• What if artwork gives cp equivalent to cp production of current villa where player is...

    Thus increasing it more in end game and not many player have high pop capital or any villa to abuse it more than it is already.. that way player who are staying till end game can feel there spend time at least gave them little more.. some might even try to make a villa just to get Max cp too. I don't think it will exceed 2000 cp even in end game.. I am not sure if speed of game should carry it or not.. like 1800 cp villa .. will give 1800 in 3x or 900 or 1500..

  • nah it's not good option, it would be good, but then there would have to be a limit on artworks that could be bought by a single account per day or somethin, becasue as we all see troughout the servers, when people start spamming on auctions, it goes 100-200-300 artworks per account in a day. now imagine a guy having 2k CP villa, and spamming 100 artworks in a day, it can boost him for litteraly 7-8 villages in a day if he was smart enough..

    however, i think great parties should not be locked on 1k, but that they should be locked on the villa prod, and then it would be fair. so no more account production, but village production.

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  • agree on big parties... and yes i guess limit will be still needed for using artwork.. damn no extra work please already suffring from current npc situation when it says parameters are wrong something like that..