[COM] Fact and Rumours ts2 - Round ? (December 2018 - )

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    This is the fact and rumours-thread, but you don't have to write "Rumours says" in all posts.

    Use this thread to share any big and small happenings on ts2.
    This is not a discussion thread so please open more threads as needed.

    Sharpen your swords and string your bows, good luck to everyone!


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  • Im wondering how many support accounts did the God Guy ran to get to top attackers / Raiders , im impressed if he didn't cheat in any way.

    Clarification :

    Running all account support accounts yourself = cheating

    Getting friends to help you = strategy

    Com4(2018-19) - The Force

    Qualifiers (INT 2019) - Space Force

    SpaceLizard and EarthlyGoat ;)

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  • https://www.travian.com/spielregeln.php

    § 1. Account

    • § 1.1 Each player may only own and play one account per game world. An account must always be played for its own benefit. Accounts that exist solely for the benefit of other accounts may be permanently banned.