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  • You know the old joke, Eiaiestyi? Man shows up at the Pearly Gates, sees this guy in a pin stripe suit, and a briefcase, a cigar, prancing about. He says to Saint Peter, 'who's that guy?' Saint Peter says 'ahhh, that's just God. Thinks he's Jofke.'

  • COMQ 14 - Blackhammer ǀǀ FINALS 14 - CallmeMaster

    COMQ 15 - CallMeMaster ǀǀ FINALS 15 - BlackHammer
    COMQ 16 - Monster Machine ǀǀ FINALS 16 - Black Hammer
    COMX2 17 - Monster Machine ǀǀ FINALS 17/18 - BlackHammer
    DEX2 18 -
    Monster Machine ǀǀ FINALS18/19 - Monster Machine
    Monster Machine :evil:
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  • My opinion is the rollback was not necessary. except ww fights there was a lot of other fights (off villages destroyed, ww support villages deleted or damaged etc) where giving to the defenders the deja-vu is huge advantage. the best solution had to be recalculating attacks against ww including missing defensive and simultaneously recalculation of damages against the wonder levels. and of course measures to prevents repetition another sabotage actions.

    if TG decided to made rollback they had ask every wonder rising team what is the best momment from the rollback can be done and im sure all would say from the day when building plans arrived . why ? because like this you dont ruin attacks calculated exactly for the amount of deff troups what you see scouting the opponents wonders. In one word you do not distroy anyones STRATEGY

    And what do we have now after roolback? many missing deff troops problem remain, while others deleted troups have reappeared. attacks that were calculated at millimeters on the opponents wonders some were canceled and the troops remained in the villages, other attacks were on their way but were invisible to the defense. in addition, hundreds of dissatisfied players quit the fight and began deleting accounts.

    I only hope is not too late and TG see what huge mistake he did. because sometimes is not important what team have won or lost the game. Respect is important. to people who play for 14 years or more and now they want to quit.

    while many members came and left your TG team we, the players, have always been here and now we are at the peak of dissatisfaction because of your indifference.

  • i wrote here some irregularities about punishment before rollback.

    But this messages deleted and there is no saying anything. Our manager, a bit angry and said that “ we are not allowed this conversation at forum “

    Why we are using forum? Conversation ? News? Bug trolling? Peh.



    Zekanı test etmek için BURAYA tıkla.
    ~Parody Account L:osd:L

    ..servarda gözetlemedik yer bırakmayan KGB Aras..

    19.4.2021 18:18

    Nicholai Hel Aras kardeşime KSK_AYAZ hesabına ve birliğe verdiği büyük emeklerden ötürü teşekkür ederim.

    29.05.2020 15:52

    Strateji oyununun gereklerini birliği için en iyi şekilde yerine getiren Nicholai Hel e sonsuz teşekkürler.



    23.06.2019 11:42

  • 1*9-CohKoqzttWfGpwhX7k2w.jpeg

    travian is coded in php

    if really there is a bug in the php code it's necessary an hard work to fix it, not just a couple a of days

    but it's not this my opinion the server was not able process concurrently al these attacks!

    @TG - go buy a server! laAyDD1aS9OSqspupVnmWfo88cQ=.gif

  • i talked with russia, they sayd they will send back every deff from theyr ww and wait for the delete of every meta, and let natars win

    yes yes

    no believe russians. Union played better that Uollas and Union must to win

  • I miss the old CM that knew what was happening ingame Tournament information

  • uollas see you at italian server :))

  • no believe russians. Union played better that Uollas and Union must to win

    not believe me because i joke*

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  • So ~200k of my def suddenly just evaporated out of Union WW...

    These finals just keep getting better and better. :D

  • So ~200k of my def suddenly just evaporated out of Union WW...

    Noob only lost 200k?
    I've lost 600k ;(;(;(;(

  • Noob only lost 200k?
    I've lost 600k ;(;(;(;(

    But you pro, me nub.... and another 150k died after the most recent attack. :D

  • I think I know what the bug is Olof

    If you keep refreshing you see def die, but if you don't refresh.... you'll never know. :/

  • Lol.... 😘😘😘

    Tek bir başarı vardır. Oda istediğniz şekilde yaşamak.

    ..........................Hi To Mizu...............................