Defensive Guide all tribes intermediate level

  • It's going to be a long one but if you get to the end comments, criticism and corrections are welcome !


    Defensive accounts work well with a 9 cropper if you don't gold but a 15 cropper is best if you can afford it. Ideally you grab a 9 or 15 cropper with 100% crop oasis bonus or more to make it your capital. 75% is still acceptable but under that it might not be worth it.

    Let's check the math, you are gaul and found a 7 cropper 4-4-3-7 to make your phalanxes you don't need a lot of iron and it has a 150% oasis bonus. 7 + 7 x 1.5 = 17.5 and you found a 9 cropper 75%: 9 + 9*0.75 = 15.75 So you will get a better crop production from that 7 cropper and you will have more resource production since you do not NPC (for non golder) you gained an extra clay and wood tile that you can upgrade above lvl10.

    I won't go over the start because there are a lot of good guides out there. This guide was written for x3 speed before huns and egyptiens.


    1. Special your villages:

    Good accounts have what is called village specialization. Your spawn village is an exception as it needs to be multifunctional until your account clicks into gear. As your account grows you might either loose it or transition it into a specified role.

    For defensive accounts it is not worth it to run a great barracks and great stable since you can stack your troops by reinforcing your villages. In fact you should not even build one.

    2. Have lvl 20 smithy troops and non-stop troop production

    Every troop you produce in mass should be upgraded to lvl20 in the smithy as soon as you can.

    All military buildings (barracks stable workshops) that you are producing in should be level 20. Your production should be non-step referred to in this guide as h24 production.

    Note: I will assume there is no income from raiding as this is a def guide. Raiding will help you and you can do it even if you are def player. You can find guides on raiding.


    Let us look at Gauls, the prime defenders in Travian.

    Capital: take a cropper as described above. It can be your anvil village where you build both phalanx and druiders h24. Or it can be your food village where you fill the village with market place, trade office, warehouses and granaries. The food capital is more relevant to offensive gaul. I would recommend the capital anvil.

    Note: anvil refers to a big amount of defensive troops to stop a hammer (big amount of offensive troops). h24 refers to the fact that your queues in barrack, stable, or workshop are non stop. The queue doesn't have to be 24 hours long. If it is a 6h long queue as long as you add more troops before the previous queue ends you are producing non stop and therefore are h24.

    If you are not golding you might need a couple of feeder villages to get your capital anvil going h24. A feeder village is a village who's only function is to produce resources and send them to other villages. Once you are comfortable with the amount of resources you can stop settling feeder villages and settle a second defense village.

    To have your anvil going h24 in both the barracks (phalanx) and stable (druider) you need 67k resources /h. If you do not use gold let us estimate roughly that your 9 cropper +100% oasis bonus capital will produce 22k resources (fields level 13 ignoring most crop production since no NPC). If you are a golder (NPC and +25% prod) will be 85k (includes crops) with all fields to 13. Therefore if you are a golder (+25% prod and about 5-10 NPC per day) you should increase your croplands. If you do not plan on NPC gradually increase your crop prod as your troops start eating more.

    A feeder village for a non golder is roughly 15k /h without oasis. Grab oasis they are a big deal ! A feeder village for a golder (here just the 25% let's consider the crops are now consumed by troops so no NPC) will have a 22k /h production without oasis.

    So for a big golder if you start with your fields your capital can sustain itself for the h24 until your crop consumption exceeds 18k. This is 4-5 days of h24 production with the 10% helmets.

    So if you are a non golder you will need to settle 3 feeder villages to run your anvil h24. Therefore you need to settle 4 or 5 feeder villages before starting def villages because you need resources to build up new villages and to build up smithy levels, cropland levels and parties.

    If you are a golder you can settle one or two feeders before settling def villages but you will need to compensate for the reduced crop production as you make more troops by settling more feeder villages later on.

    Make sure you build CP buildings in feeder villages to minimum lvl10 (embassy, academy...)

    I recommend settling feeder villages either 4-4-4-6 with clay oasis or 4-5-3-6.

    Def villages are either phalanx villages or druider villages.

    Settle phalanx villages 4-5-3-6 or 4-4-3-7. Look for oasis it will make some locations better than others. As a general rule your capital is the only place where it is worth it to go for a level20 hero mansion and get 3 oasis (there are exceptions). Aim for 1 or 2 oasis for other villages. Settle druider villages 4-4-3-7 or 5-4-3-6. The def villages will use their own production to run their respective military building h24 with a little push form feeder villages.

