Crunch's early "Analysis" thread

  • Disclaimers;
    1) All information was accurate at the time of gathering it, it's early doors,
    2) If you feel this thread hasn't insulted you sufficiently then please contact me in PM and I shall arrange further insults.

    This is more of a look at who is here, where they have settled and how they compare statistically rather than a full on analysis.

    Let's get started then.

    The North East (that's +/+ for the dumb ones)


    Members 24 15th
    Avg Pop 212 14th
    Tot pop 5093 14th
    Settled 2 16th
    %Settled 8.33 17th
    Avg Off 259 1st
    Total Off 6215 3rd
    Avg Def 13 4th
    Total Def 317 4th

    I know absolutely nothing about these guys, their leader chose to ignore me (what a ...)

    They appear to think killing rats is more important than settling. Maybe they are only here to clear oasis for other people ....

    In summary, they are completely irrelevant.


    Members 44 6th
    Avg Pop 247 6th
    Tot pop 10887 5th
    Settled 26 4th
    %Settled 59.09 4th
    Avg Off 98 8th
    Total Off 4316 4th
    Avg Def 7 7th
    Total Def 294 5th

    Whilst many consider AA the Ronaldo of the UK domain these guys are surely the Messi.

    The Hall of Fame is littered with their achievements over their many years playing. Of course like Messi they may not be at their best anymore but i still fully expect to see these guys fighting for the win.

    Drawn a bit of a unlucky hand having the ,,,

    Their leader also has awful taste in football teams so thats an extra point deducted from them.


    Members 36 9th
    Avg Pop 279 2nd
    Tot pop 10051 8th
    Settled 34 2nd
    %Settled 94.44 1st
    Avg Off 75 13th
    Total Off 2690 11th
    Avg Def 3 16th
    Total Def 114 17th

    I don't think there is anything I can say about this alliance that hasn't been said 100 times over in every alliances general chat.

    Heavy grey zone presence and yet moved out to the sticks too. Spread too thin perhaps?

    They also seem to have settled towards the NorthWest side of the quad. I wonder if there is a specific reason for that. :whistling:


    Members 26 12th
    Avg Pop 190 21st
    Tot pop 4951 15th
    Settled 2 16th
    %Settled 7.69 18th
    Avg Off 31 20th
    Total Off 818 17th
    Avg Def 2 19th
    Total Def 59 20th

    Named after a terrible football team, these guys will have many villages in the end game battle, you know, once they've been chiefed.....

    Moving on.


    Members 17 16th
    Avg Pop 222 12th
    Tot pop 3779 16th
    Settled 1 18th
    %Settled 5.88 19th
    Avg Off 105 6th
    Total Off 1779 15th
    Avg Def 2 19th
    Total Def 37 21st

    The traditional UK punching bags are back for another round too. Perhaps there has been a change of leadership though as they have forgotten to put the little squiggly line things either side of their name.

    Good to see them turning up and giving it a shot but I don't think they will have much hope with Pulse and Bifrost in their quad.

    /insert madog WW joke

    The North West (aka Russia)


    Members 17 17th
    Avg Pop 205 16th
    Tot pop 3493 17th
    Settled 3 14th
    %Settled 17.65 13th
    Avg Off 41 19th
    Total Off 690 18th
    Avg Def 15 2nd
    Total Def 253 6th

    Russians pretending they aren't Russians.


    Members 30 10th
    Avg Pop 302 1st
    Tot pop 9060 9th
    Settled 27 3rd
    %Settled 90.00 2nd
    Avg Off 78 12th
    Total Off 2334 13th
    Avg Def 6 10th
    Total Def 169 10th

    Russians being Russians.

    Here to conquer all the Russians will be looking for the win in this one.

    Having seen the likes of AA in full force on a number of occasions however they know it will not be easy.

    Anyone else wondering why they are bothering to pretend there is only 30 of them?


    Members 26 13th
    Avg Pop 219 13th
    Tot pop 5691 11th
    Settled 6 11th
    %Settled 23.08 10th
    Avg Off 20 21st
    Total Off 527 21st
    Avg Def 6 10th
    Total Def 153 11th

    More Russians pretending not to be Russians.


