The Corner: Final 2018/2019

  • Week 14 - Reports

    A quote that made me laugh from a Dacia chat

    "boys farm turks, men farm russians"

    Union had an offensive against Uollas last weekend, reports posted in Discussion thread, but the defense strategy was a bit surprising. They zeroed their own villages to secure their WWKs.

    I saved a couple of the reports so they don't disappear.


    gangsters hammers have been amazing through the whole server. Many are the off villages that have feared when they have seen him coming, but I think he have tired on feeding them all now :D


    Waves not included, the village was to near plan coordinates to be allowed to stay.






    Kira's was nice too.


    One of the dead hammers


    This two have been fighting most of the server




    In SouthEast there is a settling war around plan coordinates.





    This Dacia guy have been very annoying vs SPQR

    Finally they caught him. Look at that zoo!


    BAD G/Freyja vs NB/LSDG


    Turkey vs SMURFS


    I haven't seen many reports Union vs Dacia but here is a couple.



    You don't need big hammers to participate in the war with success.


    IM vs CUP


    WW reports

    Guess I will get more of them next week.


    I'm told the def is 13 mille now.


    To feed the def in WWs is not so easy. Union seems to be better on it than Uollas. Maybe they try to feed too many WWs?








  • Cbanner2018.png

    Week 15 - 26 February

    As you all know the server is closed and we are waiting for a rollback tomorrow wednesday.

    Strategic, a member of my Corner crew, is the one that triggered the bug - at least in that meaning that it was possible to observe it. Maybe we shall thank him for it, it is better that it happened now than later in endgame as last year.

    Safiren: How do you feel about being the one that crash this Final? =)

    Strategic: Hard question that's for sure. It feels funny, because it wasn't my intention (since I didn't know such bug still existed and was already triggered by only 50 fakes aka Event Jam) and now I'm being known for causing the starvation bug with my fakes. I just wanted to annoy Francesco with my fakes and to see his reaction when he saw my fakes (it was basically "you're crazy person").. At other side it confirms, that TG bug test is not done by a checklist of already occurred big bugs. I mean the disappearing of troops in WW is already like 4th time? Despite, people asking to have a bug free environment at tournament even at the cost of not having new features during tournament.

    This event jam isn't globally, it just happens only between me and ww holder.

    I can show you picture of their ww, event jam causes a lot of bugs. This time starvation.


    Safiren: What do you think about the response time from TG? Ameno was on it 20 min after first reported on forum.

    Strategic: I believe the response time is quite fast, sadly not ahead since this problem has been reported to MH hours before. Instead of letting people creating hate at the forum, an announcement in the forum about investigation and asking for cooperation (giving reports) by those are affected by this bug would have prevented this outrage.

    Now people started blaming other teams of causing the bug and generating hatred.

    I can tell you that probably before the end of the server there will be another outrage that people who fake stats (example Kim) will again receive prizes and medals for this tournament where MH and TG is not doing something about it or giving us information we do not have to worry about them getting prizes.

    Safiren: I have another question, You seems to be a guy that like pranks. I saw reports where you reinforced the monovillages, the accounts that destroyed their own villages during the Union offensive last week. Around 5k phals if I remember right. Why?

    Strategic: Oh! You mean me spiking their villages around them, where they used their hammers to kill my def :D I did this because I wanted to damage their off troops which were gathering resources for ww or themselves. But it didn't go smoothly most of my def got cleared by big hammers. But as I said most :D

    There are some nice reports :) This one is my favourite spike :D


    Safiren: What do you think will happen when server starts again? Who will attack who? Will Union go as hard on Uollas again?

    Strategic: Union knows Dacia has no hammers to damage a WW (they did not have trainers), so will Immortals unlikely attack Uollas and will likely prioritise first to attack Union and CUP.

    Since Uollas has more hammers than Union. Union hopes that Uollas will send hammers to destroy dacia WW and Union to destroy Immortals WW, so this way it will be battle between Uollas and Union not at the cost of letting Dacia or Immortals win the server.

    Furthermore I expect Immortals to take care of CUP WW which will make this battle interesting. It will be a battle who is the first to lose out controlling each other, instead killing each other out of emotion.

    Safiren: The fight between Uollas and Union before rollback put them both last and let Dacia go to rank 1. You don't think it will be repeated?

    I think Uollas, Union and Dacia had 60kk def each, IM 30 and CUP only 12.

    Strategic: I heard IM had 40kk def, which why ops from union against Immortals didn't 0 their ww.



    WW 26--> 22, they did whole train but WW level ended up at lvl 14. I believe Union calculated it would go to 0.

    I'm certainly sure that there will be made different decisions how attacks are going to be sent. I think WW hammers are going to be sent out earlier to damage WW at lower levels, instead letting Dacia get to lvl 20+. I believe at that time many did not expect Dacia to get 60kk def, at least I didn't.

    Safiren: Thanks :) I met you for the first time in qualification on International, Rev meta, 2014. I know you are from Netherlands, male and you are studying. What? Your age? Any hobbies?

