Turn off new graphics

  • Hi,

    Is there a way to get rid of these updates you lot have done whilst ignoring what people actually want?

    It’s made it really laggy using mobile data when it was perfectly fine before.

    And why move the NPC button? Do you have any idea how bloody annoying it is having to move our thumb twice when you NPC as often as I do?

    Can you turn these off like that snowflake nonsense you did last Xmas?

  • I agree. I asked them can they make it like toggleable on settings where players can choose between the current graphics and the new graphics, but they said they can't support it. They basically also said 80% of the players wanted these updates, like I don't understand what is wrong with these people if they actually want these graphic updates etc.

    Also agree with that NPC button, I have no idea what was the point to move it.

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  • please don´t deny the future, the development, i have less movil data for gaming than anyone of you, and i dont complain, it ´s refreshing, beauty, we might thank to travian team for that investment they had done. and i ask them please update grafics, general stadistics and other balace thing you have thought in other servers (al change of pandora) it´s worth it

    I don´t remember any server, I don´t remember any account, I don´t even know who i am...