    Members 10 22nd
    Avg Pop 188 22nd
    Tot pop 1876 22nd
    Settled 1 18th
    %Settled 10.00 16th
    Avg Off 65 14th
    Total Off 650 19th
    Avg Def 15 2nd
    Total Def 147 12th

    Ergh, alliances like this make me wish I including allys with 11 or more people

    moving on

    Eagles Trademark Registered Trademark

    Members 28 11th
    Avg Pop 190 20th
    Tot pop 5318 13th
    Settled 0 21st
    %Settled 0.00 21st
    Avg Off 105 7th
    Total Off 2941 9th
    Avg Def 5 12th
    Total Def 147 13th

    Trademark Registered trademark? Really?


    Settle a village then learn what symbols mean you fools


    Members 39 8th
    Avg Pop 230 9th
    Tot pop 8976 10th
    Settled 7 10th
    %Settled 17.95 12th
    Avg Off 243 2nd
    Total Off 9479 1st
    Avg Def 4 14th
    Total Def 143 14th

    Is.... Is this TIN?

    What are TIN doing here?

    If you can't hack it on UK4 then you have no chance here, just delete now


    Members 13 20th
    Avg Pop 225 11th
    Tot pop 2924 20th
    Settled 3 14th
    %Settled 23.08 10th
    Avg Off 15 22nd
    Total Off 196 22nd
    Avg Def 11 6th
    Total Def 141 16th

    More Russians.......

    The South East (finally somewhere not boring)


    Members 17 18th
    Avg Pop 203 18th
    Tot pop 3447 18th
    Settled 0 21st
    %Settled 0.00 21st
    Avg Off 211 3rd
    Total Off 3594 7th
    Avg Def 19 1st
    Total Def 331 2nd

    Farm spikers?


    Members 17 19th
    Avg Pop 192 19th
    Tot pop 3267 19th
    Settled 1 18th
    %Settled 5.88 19th
    Avg Off 154 4th
    Total Off 2624 12th
    Avg Def 12 5th
    Total Def 211 8th

    This alliance has joined a META in another ... quad in the first week.

    What are you actually doing? You make me so mad I can't express it.


    Members 25 14th
    Avg Pop 226 10th
    Tot pop 5647 12th
    Settled 12 8th
    %Settled 48.00 8th
    Avg Off 55 17th
    Total Off 1370 16th
    Avg Def 7 7th
    Total Def 186 9th

    Ran by a 13 year old Vietnamese girl called Johnny this alliance has elected to move out to the sticks, presumably not planning on taking on WW and playing smashy/kingmaker.

    Rumour has it they beat someone who bought a glad helmet for over 1m silver to a cropper, LMFAO.

    For that feat alone they one of my favourite teams on the server so far.


    Members 45 5th
    Avg Pop 234 8th
    Tot pop 10513 7th
    Settled 18 7th
    %Settled 40.00 9th
    Avg Off 44 18th
    Total Off 1993 14th
    Avg Def 3 16th
    Total Def 143 15th

    The Aussies finally make an appearance on the merged domain teaming up with the yanks.

    Staying central and focusing on the WW area this looks like a team that is in it to win it. With cereals and 1776 in their quad it won't be easy though.

    I'm calling it now, they'll team up with 1776 before long but they will fall out before the server ends :p


    Members 42 7th
    Avg Pop 253 4th
    Tot pop 10612 6th
    Settled 24 6th
    %Settled 57.14 5th
    Avg Off 85 9th
    Total Off 3554 8th
    Avg Def 2 19th
    Total Def 97 19th

    Aptly named after the last time America turned up to a war on time this team has come to us from the US servers, where they publicly recruited on the forums (what could possibly go wrong right).

    Bringing with them a bit of a reputation for mischief the yanks are sure to be a huge factor in how this server ends up.

    Hopefully for them they will fair better against Johnny than the last time they want against Vietnam.


    Members 11 21st
    Avg Pop 251 5th
    Tot pop 2764 21st
    Settled 6 11th
    %Settled 54.55 6th
    Avg Off 15 22nd
    Total Off 160 23rd
    Avg Def 2 19th
    Total Def 18 23rd

    Baby 1776?

    Named after a war the Americans started because of 3 issues then sued for peace without solving any of those issues yet somehow think they won.

    The South West (FINALLY!)


    Members 54 2nd
    Avg Pop 208 15th
    Tot pop 11217 4th
    Settled 6 11th
    %Settled 11.11 14th
    Avg Off 80 11th
    Total Off 4307 5th
    Avg Def 7 7th
    Total Def 369 1st

    These guys picked the wrooooong quad! haha


    Members 72 1st
    Avg Pop 204 17th
    Tot pop 14703 1st
    Settled 8 9th
    %Settled 11.11 14th
    Avg Off 122 5th
    Total Off 8781 2nd
    Avg Def 4 14th
    Total Def 318 3rd

    Opting for quantity over quality this team has their work cut out for them.