    Strategic: My age is 23 and my hobbies are anime, series and gaming (before tennis, figure skating and judo, I’ve become so lazy). I can pretty much talk and have discussions about anything. For example educate yourself how desertification is really caused by watching this video (TED)

    Building plans coords

    As you can see the movements this year was small. One plan moved from SE to SW the area was to crowded and as I predicted it moved towards Union area.


    Union got 5 plans and gave one to CUP that didn't get anyone. Uollas got 4, Dacia 2 and Immortals 2.

    North West*= (-18|30) -18/30, (-35|4) -38/6, (-45|37) -48/40.

    South West*= (-26|-25) -26/-25, (-10|-57) -11/-58, (-55| -20) -57/-20.

    North East*= (33|12) 33/12, (12|33) 11/36, (10|56) 10/56, (55|20) 61/21.

    South East*= (30|-20) 32/-19, (4|-35) -5/-40, (44|-37) 45/-37.

    Natar def


    Plan maps around 13:00, two are missing.

    WW reports

    Well server is down, most of my reports will be gone after the rollback, but Strategy posted many here :)

    A lot of hammers waked from Union against Uollas WW and kept it down to zero. The favor was repaid and before the closedown both was zeroed. IM WW was in top for a while but replaced by Dacia.

    At midnight sunday it looked like this:


    I think that when server was closed it was Dacia in top at level 34, IM and CUP around 22-25, Union at 9 and Uollas had finally managed to build again, level 3?

    Let’s see which reports I had saved as images:


    Immortals def


    Uollas def

    So many WWKs from Union visited Uollas WW, when some of them arrived the WW was already destroyed. Some of them will probably go on the other WWs after restart =)


    Not all went on WW, support villages was a popular target and several was zeroed.



    Reports from a local war between Prastoy from IM and Viejos Chotos from CUP.

    1st we attacked Prastoy capital…3857279692fbo.jpg#codigos…43b96ee0cc0bo.jpg#codigos

    he came for revenge:…25da01ab3e7c30b09177o.png…7e927371318b3db7341co.png…060ffd87fde48460eb98o.png

    Hit another village with his other hammer:…a8a99fac2f5a9552084fo.jpg

    but was intercalated:…9219f0e34a42da3d7e6ao.jpg




  • Endgame 12 Mars

    Due to the problems we have had on the server I haven't write anything for a while but it's maybe time to do it now before the server ends.

    I have been told that I'm not allowed to have an opinion, I shall only report.

    -Oh? So I'm not allowed to have an opinion if it's not the same as yours?

    I understand if you are angry about how the endgame turned out and you have voiced loudly in other threads that all should delete, but it is a lot of players that never write on the forum and due to the amount still playing I was right when I said that the majority would continue to play.

    I'm accused of having sided with TG. Well.. TG is not so overly pleased with me for the moment either :P

    But my feelings aside let's take a look on what happen after the second rollback.

    Until now 1000 players have deleted as a protest that the starving bugs still exist. My last saved statistics is from 6 february and accounts have been deleted before the rollback from 22 february.

    CUP have lost 80 players, 840 still playing.

    Uollas: 430, 863

    Union: 1, 1071

    Dacia: 319, 538

    Immortals: 300, 647

    I don't claim that my numbers are exactly right but should give a picture about it.


    How have this affected the endgame?

    At the first rollback the players was angry because the hammers running was back to home and that gave UNION the victory.

    In the second rollback 3 metas decided to not play and with that gave walkover to UNION - so they will have the victory......

    UNION's lead is too big for any other to catch up.

    CUP that was the meta with less def is still on the go.

    Dacia's WW holder deleted but SMURFS wanted to build a WW for fun. Rumor says that UOLLAS wanted their WW holders to delete to but REVENGE is still there but not building, COF deleted. SPQR decided to build instead.

    Immortals, I'm told the account is on delete.

    Neither of the WWs that replace the original primary WWs had enough of support to be a real opponent to UNION and have been zeroed several times. Most hammers with a bigger amount of catas have walked now.

    And what are they doing the ones that refused to play endgame? They try to exceed each other about def and attack points to get a tablet...

    I have an opinion about that too but I have voiced that earlier so no more about that except that I'm happy if the most notorious players don't get it - again.

    Union will probably reach level 100 at 20 or 21 Mars.


  • Endgame reports

    I had nearly 300 reports, I have chosen some for each day.

    6 Mars

    Plans activated late and CUP got the first hit.


    7 Mars

    Some of the WWs have changed owner several times..


    CUP has been a popular target.



    Triamera got banned due to problems with the gold and fell out from the WW race.


    The first days Union had fewer attacks than I expected.


    8 Mars


    Even WWs that wasn't building got visitors in a try to chief.



    Changing owner


    orion was zeroed several times.


    Today Union got hit by several WWKs





    9 Mars

    It seems as the NAP between Union and CUP don't exist any more.





    More attacks on orion





    Smurfs decided to start to build and got the plan from Dacia.



    Hype started to build, maybe to distract the enemy by giving them 2 targets.


    Many deleted after sending their hammers.


    The defense in an abandoned WW


    10 Mars

    I suppose CUP was seen as the only real opponent..



    Kira also decided to start to build.


