Joining again

  • Ain't had the time for years thinking of joining up what would be the best world and it is the same kind of thing as like 5years ago? Thanks :thumbsup:

  • Narrows it down. Not sure who that you used to play with still plays for obvious reasons so can’t point you in the right direction but changes, let’s see;

    - there is an auction house now so people can buy croppers (via helmets that give culture)

    -Teutons only get cranny dip if the hero is there. Other tribes can get this via an item they buy, that bought item compounds on hero

    -multi accounting is considered a tactic despite the travian reps denying it

    -they have a new travian type where people win by spending gold entirely called kingdoms

    -there are bonuses you can pay gold to triple to boost troop building speed, strength etc

    - you can buy items for your hero to make your troops stronger

    -gold costs more

    There are some non-gold changes too.

    -You can no longer name your hero

    -new graphics that make playing from a mobile harder than ever

    Player levels are also at an all time low but the reasons behind that remain a mystery