• Recently, I've been cognizant of a change I didn't expect to see in a war/RTS game.

    Travian is an inherent war game, which includes alliances, confederacies and non-aggression pacts. So that also means that backstabbing, lies, and deceit also happen.
    But that feature has eliminated the reality of what war games are. Not everything is full of happiness , rainbows and good crap. Backstabbing, lies, and deceit are also part of a war game that people need to realize.

    Do you know the amount of strategies that could have been possible have now become defunct? Come on... Stop warping what travian really is

    Yes, I've built my fair share of WWs. Won a few, lost a few. Played far too many rounds for far too long. Made a lot friends and enemies.

    Yes, I've played as an anvil and as a hammer. I'm only playing now because of all the friendship I have built over the past ten years. I love Travian but I love the community even more.

    Envy me for I have everything, Fear me for I have nothing to lose.

    The one and only, Teutobod.