    However, with AA and Rebel considering each other the bigger threat Camelot has some freedom to grow unmolested.

    They appear to be staying central, surely they don't think they can take the -50/-50 WW away from AA?!?!


    Members 50 3rd
    Avg Pop 245 7th
    Tot pop 12234 3rd
    Settled 26 4th
    %Settled 52.00 7th
    Avg Off 81 10th
    Total Off 4064 6th
    Avg Def 5 12th
    Total Def 227 7th

    As this is the team I am playing with I will be overly critical in an attempt to not be Bias.

    This is by far the best alliance in the world, ever.

    They also have the world's most handsome travian player, ever.


    Members 48 4th
    Avg Pop 260 3rd
    Tot pop 12457 2nd
    Settled 41 1st
    %Settled 85.42 3rd
    Avg Off 56 16th
    Total Off 2701 10th
    Avg Def 2 19th
    Total Def 111 18th

    Making their intentions known early on, AA have sacrificed cropper bonuses for WW distance.

    A few of their players appear to have not got the memo though and have found themselves surrounded in no man's land. I'm sure they will be fine.....

    Favourites for many to win the server it certainly won;t be easy to achieve with REBEL & Camelot in their quad.


    Members 10 23rd
    Avg Pop 157 23rd
    Tot pop 1565 23rd
    Settled 0 21st
    %Settled 0.00 21st
    Avg Off 61 15th
    Total Off 607 20th
    Avg Def 3 16th
    Total Def 33 22nd

    Uh oh...

    In summary;

    The Russians have a whole quad to enjoy, they will be a huge factor. Whether they decide to attack downwards or tot he right will have a massive impact on how the server plays out.

    Neither AA/Rebel or Bifrost/Pulse want to worry about fighting the Russians whilst at war with each other. Though if either of those 2 sets of players be chickens and team up the Russians could find themselves in a bit of trouble.

    The SE looks like fun too, but they will almost definitely all team up.

    Rebel, AA, Pulse, Bifrost, Olympia, 1776 & Yikes all look like potential winners whilst a few teams will have a say on who they want to help win (or not win)

    See you all at artefacts for a more in depth "analysis" when every one has META'd up.

    P.S. Blame V-Bra for the font.

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  • 1812 and 1776 are the same alliance. Figured I'd put that out there because you grouped up some but not others.

    To be honest, I think we have some strong english speaking bias on this forum. Unless AA has a lot more players, the Russians are the easy favorites.

    I've probably played 30 servers at this point

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  • To be honest, I think we have some strong english speaking bias on this forum.

    An English speaking bias on the first round of the merged English speaking domains? I am SHOCKED!

    Known as either Skitime or Ricktheski on 7 different rounds.
    Member of Gemini, winners of round one of server seven.

  • Well I'm super biased too. I imagine everyone knows that AA is absolutely not the outright favorite at any point in this server unless they have another 40 or so accounts hiding

    I've probably played 30 servers at this point

    US1 Honeybadger - RIP travian reports and my only decent reports :(

    One time member of the UK Hall of fame for def points

    Panda - 1,276,029

    I blame blazin1 for any actions that may occur during the course of any server

  • Fair enough, I can agree with that. I am very excited to see how that quad plays out, I thought the UK teams were going to super meta

    I've probably played 30 servers at this point

    US1 Honeybadger - RIP travian reports and my only decent reports :(

    One time member of the UK Hall of fame for def points

    Panda - 1,276,029

    I blame blazin1 for any actions that may occur during the course of any server

  • The Russians being Russians and the Russians pretending to be Russians (as crunch said) are clear favourites for me. Simming away in the NW if they so please, there has to be some top WWK coming out of there with a load of pushing behind them.

    I’d genuinely be surprised if AA even come close in the end. Might be all out war in the SW for a long time :thumbup:

  • Forgot to mention, Crunch analysis is a non-profit organisation that is dependent on donations to keep going.

    Please send res in game if you want to see further analysis through the server.

  • I will sum up the result. Give up, resistance is useless! All the same Olympia will win! :D

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  • The most handsome travian player isn't in rebels!

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