Meet new COM CM - Ridder Huma!

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  • Dear COM community,

    this is to inform you that starting from December, 01, 2018, Templar Knight will no longer be Community Manager of COM domain. Meet the new COM Community Manager - Ridder Huma!

    You know him as a trusted and passionate about our game person. I wish him all the best in his new position of representing one of the biggest and most diverse community of International Domain.

    Best regards, Ameno

    When you contact me via PM, please, send your messages in English.

  • I am hijacking this thread to make a brief Introduction.

    I am Huma, and comes from the danish domain were I was CM and before that Forum Admin (on old forum), Smod and etc. etc. in the danish Travian Team. It has been one week since I started, so I hope you all likes me already. :saint:

    Btw, the Ridder part in my nickname means Knight, so you can just call me Huma, and not Ridder... :S

    Some of you (looking at you danish players 8o) knows that I make the Hall of Fames for ended danish game worlds, and willl contiune to do so for the remaining game worlds, and will also make HoF for the nordics game worlds.

    And of course, that also means that from now on, the COM game worlds will also get the Hall of Fames, this will also include Finals and Quals. that are hosted by COM.

    For now HoF will only be for the currently running game worlds, as making Hall of Fames for past rounds will be difficult, but I do plan to make them in some form, but some ranking will be missing. As no one keep tracks of how many rounds each COM game world, this will be left out for now in the Hall of Fame with a question mark. You can take a look on DKX: Runde 31 - Vundet af DKS-NV on how it gonna look like, and don't worry, it will be in english, and not in danish. :whistling:




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