Villains first OP

  • Lol while you said that you aren’t blaming, you are saying that because of me don’t caring NW VILLAINS affairs, namely ZZ’s chief spike, you guys don’t care about any spiking in the game because you see that as part of the game?

    First, you seeing spiking as part of the game is your problem. Don’t try to associate that with us.

    I am not sure how else to put this. Either you haven't read my text in its entirety or you are trying to twist my words with a malicious intend. Please notice how both of my posts conclude by not condoning spiking regardless of the given excuses. What I basically said was there is no true method to eradicate spiking completely in these servers - even if you warn players millions of times. Hence, instead of letting this issue get on our nerves and constantly complain about it, we decided to remain quite in other spiking instances after the ZZ incident.

    Second, as I explained so clearly, I completely don’t understand why should I help you to chase on the NW spiker when all you need to do is to contact CARELESSCAT which I believe I also reminded that to you in my IGM reply. It’s simply stupid to message TEN for something happened in SGR and vice versa. AND, not to say I’ve also done extra and left a message to cris and others.

    Third, I don’t care about NW stuff purely because I have no access to NW wings and I never involve in NW affairs. This is a FACT. Although the forum has always been describing V and 7 as two core teams I know you aren’t familiar with us and I explained in my IGM reply already.

    I am confused why and against what you are defending yourself so fiercely here. I just paraphrased your words and restated this "FACT". I dont recall that you pointed me to talk to any specific player. Should that have been the case, I am sure I would have done so. In any case, thank you for doing all the extra work and leaving a simple, single-line message to cris in your Discord/Skype chat. Apologies for wasting your valuable time that could have been invested in simming more villages. I wish we could see the same level of efficiency and diligence in your op too.

    For the record, I would not mind receiving complaints about TEN's players. At this point, I believe that it is a full cooperation between our alliances and I would also feel responsible for TEN's players' actions. However, as I said many times before already, I completely understand if you did not develop such a connection with Villains players and it is perfectly fine.

  • lots of tiresome trach

    I have to ask you two things.

    1 was the attack against Duom1432 was it rigged for us to wall?

    2 how can you be proud of yourself? You say you do not like the leders, but everyone else you fail, you have not only backstabat leders you, I also backstaba us members that the next server has much more to say about things than this server. Have you thought that you destroyed your reputation? Next server i can be a leder i wuld never take you in then.

  • TBF Its offensive, don't find self anointed grammar Nazis of any use in game forums.

    Making fun of someones english is pretty scummy badboi.

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    SpaceLizard and EarthlyGoat ;)

  • Duom chievnig waas note rigged :)

    Its ur inebility to faake past 3 tergetz

    What good for it shows that CT really was a big bundle of nobbs because they were the ones who handled the attack plan.Even better, it feels that because I talked to them all the time, but they did not listen to the fact that we were going to wall with such a bad plan.:thumbdown:

    that you points out my spelling, say a lot about you as it is a handicap I have after a brain injury. :rolleyes:

    maria does, its not good..dont do it bro :evil:X/

    Chazz just be qwiet. :rolleyes: