[Path to Pandora] NPC remaining resources bug

  • Hello.

    When pressing NPC while having insufficient resources, the Rest value isn't shown as negative indicating you have sufficient res, while you actually don't.


    You can clearly see, that I have an insufficient amount of resources, but it says Rest: 48802, rather than -48802 before the visual update on com80 & com83.

    Already reported this to support, but they seem to be /afk... ^^

    And just a curious question...

    When you press to NPC and this small window above pops up. The Distribute remaining resources. button pops up on the bottom left corner of it, unlike on the right bottom side, where it were before. When pressing it, the Redeem 3 Gold will pop up on the bottom right one as it usually did.

    Is this to prevent accidentally messing up your NPC, or just something changed by accident?

  • I mentioned it was reported, but I was told they were unable to reply in 3 days for whatever reason.

    Anyhow, it's a known thing apparently.