    You need 26k /h of resources to run phalanxes h24 so you will need to complement a phalanx village with a feeder village. You will need 40k /h to run druiders h24 so you will need 2 feeder villages dedicated to feed your druider village.

    Now, what should be the ratio of your phalanx to druider villages.

    Let's bring back the math:

    The druider is 115 defense against inf 55 defense against cav consumes 2 crop /h. So it gives 57.5 inf def 27.5 cav def per crop for a total of 85 def points. The phalanx is 40 inf def 50 cav def for a total of 90 def points per crop. Therefore the phalanx is better and is also a more balanced unit. I would say you should do a druider village for every 3 phalanx village or dont do them at all except in your capital. Leave the infantery defending to the praetorians.

    I am considering crop as the major comparison point as it is the most important thing in a WW defense and even outside the WW defense it is a crucial parameter.

    Let us look at the second most important parameter of comparison, def points per time:

    A 24h production of phalanxes with 10% helmet will yield 2k phalanxes 80k inf def points and 100k cav def points. A 24h production of druider with 10% helmet will yield 800 druiders for 95k in def and 45k cav def. So again the phalanx is better!

    Wow this is getting longer than i expected. Let's move on to romans.


    In any tribe you can be exclusively off, exclusively def or mixed. I think the roman is good at all of them.

    As a roman def you do not build cavalry units for defense. Your inf def is the preatorian and your cav def is the legionnary. For short let's call them prets and legios.

    Same as for Gaul you settle a cropper capital. If you are full def you make it an anvil capital and if you are mixed off/def you make a capital hammer. Full offense players will be doing a non-capital hammer but they are dedicating their whole resources in that. The great barracks and great stable troops cost 3 times more. So a capital hammer is 1/4 the price of a non capital one (when both run h24) and gives 1/2 the troops in terms of formation time. It also gives you the big bonus of evasion!

    To run prets h24 you need 24k resources per hour. So for every pret village you need a feeder dedicated to it. To run legios h24 you need 22k /h so you still need a feeder there. Settle your pret villages in 3-4-5-6 or 3-4-4-7 or 4-4-4-6 with iron oasis. You're getting the hang of it right ? Settle your legio villages in 4-3-5-6 or 4-3-4-7 or again check for oasis near you and see where are the good spots.

    For roman feeders i would settle 4-4-4-6.

    If you are a mixed off/def you will not run your off h24 right away. You need to gold a little for this to work. You would need to have the +25% prod on always. This can be achieved by smart auctions dealing producing silver for you but it depends on the servers. Your aim is to get your offense h24 in about a month; after you have at least 2 pret villages that are h24. For mixed players i recommend Equites Imperatoris over Equites Cesaris as they are cheaper per attack point. In fact the only parameter that the cesaris is better at is attack points per time. But let the exclusively offensive players worry about that.

    To run h24 imperians and imperatoris you need 90k resources per hour. So that's 5 feeder villages and run a little bit of catapults and rams.

    Let's look at the stats:

    Legio: 35/50 Pret: 65/35

    H24 pret villages will yield 1200 prets per day with 10% helmet so 78k inf def points and 42k cav def points. H24 legios villages will yield 1300 legios per day with 10% helmet so 46k ing def points and 66k can def points.

    I recommend a 1:5 or 1:4 ratio of legios to prets. Depending on if the ally is lacking cavalery defenders. You need to look the general stats of which tribes do you have as defenders in your alliance to assess that. So first settle the prets then after 3 or 4 villas settle a legio then repeat.


    The pret is the best unit for inf def, and the spear is the best unit for cav def. If you are exclusively def follow the gaul model and make a capital anvil of spears and paladins. You need 25k /h to run h24 spears with 10% helmet and 36k/h to run paladins h24 with the 10% helmet. If you are a big golder on a 15 cropper with 100 or more % oasis this will be no problem. But generally these players will play offense.

    So you will need feeders to run your capital anvil h24. If you are a mixed teuton then you want to run h24 clubbies or axemen and teutonic knights (TK for short). I recommend clubbies so you can do some raiding even though in the long run they are more crop intensive. They produce more attack points per time than the axemen and since you are already behind compared to full off players hammer to have something useful time matters. But then again crops will be a problem with clubs so we can put it that way clubbies for 15 croppers and axemen for 9 croppers. So same model as mixed roman for mixed teuton or full def gaul for full def teuton.

    For mixed off/def you aim to have your hammer running h24 only once you have a few spear villages going h24.

