option to hide troops in barracks after being researched

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  • Hello Lemon
    m.hudson answered this, May 17, 2017, and this thread is from the old forum.

    So this is on the board at HQ.

    the other thread seems closed so had to make a new one to ask the question:

    What does it mean to have it "on the board" at HQ? does that mean it will definitely happen at some point?

    If it's with development, how long does it take to put in effect, it seems its been on the board for a longer time than it took to invent snow last winter for example, maybe we could just have a big snowflake to cover over the troops we no longer want to train lol

  • Hello alestorm.

    This was a topic on the old forum, and as I quoted m.hudson's answer, this was brought to Travian HQ by him.

    What has happened since then?

    * They can have looked at the suggestion and decided that this "feature" will not be implemented?

    * How many domains wants this "feature"?
    If it comes only one suggestion worldwide, will they even consider it? Travian HQ collects the suggestions from all domains, not only from one or two.
    * It can be planned to be implemented in the future?

    We don't have the answers, because this topic wasn't on our domain, and the forums back then was separate forums.

    You can add the suggestion with as much details as possible, and we can try to bring the topic up again.

    But we are sorry, we can't promise that this will be implemented in the game, nor that we will get feedback from Travian HQ.

    Kind regards,

    sommerfuglen and Stellamini

  • thank you for the additional info. How and where do I add the suggestion? or have I already done that now by posting in the "game suggestions" part of the forum?

  • Hello alestorm

    You have only quoted my answer to an old thread, that was moved from the old forum.

    Unfortunately you have not written any suggestion to what Game suggestion you want, except the heading of the new thread.

    If we shall bring any topics up, by reporting them, we need more than a heading to a thread.

    We add all serious topics that comes up, in our weekly report, but there is also a limitation in how many suggestions we can add each week.

    By "serious topics" I am normally talking about new topics, not bumping old threads, where the topics has been added before.

    We will do our best to bring up all topics you have, but we also need to see that the suggestions one player/user has, is something more players want. Therefore, it is good that you all give your opinions on the suggestions, positive and negative.

    Kind regards,

    sommerfuglen and Stellamini

  • ok thank you.

    So I'd like to resurrect a suggestion, because it seems that the idea has been suggested by a number of people before, and HQ thought it was a good enough idea to put on the board some time ago. The suggestion is to have the option of hiding troops in barracks or stables, which have been researched, but you don't wish to train in that village. For example, if I make an artefact hammer in a village which will eventually become an anvil village, I'd like to hide the defence troops so I don;t accidentally train those before artefacts, and then after I switch to making defence, I'd like to hide the off troops so I don;t accidentally train those.

  • Hello,

    I want to thank for this suggestion and I hope that it will be implemented. I think this would be a really nice feature, I don't get happy when I train the wrong troops for the hammers (and my duals get really mad at me for doing that again and again...).

    This is forwarded to HQ in our weekly report for this week.

    Kind regards,


  • Not sure where this but would be so useful to be able to hide troops in barracks and stables that you have researched but dont want to train... just needs a little arrow to hide/unhide - please?

  • Strange they haven't implemented the good ol' 10 gold for 10% more def/off strength from T3.5. :D

  • Stellamini Not sure how your weekly reports work, but don’t you you get anything back from HQ whenever they have looked at your weekly report? :/

  • Hello!

    I have forwarded this suggestion in the weekley survey but I have not got any feedback about it.

    I will ask how the procedure is, if we will get any feedback or not.

    Kind regards,


  • I really don't want to insult or offend the people who volunteer their time and energy to maintain to forums for us, but how is it possible to not know if you'll receive feedback on from HQ on your reports? I get the impression that those at HQ regard the forum mods, and by extension all of us posting here, as completely irrelevant :(