other teams. Our enemies are animals in the oases :)

    The leaders of Dacia teams can answer these questions.

    As for the chances of winning, I think that the Russian team has the best chance.


    Turkey wanted to build the primary WW for the Dacia meta even though it was their first cooperation with them. As we know that didn’t happen. Half of them tired and deleted to play other servers. But they still exist out in the boonies and they will probably do their best to disturb Dacia in endgame.

    ANIMALS 147 chiefed (mixed) lost 155 (WINter/BAD 86) rank 26 off 3 def. TURKEY lost 118 (777 57).


    Questions for NW

    1. Turks: This Final didn’t start as expected for you and half of you have left the server. Have you started to plan for next Final?
    2. Your opinion about the other metas? Dacia/Turkey, Uollas, CUP, IM, Union.
    3. It doesn’t differs much in size now between the 5 metas that holds a WW. Rank them in the order you think it will end.
    4. What changes do you think will make the Tournament more fun and challenging?
    5. Tell us about yourself: male/female, age, profession. How long have you played Travian/Tournament? What do you do when not playing?
    6. Which character in Games of Thrones should you want to be?

    deniz çiçek / ANIMALS

    1. Not such a big but There is still war between us and winter.

    2. To be honest I can't talk about İM and CUP because I am not fighting against them so I don't know their operation quality or gaming style,

    Uollas ; They act smarter than any other team in final, they are not making unnecessary attacks, they willattack only if it necessary.They are good fighter and we will see their farm quality :)

    Dacia ; I don't want to make comment when I can't be objective. But now my opinion about them: They are good farmer but as we saw they are not fighters.

    Union ; Obviously everyone know that they are best in final. but sometimes they don't act like smartly for the victory.

    3. 1-) Union

    2-) İM, CUP or Dacia

    3-) Uollas (because union will focusing on them more than the others)

    4. İf WW villages spawning random coordinates,that will be fun for everyone.

    5. My name is deniz cicek , I am 25 years old and I am physicist. I have played since 2008 travian. when I am not playing travian I will read books or playing another game :)

    6. My favorite character in Games of Thrones "Tyrion Lannister" ..

    maskeli süvari / SÜVARİ

    1 Our plan for this final is playing defence. We set up for this. After we split up with Dacia things changed, we don't have much teuton players for building armies so we tried to do something with limited resources. We're in the middle of Dacia and Smurfs. We did some good defences, bad defences. We're playing Finals for the first time. I think we learned very much. Some of our players left server, some of them stay bcs they want to see the end.

    2. I didn't know much about these metas as I said we played finals for the first time. Uollas meta have some Turks on it. I wish luck to them, Union have very aggressive players. Immortals is doing everything for ww. I don't have much to say.

    3. I think it will be competition between Union and IM mostly. I give more chance to Union.

    4. Those who do not comply with the rules should be given tougher penalties. It will bring game the equality.

    5. My name is Yasin. I'm 22 years old. I'm studying Electric Electronics Engineering. I have played travian since 2014. Travian is the game I've played for the longest time. Let me introduce you to Süvari alliance. Most of us know each other from real life. Our average age is like 35 + . So we don't spend so much time in game. We play just for chill and finals are little bit more serious than normal servers. Because of that we didn't play in finals before. This is our first server.

    6. I don't have favorite character in Game of Thrones. But i like Natalie Dormer ( Margaery ) :)



    They have a quite big area up in NorthWest and have been fighting with Dacia. Even if they wanted to stay independent they did donate their artefacts to Uollas.

    Dogma cheifed 80 lost 57 ~FC~ cheifed 42, lost 40


    ServerDown ~FC~

    1. You chose to settle in NorthWest and I have seen reports where you attack Dacia How does the war go?

    1.Lucky for us its not a total war.

    For our clan size we are not that bad I recon. We are not the only clan against them in the sector that makes it easier.

    2. Your opinion about the metas? Dacia, Turkey, Uollas, CUP, IM, Union.

    2.I think that Union and Uollas got the quietest round so far and so they had time to build there WW hammers, which will make the differentness to the other Metas.

    Dacia is really busy this round and I think they will not make it this year.

    To the SE I have no idea, haven't got a picture about it.

    The turk meta...well that was a cool idea with the WW -100/100 it costs Dacia lots of off hammers.

    3.It doesn’t differs much in size now between the 5 metas that holds a WW. Rank them in the order you think it will end.


    4. What changes do you think will make the Tournament more fun and challenging?

    4.The starting Conditions should be the same for all acc on all Server till second villa example: if u get the 50 Culturpoint daily quest on day4, u r way behind...or issue first 10 adventures.... if u get the Adv with the ress at first u r on a better way then to get them later.

    5. Tell us about yourself: male/female, age, profession. How long have you played Travian/Tournament? What do you do when not playing?5.

    My Name ist Stefan, I'm age of 38, from Austria and my profession is cwc driller.

    I start playing finals with the first round ..... that was T3 and with 60k accounts :D If I'm not online I'm sleeping. I love to go up mountains , driving motorbike or just chilling in the summer at a lake.

    6. Blood Dog