New Tribe Suggestion Persians (Parthians or Sasanian)

  • Jurasalim and Tureky was under persians control

    They also had control over armenia but yeah you're right its a little bit more in the right - right on the edge of the roa map

    I mean according to this they were from time to time located near Israel, Egypt and Turkeys lands, but not allways... I mean everyone knows Persians vs Greeks or Alexander Macedonian, but everything happened before the Roman Empire :D I assume Everything in RoA scenario should be based around Roman Empire which was 'according to wiki' ~30 BC up to 1453 AD, Persians were during whole period and beyond, but they were no longer that huge empire as during Xerxes...

    Also, even that's not allowed, but I remember some 'private Travian servers' had some sort of Tribe simillar to Persians, but that's probly against ToS and IP of Travian so not gonna get into it.

  • I don't think you heard about roman vs persian wars. they were not just some few wars.

    I didn't say we should add persians cause alexander attacked persia lol if you read my comments I repeatedly mentioned that too that alexander attacks and greece wars were before roman empire and the roa time period.

    Persian countries - Parthians and Sasanid - were one of the only two (or 3) countries who stopped roman empire expansions.

    The huge decades of wars between these two empire is so much of history that you can't just call it some wars and refrence back to alexander to claim these were not in same time period.

    regarding the map - yes I agree the current map is basically cutting the map before parthian territory but sasanid had control over jurasalim. As I said before based on the current map persians were basically on the very bottom right side of the map.

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