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  • Dear players,

    as you know, the Tournament Finals game world is struggling due to the disruptive behavior of a group of players who deliberately decided to sabotage it.

    Oh no a little typo appeared. No worry! I will fix it:

    Dear players:

    as you know, the Tournament Finals has been struggeling since the beggining due to us not willing to fix bugs that were in the game since day 1 and there is a group of developers that deliberately decied NOT to fix it.

    There, you are welcome TG, everyone does a little mistake every now and then.

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  • 50% money back-----no refund for all the waisted time-----

    for gold , will have to play another wasted server of this game :rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:

    COMQ 14 - Blackhammer ǀǀ FINALS 14 - CallmeMaster

    COMQ 15 - CallMeMaster ǀǀ FINALS 15 - BlackHammer
    COMQ 16 - Monster Machine ǀǀ FINALS 16 - Black Hammer
    COMX2 17 - Monster Machine ǀǀ FINALS 17/18 - BlackHammer
    DEX2 18 -
    Monster Machine ǀǀ FINALS18/19 - Monster Machine
    Monster Machine :evil:
    HMB© :evil: COT ™

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  • For everyone complaining, how EDITED do you expect to get TIME back anyway? o.O

    You partially get money back now, but time you don't get back if they rollback, shut down or whatever they do.

  • who asked to continue? ::|

    Dacia: ye lets end it

    Immortals: server is over just let natars win

    uolass: we feel cheated we dont want to continue

    Union: eee we can play, but we dont need to, no big deal




  • what's the point .. zzz

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    2018 TR Qualification: Aramis - Bob (Leader)
    2018-2019 Finals: Black Pearl - TFD (Uollas meta) (Leader)

    2019-2020 Finals: Black Pearl - Lowlands (Uollas meta) (Leader)
    2020 Comx: Black pearl - NewOrder (Leader)
    2020 EU Qualification: Undutchable - NewOrder (Leader)
    2020-2021 Finals: Gata & Gato - Flakes (Uollas meta) (Leader)

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  • I'm really sorry for TG that starvation is triggered by US(PLAYERS) not by poor TG management :P shame all the players. Please stop blaming TG management and their developers because of this bug(as they say, it's not a bug and it's a system architecture problem loool||). They've been trying to fix this bug more than two years lol so please at least respect their afford <X kjasbdlasd . Seriously, you guys are incredible and I would like to thank all of you to terminating this game. :*

    Announcement for all players: please stop playing this game and tell your friends don't play this game

  • In the end the best solucion was taken.

    For me,and im just a player that has nothing to do whit WW ,but like to play this game as mutch has many of you, how could i justify the time lost and the unsleeped nigth,if this server has a premature end?

    For many players like me is the same having a fair winner or not,but at least end whit a winner.

    Bugs allway happen so why should this time be different?

    I see many ppl here saying they dont whant to play anymore this game but some have already register in other servers,so probably that is not the main reason.

    Probably some of the inicial favourite metas see this event as something they can use to hide there inability to win.

    Its sad to see the opinion of leaders when they say that is bether to remove the oportunity of there players to finish the server after so many days...

    All the players have the rigth to choose if they whant to continue or not ,but that is only possible whit an open server.

    Thanks TG and lets hope this time it will goes well.

  • I agree :)

  • Server can finish first day after restart if nobody raise ww ,TG can declare that natars win,and end of all discussion,the only problem are in fact they that causes the starvation ,they must justify there inability ,and the favourites whas 2 one causes the starvation,one don t want to continue ,i think you really don t understand nothing about this final

  • Most players of CUP-S PL after rollback will be deleted. :P

    For us honest game was ended when game"s error distored result of buldings WONDER village. <X

    Does not matter who can to win now -- we are not agree with manipulation TG, about fault is on side of players only. :cursing:

    Product game as TRAVIAN is not perfect, so owner TG always shoudl to reply and be responsible for game, its operation.

    MILKA ( CUP S PL )