Tools Spreadsheet for travian

  • Hello players

    here it is the spreadsheet i share with you :

    English tools

    you can :

    • set trade route
    • start spawn village to have settler at the same time culture points
    • calculate NPC for training troops
    • calculate trains troops (off or def or scouts)
    • build a 15c crooper in grey area

    Have fun and a good game



  • Here it is a sheet for def call and def cut i hve created 8 years ago :

    now i share it

    manage def

    Use chrome browser to open the spreadsheet, and take "create a copy" so you can use it for you

    READ carefully the "generals information" tab, it explains you how the doc works

    Have a good game

    Kind Regards


  • Hello

    the googledoc that allows you to manage alliance'def and the travel times of each enemy village to each village of your alliance and the important server dates

    has been put updated taking into account the specificities put in place at January 1, 2019:

    heros item date

    effect of tournament place

    the doc link has not changed

    manage your alliance and important dates

    Have a Good game