The Corner Final Discussions 2018/2019

  • that the Russians are winning, are you happy?

    Happy for this **** is ending finally .... but you still not deleted ??? :D:D

    COMQ 14 - Blackhammer ǀǀ FINALS 14 - CallmeMaster

    COMQ 15 - CallMeMaster ǀǀ FINALS 15 - BlackHammer
    COMQ 16 - Monster Machine ǀǀ FINALS 16 - Black Hammer
    COMX2 17 - Monster Machine ǀǀ FINALS 17/18 - BlackHammer
    DEX2 18 -
    Monster Machine ǀǀ FINALS18/19 - Monster Machine
    Monster Machine :evil:
    HMB© :evil: COT ™

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  • a greeting to all of you from my heart that you have allowed the championship to end ,thank you and goodbye :)

  • Strategy is rewarded for bug triggering. Great win!

    Good post if you are refrigerator model LG.

    время время время..

    ЧЕ:dojik, Hamster;
    ЧМ1:Singing Heart, MightyRU; ЧМ2:Femme Fatale, ситтер на lspci, MightyRU; ЧМ3:после артов KukuYOPTA, CerbeR; ЧМ4:Ternura, ситтер на Ruk, CerbeR; ЧМ5: Caprice, CerbeR; ЧМ6: Lontra, CerbeR, ситтер на Mors; ЧМ7: zmey_gorynych, CerbeR, ситтер на UNI;

    the end

  • The worse tournament ever seen, home of stupid cheeters, unethical people, and Travian Games which suddenly seemed attacked by the Tse tse fly, waiting hours and hours before slowly beginning to take action!

    What has happend since the end of February is so dirty.

    In my most incredible dreams, I hope that those (but really ALL THOSE) who committed these cheating actions will be forever banned from travia, but I know that it won't be so because they are among those who spend the most on travian!

    SHAME ON YOU, you are just dirty players and dirty people!

  • Just wanna say even if certain events made the server . and in the situation it is now... thank you all.

    Was a pleasant first time experience until disasterous WW stage.

    Can't say I am overly satisfied with my account/performance, but for 0 farming, 0 diet usage, 0 trainer usage, 0 parking and an average cap at best... I can't complain, really.

    Troop overview:

    I'll just say that I probably haven't missed 99% of def calls given, but with a grin on my face, I can say have missed 99% of actual targets... unlucky. ^^

    I won't really go thank people individually, because the list is rather long, so once again... thank you all for a partially nice and fun server!


    Witch King acc

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  • The email contains a link which will allow you to transfer the remaining 630 Gold from your current account to another account of the same domain (i.e. ".com").

    Ameno are you kidding us?

  • Thanks to all who deserve the server and play with fair attitude : Promter from RU, Francesco from UIOLLAS, to name those who were most important in my eyes

    but shame on the 2 alliances from UOLLAS META who intentionaly created the second bug

    and shame to those who have fake def rank and fake pop rank

    Good rest to all of you

    X1 : LOL,LoDm,LOST,LFI(win),Wait&See,NWO,Exilés, Kakolak FR X3 :~M.A~,WisC(win),triple V(win),?¿?¿?¿ ANGLO X3 : Hegemony COM turcs Italy X3 : SW-1(win), UOLLAS, NEWORDER

    ROA : %(win) Qual : Gtm,ANTP, REN Q(win), Ghetto(win) Poilus UOLLAS DACIA Mondial : COQ, BAD(win), UOLLAS

    Created : tutorials, map arte/spawn, sheets(analysing,train troop, NPC, travel time, automatic maps, def managing, optimisation)
    THE CORNER. Travian Team.

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  • The email contains a link which will allow you to transfer the remaining ?????? Gold from your current account to another account of the same domain (i.e. ".com").

    I suppose they forgot to make the message say that gold can be transfered anywhere in this specific case, rather than being .com exclusive.

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