    Union was back on top on Sunday evening. I should have taken more screens to show how the ranks changed but after all turbulence I wasn't in mood to write ..




    11 Mars

    Union had good help from other metas to keep CUP down.


    and Hype fall down from second rank.


    Many catas but I'm not sure any damage was done.


    12 Mars

    orion zeroed again.


    Smurfs too 18Fend1SMURFS3.png


    An offensive with several attacks and a failed attempt to chief.


    Triamera unbanned but not building. 18Fend1IM1.png

  • Last week

    The endgame that disappeared, that left the players so disappointed that they refused to play for victory - at least if we talk about the most active players in all metas except Union and CUP. That is how we will remember this round.

    The first endgame seemed to be just as exciting you could wish, Union and Uollas was so concentrated on each other that Dacia, IM and CUP could enter the top and Dacia excelled in gathering enough of def to have a fair chance of winning. Not surprising, Dacia have shown in earlier rounds that they have a fitness to have extremely high amounts of defence. From having a bad start with the intermezzo with Turks they finally could be a part to count with in the endgame. Uollas in contraire saw their chances to win melt away with the heavy attacks from Union that kept their WW at zero.

    As we all know a starvation bug was triggered, something that shouldn’t be possible - again. There should be a limit in the game to prevent such things. That the bug still existed was discovered on a Turkish server a couple of weeks before it happen here on Final. It’s easy to blame the players and refer to the rules that it is forbidden to overload the server instead of making sure that such things don’t happen.

    It’s easy to understand the disappointment in the first rollback, the hammers were sent back home instead of hitting when they should have and that changed the outcome of the server to Unions advantage. A wraith spread fast among the players, many said they would delete, leaders encouraged their players to trigger the starvation bug again which made the server impossible to play in a normal way.

    For the first time in history, as far as I know, TG asked leaders to participate in a chat to solve the problem and offered the biggest compensation ever to get the players back ingame. The leaders wanted the server to be closed without a winner but TG said it wasn’t possible due to legal complications with the prizes and decided to do a second rollback. It was also clear that TG don’t understand how fast the winner is decided in Final. They believed it still was possible to take down a WW above level 20 enough to give another WW a chance. They maybe should try to play a Final themselves?

    As it turned out it wasn’t enough to calm the feelings. When the second rollback started only Union was interested to play. 20% of the accounts was deleted but still 5000 left. I believe that TG saw that as a victory but the truth is that it was the most active players that decided to quit and it is unsure if they return to play the Tournament ever again. Many have been angry about what they see as unfair bans and this was the final reason to skip this game that so many of us are addicted to. With the loss of leaders this implies it will make a great impact on next Tournaments.

    I don’t think TG will take the threat of deleting serious again if you don’t manage to get more players to follow.

    Dacia, IM and Uollas refused to build on their primary WWs, several WW holders deleted. The ones that hesitating started to build never had a chance to be real opponents in endgame. The only except Union that will be happy is CUP that now will end as second which they due to least def of the metas never would have accomplished if the endgame continued as usual.

    A change on the rewards are also needed in the future. Most of the prizes for attacker and defender goes to players that don’t deserve them. Instead of using their troops for the best of their alliances they only used them for egoistic reasons - server after server. The rewards have lost their meanings. That behavior have increased during the last rollback when the players have no motivation to participate in the endgame any longer.

    The server will end 8:52 thursday morning with Unions victory, maybe it is as it should be. They have won every second Final in the recent years so you can say it was their turn.

    I guess some of you will say that I haven’t been harsh enough about misbehavior or TG’s acting in this post either but isn’t there a contrast to not being allowed to have my own opinion and that I should write particular about things I don’t like?

    I’m the nice one, remember? At least I try to ;)

    And thanks to all that have helped me with information and reports this round!

  • WW reports


    Some of the minor WWs especially in the gray zone have changed owner several times, 9h left. We will see if any more changes will appear before end.

    This is how the Union WW looked a couple of hours ago:




    Construction plan defense:


    I have chosen the reports with biggest hammers that might have done damages or show defense. If you miss reports from Union - well there wasn't many and they wasn't big =)

    13 Mars





    14 Mars





    15 Mars






    16 Mars



    I asked Kira why they changed alliance from BAD to CUP.

    Kira: Only for second BP

    Me: But others from Union attacks CUP?

    Kira: And CUP attack me. It's russian love )

    Me: lol, must be :D


    17 Mars



    WW changed owner again...


    18 Mars most reports this day was Natar reports.


    Attack on Smurfs plan.


    19 Mars



    This ended with the plan lost.



    20 Mars

    Another attempt to cheif that failed. (Not all reports)





  • Last statistics

    There was changes during the night. We ended with 3 Russian WWs in top.



    The servers biggest hammer was saved to the end.




    A proof of the meaningless with the rewards - at least we have seen FocusOnMe in action.. The worst is that they get in the Hall of Fame..


    It's the same with the Top20 lists, not many have earned their spot in the top in a honest way.











    Top10 past week and last week



    I allowed myself some fun the last days with the gold we got, I hadn't bought gold so I couldn't transfer it any way=)