    For spears notice that a lot more wood is needed than the other resources so try to grab wood oasis as much as possible. Otherwise 5-4-3-6 (since you will have extra iron from simming villages). Feeder villages can be 4-4-4-6 but also 5-4-3-6 (depends if you are also doing an offense and if it’s clubs or axe). For paladins 5-3-4-6 but a 5-4-3-6 could work or a 4-4-4-6 with two wood oasis.

    Let's look at the stats:

    Spear: 35/60 Paladins: 100/40

    So same as for gauls we need to normalize the paladin's stats to its crop consumption so 50/20 per crop for a total of 70 against 95 for the spears. I wouldn't do more than 1 paladin village if you are a mixed player, and if you are doing an anvil i would only do paladins in your anvil capital. So settle spears villages.

    H24 prod of spears will yield 1900 spears so 66k inf def points and 113k cav def points.

    H24 prod of paladins will yield 900 paladins so 88k inf def points and 35k cav def points.

    Final Notes:

    Keep in mind you always need a feeder village to grow your next village.

    Keep in mind you should be throwing parties as much as you can because more villages is more production. You should settle a new village as soon as you have the culture points for it.

    Buy the appropriate hero weapons.

    For teuton/gaul if you are doing cavalry def outside main anvil or capital anvil you can choose to make the cavalry in an already infantry specialized village to save up on the armoury building cost.

    Example of village distribution

    I find that if I dont want to gold i play defense. I still have a lot of fun. I have played a fully defensive gaul a long time ago and more recently a mixed roman on comx.

    Overview of my comx account at the end of the server: (mind you i started 3.5 weeks late to that server)

    01 pret village h24 by week 2-3 maybe ?!

    02 feeder village 4-4-4-6 oasis wood and clay

    03 capital hammer 15 cropper 75% hammer size 21k imperians 16k imperatoris when we tried to steal plans. Lost everything and rebuilt 8k - 6k by the end of server. A pretty small hamer but as a mixed player you will not be expected to clear big defenses. As a mixed player you can be counted on to clean up weakened villages allowing to hit more targets.

    04 feeder village 4-4-4-6 oasis wood and iron

    05 pret village 3-4-5-6

    06 feeder village 4-4-4-6 dont remember the oasis anymore

    07 pret village 3-4-5-6

    08 feeder village 4-4-4-6

    all villages up until that point were settled the next ones were all chiefed (minimum 550 pop and a quite a few more than 700 pop thank you istanbul bots)

    09 legio 4-3-4-7

    10 feeder 4-4-4-6

    11 pret 3-4-5-6

    12 feeder 3-5-4-6

    13 feeder 3-5-4-6 (need clay for catapults LOL)

    14 feeder 4-3-5-6

    15 pret 3-4-5-6

    16 feeder 4-3-5-6

    17 feeder cant remember config

    18 feeder error 404 config not found

    19 feeder settlers ? what is settlers ??

    The villages were rushed to h24 as fast as possible. I did use gold but never for NPC only to maintain +25% prod bonus and after arties i added travian plus crucial to detect attacks on you easily. Never insta built either. So overall only a little gold.

    By the time we got to the WW my anvil was around 120k - 150k in troop consumption we had losses on artifact defenses due to attacks but also starvation.

    Maybe overall i produced about 250k def !? Had I started when the server started i would have had more. But i was lucky to spawn next to Nyx and Anthmfc who were already over 5-6k pop so i never feared for my safety and my cropper was 19 fields away from my spawn so that speeds up development. Also cropper was only 3rd villa since no NPC to grow it.

    I hope you enjoyed the guide please add any constructive comments and suggestions!

    Source material

    For resource production i used this…,0,4&fl=10,10,10,10&fs=31

    And for troop production i used this…2fvNVuQ/edit#gid=51066400

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  • Just 1 note to that:

    The order in which villages should get a task is irrelevant. I would not wait for village 15 to be def village, just prepare village 2 and up to become def villages and feed it from later settled ones.

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  • As a total newbie playing (badly) Egyptian in a 2 speed game this went some way to explaining what I am doing wrong ! Has anyone got a very basic guide? I am being raided/attacked constantly.

  • build a lot of crannies, dodge incoming troops attack and every once in a while defend the incoming raid wave, they will stop raiding once they realize that raiding you doesnt give a profit

  • wish if someone do that with Egypt and HUN tribe as well.

    I have been meaning to do that and discuss how the hospital changes things. But I cannot find the time! Hopefully within a few months I can post something.