Raid/Attack Filter and "Delete All" button

  • Would be nice to have a filter in reports and in Ally Attacks page to sort "attacks" vs "raids". Can be difficult to find attacks when you're spammed by a ton of micro-raid reports. Make this happen please!

    Also a Delete All button to rid of the many reports would be nice without having to manually delete 500+ pages...

    ..And that is the Final Word.

  • oh yes please. I'm sure this is not the first time this is getting suggested.

    But please allow to mass delete the raid reports - or an option for stopping them in the first place from game settings.

    Is it so far from madness to wisdom?


  • Surely an option like you have for trade reports (no internal trade reports) could be made for Raids that are 'green' and not full Res or something like that?